Monday, September 16, 2019

America Learns About Varsity Blues

Sleazy, filthy and outrageous are visions triggered by the widespread "Varsity Blues" Federal indictments over corruption in US university entrance procedures.

The US Dept. of Justice synopsis reads as follows: "Investigations of College Admissions and Testing Bribery Scheme: Dozens of individuals allegedly involved in a nationwide conspiracy that facilitated cheating on college entrance exams and the admission of students to elite universities as purported athletic recruits were arrested by federal agents in multiple states and charged in documents unsealed on March 12, 2019, in federal court in Boston. Athletic coaches from Yale, Stanford, USC, Wake Forest and Georgetown, among others, are implicated, as well as parents and exam administrators."

A key reason something happened is because a few Hollywood people are involved. The cheating parents are highlighted; their adult children, mostly unnamed, have not (thus far) been indicted or punished.

A recent article in Vanity Fair magazine describes the scandal:

How must it feel if an astute 16-year old student, without special connections, preparing for higher education, and recognizing the system is so deeply corrupt?

Even the overall label "Operation Varsity Blues" is a ripoff of the Oxford-Cambridge rivalry, extending back to the 1827 Cricket Match at Lord's and the 1829 Boat Race.

The University of Toronto (Canada) also gained some form of Varsity Blues design trademark (index designated "Varsity Blues UT T" in 9 April 1984 application, claiming "Used in CANADA since at least as early as 1983") and later clarified in 9 Sept 1988 filing as Prohibited Mark "VARSITY BLUES"

"Varsity Blues" was later made into a 1999 US high school football film. Paramount Pictures was sued by the University of Toronto over use of the label, resulting in a significant monetary settlement & requiring the film disclaim relationship to UT athletics.

The concept was earlier demeaned in a film released in 1984 "Oxford Blues" starring smarmy newcomer Rob Lowe, which in turn was a remake of the 1938 film "A Yank at Oxford"

Anyhow, the bottom line is that American youth should recognize extreme corruption in their educational and legal systems. But what can they do about it? Mmmm.

® The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto

Sunday, September 01, 2019

RACIST Fraud Against Hawaiians

Hawaiians should inherit by ANCESTRY
Just like Rockefellers.

Anti-Hawaiian Racism Must Stop

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Kapu Aloha = Non-Violence [Loving the Enemy]

Native Hawaiian struggles to protect Maunakea are deliberately rooted in the protocol of Kapu Aloha, a highly-dignified method of loving outreach & non-violent resistance.

❤️ Kapu Aloha is akin to the satyagraha bravery which helped deflate British colonial domination of India. Please recognize it is difficult to maintain loving respect for people & powers wanting to shove you from your land, to radiate compassion toward continental Americans who hold themselves superior, who ignore native inheritance, fail to respect community traditions, and snub locals as livestock.

Of course, Hawaiians understand most Americans are bred on shock & awe, and that a few enemy beheadings would surely discourage toxic intruders and unwelcome property speculators.

Yet Hawai'i's warriors, following the example of Queen Lili'uokalani, selected the non-violent path of LOVE. ❤️ Aloha ❤️

Her Majesty Hawaiian Queen Lili'uokalani
yielded authority to superior force of the
United States of America to avoid loss of life

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Spit on ALOHA

Hawaiian Neutrality kindled international trade as Crossroads of the vast Pacific Ocean. Hawaii'i's 19th-century Treaties of Commerce & Navigation confirmed peace, impartiality and neutrality when conflict raged elsewhere, with sanctuary for warships.

Until the American-led overthrow of 1893, international law recognized the Hawaiian Kingdom as a neutral State.

Yankee Military Bases Violate Hawaiian Neutrality.

Shut the Bases. Withdraw US troops. Return Stolen Land. Don't spit on Aloha.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Tea, Salt & Mauna?

Every day at Hawai'i's Puʻuhonua o Puʻuhuluhulu, people learn in a loving community what being a PROTECTOR means: Aloha ʻĀina - Love the Land.

Aggressive intruders abuse Hawaiian resources. shove aside locals, illegally rip-up family graves, and disrespect the Hawaiian nation.

US Military Occupation is increasingly ugly.
Military force did not conquer Hawai'i or extinguish our neutrality.

LOVE continues. Ku kia’i mauna.  ❤️

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Kū Haʻaheo e Kuʻu Hawaiʻi

I've lots of family & friends actively protecting Hawai'i. Many struggle for Aloha ʻĀina or conservation, some seek to remedy theft & abuse of Hawaiian lands by the US military.

Native Hawaiians & allies beg YOU please recognize -- Hawaiians are not a dead people.

Despite decades of colonization and destruction of national neutrality and our inheritance, Hawaiians maintain peaceful, loving communities in Hawai'i and around the world.

Please listen to this chant:
Kū Haʻaheo - Hawaiʻi Loa Medley

"Kū haʻaheo e kuʻu Hawaiʻi" by Na Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu
Title means "Stand Tall My Hawai'i"

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Revive Hawaiian Neutrality Treaties


Honor Treaties of Neutrality.
Yankee Please Withdraw Your Military from Hawai'i.

Colonial Bostonians did not despise tea. Gandhi-ji & India's satyagrahi did not detest salt. Hawaiians don't hate astronomy.
US Colonial Occupation is intolerable.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

TMT Hawai'i is a Trojan Horse

The USA gained use of Pu'u Loa (Pearl Harbor) for a coaling & repair station by Treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom (see Supplementary Convention of 6 Dec 1884, link).

The USA later schemed to overthrow & supplant the Hawaiian Kingdom's government, and under protest, forcibly annexed Hawai'i as US territory. Pearl Harbor and many other huge tracts of land were forcibly taken for exclusive use by the US military. Islanders lived under martial law for many years.

The US grabbed the highly-sacred 3000-acre Mokapu peninsula, exhumed thousands of Hawaiian graves, and built what's now Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

The USA showed it's deeply-rooted prejudice with the death of Hawaiian athlete Joseph Kahahawai. White colonial torture and murder was put on trial in Honolulu. Convicted of manslaughter, the killers received a commuted sentence of one hour - served over tea in the office of the Territorial Governor. [US Naval Officer Thomas Massie, his mother-in-law, and two Naval enlisted men impersonating the police, kidnapped, tortured & murdered a local man who'd been accused of rape] (link).

The US took Pūowaina above Honolulu, a deeply-significant & sacred site, and built their National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl) for the US armed forces.

The USA honors inheritance among a certain class of Americans, but ignores birthright among those adjudged lesser people. US law & justice still fail to remedy theft of land from Native Hawaiians; other North American native families are also denied inheritance. Recent migrant settlers resenting native wealth, coveting native lands & resources, have stolen & murdered. These crimes must stop, and restitution must begin.

Now on Hawai'i's sacred Maunakea, the authorities build destructive miles of paved roadways & more off-limits facilities. They claim both science & local communities will benefit from a TMT - Thirty Meter Telescope. Expect further desecration from "military necessity" = A’ole TMT (no)

The USA shamelessly cheats, lies, and steals in Hawai'i. Peace-loving Hawaiians are not fools, and we're not deceived by decades of false-friendly smiles from scheming intruders. Aloha!

Friday, August 09, 2019

People as Livestock?

Colonial powers see Native people as expendable livestock, as cowish critters collateral with stolen land.

Selfish history teaches of discovery - ignoring colonial expansionist genocide.

Hostile miscalculations by Capt. James Cook in Hawai'i brought death at the Battle of Kealakekua on 14 Feb 1779. This defeat of British Empire expeditionary forces led by naval officer Cook is misreported, censored and downplayed by imperial histories, but some Hawaiians recognize a significant victory. Locals must somehow resist when aggressive intruders break the peace & local protocol.

How we view history is important!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Hawaiian Jumbotron?

In tropical Hawai'i, the ice, snow & alpine environment of Maunakea are extraordinary. Outsiders claim Legitimate destruction... continuing their Colonization & Genocide

STOP Thirty-Meter Telescope TMT NO

NO  Jumbotron  Construction !  STOP  TMT

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

America Promotes Ethnic Cleansing

Nefarious opponents of Hawaiians continue to destroy island graves & pollute important places of worship

Deliberate, strategic, the intruders break Laws. 

Displacing Hawaiian culture is active Ethnic Cleansing = BAD

JS Pughe, "Likely to Happen" (27 Jan 1897; detail), Puck

Monday, July 15, 2019


Confrontation on Mauna Kea stems from DISRESPECT. Disrespect of local sensitivities. Disrespect of religion, kupuna ancestry & Poli'ahu. Disprespect of pace of decisionmaking, ho'oponopono, and Hawaiian health. Continuing gross disrespect from colonists, bitterly evident, makes many Hawaiians angry.

Golf on graves, foreign military = Uncool
[ Official U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Juan D. Alfonso ]