Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Hawaiian Reconciliation

Since 1893 the USA admitted multiple times to illegal aggression in Hawai'i. But Hawaiian lands are still occupied. The intruders fabricated at least seven military golf courses on O'ahu! Native Hawaiians suffer everyday as our inheritance remains stolen & misused. 

Today's diverse communities, built on Hawaiian culture, will strengthen when indigenous inheritance is properly addressed or compensated. Surely all in Hawai'i are challenged to reconcile.

Unreconciled gaps exist between intruder communities & descendants of The People of Old. We've sovereignty issues. Hawaiian communal land tenure exists alongside fee simple ownership. As for population, the repeat tourist, the fourth-generation immigrant, the native Kimo of no fixed address - who is Hawaiian? 

We must decide - and not look away to fuckin' Washington DC for guidance or revenge.

All can benefit to be more inclusive, legally & peacefully acknowledging inheritance of properties and compensation for indigenous people and their families.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Pig Justice

Failed his first major role as a choirboy.
Now we're force-fed:  Hatchetman Kav
Outmaneuvered liberals lost under Obama:
People's primo servant to Wealth & Power.
Barry Bootlicker - planned a turnover to
Mrs. Compromised Clinton. No, Thank You.
New strategists needed!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

你是无知的 -- You Are Ignorant

In an STV interview this morning, Jacob Agertoft from the beautiful area Fjällbacka complained of a Chinese visitor boom, and how they were "different"... Marie Linde of the West Sweden Tourist Board (Turistrådet Västsverige) was more forgiving, with some solutions.

But each overlooked the fact that Swedish and other foreign tourists visiting China may be equally disruptive, ignorant & locally obnoxious.

IF YOU like adventurous travel - Kindness to Tourists is important!

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Plundering "Discovered" Nations

Doing genealogy & seeing much hānai (Hawaiians adopting) over the past 200 years.

Hawai'i's informal interrelationships reinforce our lāhui ʻōiwi, with community inheritance distinct from that of stereotypical Yankee nuclear families and their inheritance formats.

Hawaiian lands & seas are inherited from grandparents and beyond.
Yankee claims racism, yet it's our inheritance (simply - Yankee don't like it).

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Stay Away! AirHelp sucks

AirHelp Inc. is a service & legal firm which supposedly helps you collect compensation from the airlines  when you face long delays or cancelled flights. I suggest you waste no time or energy with the AirHelp jerkoffs -- AVOID

I deeply believe I was deliberately cheated by AirHelp. Worse, their response time replying to concerns is horrible - often no response at all.

I received a letter pushing my case to their legal team at no extra cost, but was later assessed 50% -- and six months since being told "We've Won!" I've received nothing. 

This company banks on lazy people who don't follow-up when ill-served - it's their basic business model.