Thursday, July 31, 2014

Human Waste

Too many people are underemployed. A healthy society cannot have large segments of its population without jobs or prospects.

Entertainment and the internet have thus far kept enough people engaged with something such that they don't RIOT.

But I fear the quiet is unsustainable. The rich and the workers are taught to strive forward, with little care for others. In America, you ultimately work for yourself. But who can put together policies that will depressurize our communities, or help each turn the corner toward a future prosperity?

The Republicans label public servants & teachers - parasites.

So short-sighted!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Incompetent Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy in Japan is often past the point of foolishness - it is senseless & harmful.

Obedient bureaucrats are convinced if properly filling-in every box and recording each detail, they're doing a good job. But that process wastes huge amounts of time & energy with often no gain, and easily interferes with more important goals. The stubborn administrator looks at his or her small patch of "responsibility" and calmly watches society burn.

My lamented mentor, the late Prof. Hideo Sato (佐藤英夫先生), often criticized Japan's bureaucracy in very negative ways. I'd believed then he overstated the problem. But now I wholly agree - and it's perhaps even worse these days as administrative systems are more rigid & ossified, and auditing more necessary.

Bureaucrats themselves are often nice people in a foolish situation, where a single largely irrelevant data point takes precedence over everything - no progress till corrected. There's no proportionality. Incompetence to a bureaucrat is "failure to collect all the paperwork"... When temporarily overruled so operations continue, the bureaucrat can be a distracting, haunting presence -- until page 7 question 66:d is properly dealt with. People should be better employed.

There are many ways to lampoon the bureaucrats, but it's better to warn policymakers of major potential problems with program implementation when fuck-headed idiots become the nation's guardians & gatekeepers.

(Personally I've not had any real problems, just foolishly wasted time. But the total of such foolishness must be multiplied by the 130 million Japanese sheeple = serious waste. Japan's bureaucracy is a parasite feeding off productivity & progress).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Politico Fails

Too many top politicians prove useless bags of shit. Perhaps starting with a few good ideas or a great policy proposal, they then ride that nag for decades. Worse than doing little or nothing, they contribute to deceit, social deterioration, and brutality.

Often these worst disappointments have demonstrated promise.

Barack Obama - I still believe he wanted to do good. He's joined The Dark Side, to impose imperial power through the universe. Like Darth Vader, he serves a master - Greed. President Obama now predicts the commands of rich businessmen, obeying before being told. 

Nick Clegg - claims he's liberal & democratic, but now only in comparison to the many right-wing friends he chummily dines with everyday. Solidly moved the UK away from fairness - supported huge tuition fees greatly favoring wealth & power (after repeatedly pledging to abolish fees); similarly gave-up on substantive House of Lords reforms. Still young & ambitious, however - maybe he'd do something positive to gain a better post.

Fredrik Reinfeldt - is a burikko (a Japanese phrase to feign cuteness). Sweden's Prime Minister does three things: strives to impose US influence on Sweden & neighbor nations, polishes his bald head, and makes-up his eyes to max cuteness. A clever person who's visualized his next move, he could still surprise with a progressive effort, trying to win-over those he's till now overlooked.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Kind to Kinder?

Cute kids push forward to cut the queue. Rather than wait in line, ambitious families risk sending their kids to the USA as illegal immigrants.

Others follow proper procedures, waiting like schmucks...

Cute kids? Clever & calculating parents? There's now no shortage of suffering American citizen kids; many cute & Christian & homeless.

The USA has created many problems in South & Central America by supporting repressive, anti-democratic oligarchs & right-wing death squads in Honduras and elsewhere. The orphans may plan vengeance. Remember in The Godfather when Vito Andolini returns to his hometown (as Vito Corleone) and skewers his familys nemesis... Our militarists and a certain wealthy elite could be similarly threatened for their continuing crimes.

The USA can't reward weasels cutting the line. The queue jumper must get no advantage. They can't expect to ignore and destroy our systems. The beguiling beggar must be sent away empty-handed.

Reward the queue jumper, & you ream folk respecting law, order & community investment. The cheater is encouraged to cheat again. Badly-behaving South and Central Americans will not be surprised at a Schwarzenegger (Terminator) welcome: "Fuck Off, Asshole."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Korea's Sewol Shame

The Sewol ferry disaster (16 April) gruesomely killed hundreds of Korean young people, highlighting both private-sector corruption and government incompetence. The gravely-overloaded ship was being operated criminally, but public rescue services were badly conducted. Ultimately, we saw meaningless crocodile tears from political leaders. The shocks continue.

South Korea's "Most Wanted" fugitive since the accident has been Yoo Byung-un (유병언), a Korean religious leader & wealthy industrialist whose family business networks reportedly owned & managed the MV Sewol. Details are shady due to cross-shareholding and murky definitions of asset ownership & wealth control. Korean government frictions with Yoo's religious organization have further fueled continuing corruption allegations.

In any event, "Korea's Most Wanted Man" has been in government custody for over five weeks while Korean police scoured the globe searching for him & his family. Yoo's body was found a short walk from his vacation home in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province on 12th June, but only identified today (22 July). The cause of death has yet to be determined. This long delay is surely another black eye for Korea's President, Park Geun-hye.

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Kids at the Wok

Thousands of grubby illegal immigrant children are demanding access to dining rooms & club facilities in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and other upmarket centers.

"All we want is a better life" said one 17-year old child, who claimed to have served American CIA interests in Honduras. "And we're not stupid - nobody wants to be bussed to Detroit."

Some lice-ridden children expect to gain entry to exclusive Yale University dining clubs. "Mi madre weep mucho to America now coming. Los chinos too much make or - Now us chancing!"

In related news, a parents rally in China's Shenzhen city (深圳) was broken up by security officials, who found 48 newly-loaded shipping containers - each already packed with hundreds of Chinese children & young adults prepared for US emmigration. "We're closer to the American Dream than 99% of Americans, who don't yet realize they're corporate-controlled. And sure we're being manipulated. But before US consensus that Charity begins at home, we suck the teat of Uncle Sam."

President Barack Obama's US$3 billion immigration emergency relief fund is now inundated with business provider requests as Americans debate if uninvited guests may be spoiled or boiled. For US-supplied Israeli forces now invading Gaza, it's all good: Busy Yankee, Minimal oversight. Suggestions the immigration crisis be funded from the much larger US aid-to-Israel budget are met with silence.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dropping Rice

Not another post on eating sushi...!

In early April 2014, Condoleezza Rice was appointed to the board of Dropbox.

I missed that news. While that company's product always seemed suspicious and liable for abuse; it's now intolerable. I'm personally happy to discontinue infrequent usage - not as part of a boycott, but because corporate judgement at Dropbox is dangerously flawed - just like Condoleezza Rice.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meltdown Rot

The "rescue" of the economy from the 2008 meltdown continues to poison and undermine the world.

Bad practices & rotten management were allowed to remain untouched and ulcerating -- in fact, US politicians rewarded defeated private-sector speculators with public-fund grants & interest-free loans. 'Self-regulation' championed by Alan Greenspan and slavishly supported by cronies of Bush, Cheney, Clinton &  maggot-breeding Robert Rubin proved complete failure. Politicians gave our public money to handpicked cronies - undermining any correction from capitalist competition. Creepy!

The parasites survive as the US ruling class. Look beyond them to a smaller number: active, brazen, callous, deadly predators.

Vipers patrol the nursery, while filth continues to fester ...

Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley or Congress... ?

Entitled to Kill

Preparing for the 2011 APEC meeting in Honolulu, Federal Agent Christopher Deedy had a night off. After drinking with friends, the night ended badly in the early morning hours, when perhaps over-eager Deedy executed a local man inside a Waikiki McDonalds restaurant.

Deedy is on trial for murder.

Do agents of our government have carte blanche license to kill?  Is it proper that aggressiveness or public disobedience be smothered by deadly violence? Our numerous security forces are not always welcomed cheeringly - at what stage are they entitled to kill?

The Hawaii tragedy continues ...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Numbnuts DRIP

Numbnuts PM David Cameron is forcing an extreme surveillance measure through Parliament with little chance for input and no public debate. He claims it's essential for continuing life as we know it - as captive servants to an unfit feudalistic "elite"...

Amazingly, the frightening law's called DRIP - Data Retention and Investigatory Powers bill.

It's a mistake to trust these jokers - or anyone. Our assorted valuable data is already compromised and misused. Assume the database is fully infiltrated. The Cameron government is riddled with drips, incompetents & money-grubbers no match for assorted outside specialist professionals intent on continuing to profit from the information El Dorado. The Prime Minister personally brought criminal operative Andy Coulson into the heart of government, working intimately with Coulson for over three years before denouncing him. (For previous work with Rupert Murdoch, Coulson's now been convicted of illegal wiretapping).

Friday, July 11, 2014

General Fear

The US government uses their golden hoard information to highlight suspected terrorists, sometimes to kill them.

The world's now knows NSA surveillance is everywhere.

It's time to ask the more difficult question: Who has Access?

Those knowing everything about everyone also know: such info can be extremely valuable. Information is sold & bartered, on and on…

Below may not be infiltrators -- they may be granted free access. Who knows?

- Government contractors
- Outsourced service providers
- JP Morgan Chase
- a girl Congressman Paul Ryan hopes to impress
- Halliburton & Monsanto
- Friends of General Butlick
- Right wing Zionists
- Nancy Pelosi's fancy man
- English pansies
- Collaborating American IT firms
- HRH King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
- Gentlemen formerly known as Blackwater
- The part-time cleaning lady at John Kerry's house
- Mr. Wu
- Bill, the cable guy

Stop Your Spying!


Thursday, July 03, 2014


Fronted by the USA, Big Finance is muscling into every economy. The bigshots sponsor backdoor "trade agreements" fronting secretive Wealthy Investor Privileges & Entitlements - WIPE guarantees.

The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and TTIP (Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership) might as well be so much toilet paper -- which our government forces us to eat. TPP negotiators have imposed secrecy through 20 rounds - the latest big TPP dump starts in Ottawa today.

The word "Partnership" is bullshit -- it's a corporate trojan horse to domesticate the globe via client state entitlement guarantees, and we dumb "People" aren't even invited to comment. Get Alarmed !

There's no valid reason these WIPE talks should be secretive, and when instituted, tie the hands of democracy. Outrageous!

The citizenry should wipe their arses with these bogus entitlement agreements, which threaten to stitch-up our world...

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Little Abe Acts Tough

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, like George W. Bush, is a cocky shadow of his father without wisdom; a rich little brat talking tough to hide truth: he don't know shit & never suffered or needed to work.

PM Abe is fully willing to sacrifice the nation. He's drunk with power, and hopes to cheer Japan to militarize; he's a tool of American strategies & war ambitions. What a jerk.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Pitchfork Memo

Wealthy Nick Hanauer warns fellow rich people: pitchforks are coming for America's economic elite ! 

He claims rising inequality endangers the plutocrat class, and we must raise the minimum wage -- Unless rank & file workers earn more (and thus shop more), class war will surely destroy "the filthy rich" ...

Hanauer urges the predatory megarich to invest in the middle class. Otherwise he sees unsustainable capitalistic concentration leading to uprising, physically endangering the upper crust. Surely now our society wastes huge talent, but Revolution will tragically damage further good, productive people. Hanauer calls for counter-intuitive collective action, perpetuating America's social Darwinism. But malicious pitchforks are the more likely future -- however wrongheaded, illegal & cruel.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Boiled Frog?

Too many Americans have never heard of the "boiled frog" phenomenon - we sit quietly while opportunists harvest our resources, drain our energies, and murder our freedoms.

Hillary Clinton wishes to become Chief Commandante of Prison Camp America. Certainly she's a clever and energetic person, but if I support her, will she be working for me?

No way. Hillary Clinton works First for herself, and next for others glib & rich.

Ms. Clinton is just now a private citizen (not in government employment) with a huge pulpit from which to comment & criticize, but she says very little of value. She knows details of hundreds, perhaps thousands of scandals and shortcomings - typically her lips are sealed. She feeds us sound bites and semi-humorous entertainment. She's a poster girl for the obedient warder, the capo, the All American prison guard. Hillary Clinton is a clever political hack -- like thousands of others in Washington, passionless except for orthodox payoff issues.

Hillary Clinton is known for having been passionate about health care coverage expansion. But since 2002 when Congress amended HIPPA, (the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) government is able to vacuum-up the health data & doctor's records of any and all Americans (link). Do we hear Mrs. Clinton speaking up for our protection? Of course not!

The medical profession is now enlisted to spy on us:
“We may also disclose your PHI [Personal Health Information] to authorized federal officials as necessary for national security and intelligence activities.”

This statement is clear - it's not simply for "national security" (which might be argued) but they explicitly further added "intelligence activities" (which can mean whatever).

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

MuthaFuckin MiniFolk

We the people are miniFolk (mF)
- a mass of trouble, vermin

Some qualify as miniVoters (mV)

To mock democracy:
Prefer poverty?  (or) 
Prefer to lose an eye?

Details of society's upper reaches
Will now never be described...
For reasons of National Security

Perhaps you've been selected out?
Promised escape from the herd?

Smiles are Big, and glitter BRIGHT
Masking Death's cold grin.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sisi The Assassin

Egyptian ruler Abdel Fitta el-Sisi, "King Crook of Cairo" is dubbed "Sisi The Assassin" for butchering thousands of his countrymen as he wrestled control from the democratically-elected government. Sisi is a brutal dwarf punk under foreign control; his legacy will be decades of violence and murder among the peace-loving Egyptian people.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Big Banks Blackmail US

There is far too much mechanical speculation in our financial system. It's an area ripe for taxation - in part because when speculators lose big, they shelter from creditors via political interventions (as in the 2008 bailout).

Unfortunately, big finance has too many politicos on their payroll. Efforts to impose a modest financial transactions tax have been cruelly stifled.

Now big finance hopes to impose the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) around the world, without public debate. We should never be bound by a secret treaty created by industry and unaccountable officials, perhaps well-meaning but likely corrupt. This horrible treaty seeks to hobble us, serving the financial sector in dozens of ways, while putting the industry beyond regulation, and leaving no ability to renegotiate a new world order. Disgusting!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Redskin Fight

Plastic Hillary

Hillary Clinton has been at the pinnacle of the crony power elite for more than 20 years. In that long time, she ain't done shit. No - let me rephrase - she's been worse than useless. She's conducted the decline of America, and led us into the cul-de-sac of senseless militarism. If elected President, it'll be surely worse...

Read of her artifice & deceit (by Ralph Nader; click for link)

Black rat, Brown rat, Lady rat
... No matter ...
Sell-Out for chunks of cheese

Monday, June 16, 2014

Anti-Zionist African Babies?

Why should a malnourished child in Burundi, Africa, hate fatties Avigdor Lieberman & Bibi Netanyahu? Can men & women who selflessly work for gender equality suddenly become anti-Semitic?

Yes. Because American politicians always bow down and kiss the fat arse of Israel's Zionist extremists. When UNESCO allowed Palestinian representation, the USA along with Israel stopped paying UNESCO dues. It's now three years (under the "progressive" regime of Barack Obama), and the USA is many hundreds of millions of dollars in arrears. These would be funds for the poorest of the poor, assisting people in horrible difficulties.

Military and assorted other growing aid from the USA continues to flow to wealthy Israel -- billions of Yankee dollars, a tribute to one vocal minority whose suffering supposedly justifies any form of cruelty to other peoples.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cantor's Disgrace

US House Majority Leader Republican Eric Cantor lost his Virginia primary election to an underfunded, little known opponent. Republican Party spin-Meisters seek to pin the loss on a single issue - they're partly right: that issue is that Eric Cantor is worse than a pile of shit.

Too many people in America are disgusted as the Republican Party do nothing except reward the ultra-rich. The Republican mantra of "Just Say No" to policymaking is easy, and an empty chair costs almost nothing compared to the publicly funded riches Cantor has squirreled away.

Republicans waste our money. But so do professional windbags such as Nancy Pelosi & John Kerry & Hillary Clinton. Rather than reelect such knuckleheads, we'd do better electing a Hello Kitty doll.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Obama-Reinfeldt to Head EU?

The BBC slyly mentions (link) that lame-duck Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt is jockying to be appointed head of the European Commission.

This would be a mistake. The rightist Swedish PM is a slightly better choice than weasely Tony Blair, but either is too clearly Uncle Sam's willing tool. Reinfeldt has provided great service and he need never work again -- it's best he don't.

The European Commission should not be controlled by Obama or other puppet-masters. America has ample reason to undercut European competition and the euro -- they resent any counterbalance to Yankee domination. All rhetoric aide, the militarists hate Europe's newly peaceful coexistence. The EU has also tackled how multinationals abuse consumers, and has provided protections in other ways North American governments have failed to assist their citizenry.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Fishy in Korea

South Korea has a vibrant democracy. But democratic processes are seriously threatened by organized right-wing efforts to stifle & shift opinion.

Korea gave birth to one of the worst, most flagrant, anti-democratic efforts among advanced OECD nations -- when Korea's National Intelligence Service worked officially in late 2013 to create massive internet support for one party and presidential hopeful, and to vilify and smear another presidential candidate. This goes far beyond party politics - it's a stab to the heart of democracy that even partisan supporters should condemn.

Korea's Cyber Warfare Command, Psychological Warfare Division of the National Intelligence Service, have performed shamefully. Even if ordered by higher-ranked officials to comply with such illegal operations, they should have refused. There should be mechanisms and processes to prevent this type of outrage & sabotage: a vibrant & free press, an ombudsman system, protection for whistleblowers, etc. Instead, the press subsequently has been systematically threatened by the President's Office.

Don't believe that Korea lacks passionate and honorable people. There are many such hardworking people throughout Korea. But their nation is undermined by an arrogant and powerful minority. Such people of wealth & power are ultimately responsible for the Sewol ship sinking tragedy by ignoring safety measures, and behind Samsung's poor conditions for their armies of irregular workers. But we share responsibility if purchasing their blood-spattered products or honoring stooge leaders.

More on Korea's Psy-Ops Election Sabotage at:

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sad Samsung ?

Last week I visited the Samsung Electronics flagship showroom building in Gangnam, South Korea. Inside, it was cool and modern, with many high-tech gadgets and well-displayed top-line Samsung products. There were assorted 'experience' areas where we could enjoy super graphics. The staff was smiling & professional. Last Saturday morning there were very few other visitors.

The building itself was nice from the outside, but marred by being surrounded by police vans -- dozens parked bumper-to-bumper around the block, and hundreds of riot police spookily marching back & forth.

Like low Samsung prices? They come at the expense of the people working on Samsung products.

Samsung uses an army of irregular workers paid substandard wages. Labor is protesting corporate insensitivity. Many stories are pitiful, some have ended in suicide. Samsung management is reportedly highly vindictive, retaliating against activists. More about the worker struggle here (link).

Samsung is famous for demanding a lot from its workers (one Japanese potential new hire told me Samsung required working 13 of 14 days - every other Sunday off). Their products seemed to me overly shiny, but now the shine is dulled knowing Samsung megacorporation cares little for people.

But most giant organizations care nothing for regular folk. Until we citizens agree to reign-in corporate cruelty, welcome to reality: the Hunger Games.

Let's hope Samsung can manage to create a sustainably strong team that supports the aspirations and balanced living of their workers. A truly caring company can win admiration & loyalty from consumers around the world 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

3D American Leadership

The poor performance of the Obama administration began in the reign of his predecessor, Emperor George W. Bush, when America's leadership collaborated to funnel trillions of public dollars to crony private interests in the banking, finance and industrial sectors. Disgusting!

Democrats were hopeful that Obama would institute change, but his reign is most marked by deceit.

Deceptive statements on spying & espionage, along with extrajudicial killing of US citizens, all with no accountability, demonstrate disdain for the American people and disregard for democracy.

Any idea these dipshits are defending us is absurd; they attract vermin & vendetta relating to their innocent victims. The problems stretch beyond incompetence - Bush, Cheney & Rice (for example) are perhaps guilty of war crimes. They themselves should privately fund their own defense.

Edward Snowden stepped forward with important information about "rotten government" - but thousands of government-paid collaborators continue revealing nothing due to confusion or fear. All criticism or feedback highlighting the secret police is suppressed. Dangerous!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


The Anglo-American press smells blood, and has redoubled its trash talking of Europe, the EU, the euro, etc.

Recognize the European Union threatens Anglo-American hegemony. And the militarists hate Europe -- a new model for peace.

Before we bitch about costs and the EU parliament, think about how in the past we've had almost no input about national defense spending. Friendly relations helped cut that spending, and the dividend must include human lives snatched from the talons of militarism.

Most of our own government's activities are out of our hands, much kept top secret, regardless of democracy. We've had no leverage against huge multinational corporations. By minimizing internal borders, the European Union has brought huge savings by cutting bureaucracy. No more visas, getting rousted at 2AM on the train for passport checks and customs inspections. Many people easily commute everyday to work across borders. We're no longer gouged by predatory opportunistic firms in neighbor nations taking advantage of our foreignness - the EU seeks to upgrade and equalize treatment of all people.

Before trashing Europe, think of the alternative: visualize yourself on a battlefield. That's where you'll be dumped by right-wing chauvinism. Learn instead: the politics of hate profit none of us.

(The puppet-masters who do profit ain't us).

"Man Up" Mr. Kerry

John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, urges others to "man up" - while he himself peddles shit.

Kerry proved courageous in the Vietnam war, but since then grew fat & distant. He should spend a few months walking around Afghanistan and the Middle East, meeting people harmed by terror (which he himself partly unleashed). He can hitchhike to places complaining of misguided drone attacks, and better understand the problems of those not mega-rich American bluebloods. But of course he'll continue only meeting people vetted, screened and highly disinfected. He started life tough; Kerry's now a pussy.

Of course he'll continue deceiving the dumbest Yanks, but everyone else knows - his words are empty & foolish.