Monday, July 14, 2014

Numbnuts DRIP

Numbnuts PM David Cameron is forcing an extreme surveillance measure through Parliament with little chance for input and no public debate. He claims it's essential for continuing life as we know it - as captive servants to an unfit feudalistic "elite"...

Amazingly, the frightening law's called DRIP - Data Retention and Investigatory Powers bill.

It's a mistake to trust these jokers - or anyone. Our assorted valuable data is already compromised and misused. Assume the database is fully infiltrated. The Cameron government is riddled with drips, incompetents & money-grubbers no match for assorted outside specialist professionals intent on continuing to profit from the information El Dorado. The Prime Minister personally brought criminal operative Andy Coulson into the heart of government, working intimately with Coulson for over three years before denouncing him. (For previous work with Rupert Murdoch, Coulson's now been convicted of illegal wiretapping).