Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thousandth Post: 1000 musings

Celebrating 1000 posts published!

Uncomplicated premise to these publications: simple reflections

But what motivates composition?

Typically, sensing something wrong draws me to compose.

And though writing of petty personal troubles might offer catharsis, and may be easier to read, I continue writing about bigger problems. Macro problems.

Global problems such as war, peace & prosperity deserve & demand analysis - but most citizens of our democratic societies are too busy or otherwise unable to scrutinize what's going on.

People have assorted dispositions. I contentedly watch daft entertainment, but viscerally & quickly feel unhappy watching TV shows "Friends" or "Seinfeld" -- I sense presumption and some premise I reject. Yet those shows attract many viewers; I wish each and every one of them great good luck.

Boredom is a powerfully active force, however unruly.  
There's too much waste in our societies.
Each of us with many energies must find or develop a suitable platform, a life milieu.

But what of the seemingly endless wars being waged from the USA? How can we characterize the US war in Vietnam, with involuntary servitude of military draft: Oops? Something better forgotten?

The very many war casualties are Very Real. Dead. Maimed. Deeply disturbed. And it continues: ragged holes in many families; great potential smothered; escalating costs. Some people who set us on that military path profited greatly. Are they criminals? Was each leader well-meaning? Were their selfish goals justifiable in combination with the sacrifice they demanded from others? Should such militarists have been allowed influence over teenagers? Were our dirty efforts in Vietnam all a mistake?

I don't know the answers.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Welcome AIIB (update)

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, AIIB, (亚洲基础设施投资银行 or 亚投行) had their official signing ceremony today.

Read here (link) about bitter bickering behind the launch.

We wish them well. Generally, more capital investments are highly welcome, especially in the poorest parts of the world.

The USA and Japan have thus far refused to participate - believing the new AIIB rivals their own entrenched leverage over the World Bank / IBRD and Asian Development Bank. But although the US urged its allies to spurn & boycott the new bank, most signed-up. Perhaps most notably, even Israel ignored Uncle Sam's guidance and turned its back on America.

Other nations perhaps realize that the USA has greatly overextended its resources & talent. American towns and cities are beggared by endless foreign wars. Over-reliance on the US defense industry to drive the economy has resulted in entrenched corruption and underinvestment in education and domestic infrastructure. Key human capital has been sidelined by incestuous linkages between US politicians, military, and heavy industry.

It's a momentous day - (sad too!) - a shift in Great Power relationships.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bugging & Spying by USA

How are smiles by America's leaders reconciled with news of US targeted infiltration & spying on the German Chancellor, the French President, and many other national leaders?

America must be treated as a poisonous lizard.

Now stating "We do not and will not spy on you" is beyond belief. Two months later, or three years from now, when policies diverge, the bugs & dirty tricks are again activated.

This spying is corrosive, foolhardy, and not in America's best interest. Defense and high-tech security firms benefit; the rest of us flounder in distrust and cynicism.

Obama encourages key ally Merkel. Unknown others snooped on  her phones.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MegaMedia: Behind the Screen

Giant corporate media or MegaMedia

® Media

Know what it is - - Know your enemy!

Last January 11 (2015) huge anti-racist rallies took place around the world. More than three million marched in France triggered by terrorist murders at Charie Hebdo publishing. The largest rally was a memorial service condemning intolerance, racism and fascism in Paris. People were out in the streets for "la grande marche républicaine organisée à Paris en hommage aux 17 victimes des trois jours de terreur qu’a connue la France."

Look for the photos of politicians supposedly "leading" the 11 January march -- maybe you saw such images earlier. Published photos show a line of politicians in Paris with many behind them. Other Paris photos show huge crowds. But these are very different venues. The "leaders" only posed for a photo-op on a controlled street, for carefully staged camera angles.

Angle control
See Full-scale scam photo here !  (link source: Michel Euler, AP)

Here's more on the press scandal:
Each reporter who sold the bogus camera angle promoted fraud.

Corporate media managed to keep most attention away from itself (never admitting collusion or deceit), writing instead of how US leaders were sorely missed. We learn Israeli PM Netanyahu invited himself to the gathering, forced his way to the front, and waved grandly at fictional fans (link), to arrogate personal attention. But of course the day was not about politicians, or US leadership, or fatty Netanyahu, or the dirty press corps - but rather for democracy and toleration of different peoples. Any true message was effectively lost -- hijacked by media discussing personalities and power politics. Mega-media serves its owners: mega-conglomerates. Militaristic corporations push TPP, TPA, endless wars, and nuclear power down our throats because they're positioned to profit. End of story.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

® Media

Corporate restaurants McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and KFC fast food outlets shouldn't supply all your nourishment - it's unhealthy.

It's the same for corporate media - do not rely on huge megabusiness to supply proper unadulterated mind food.  To get only that shit is worse than insufficient and dizzying - corporate media has purposeful design: it's corruptive poison!

® Media = Corporate DDT = deadly to humans

Friday, June 12, 2015

Fast Track Steamroller

There is no Fast Track -- the whole effort's by definition already a sell-out to industry.

Why should global-level multinational corporations be allowed to negotiate where we citizens are kept in the dark? Industry pays-off politicians and bureaucrats with a "revolving door" of new jobs and sweet corruption.

Obama and his cronies are dirty rotten scoundrels spitting on democracy.

Don't vote for politicos supporting fast-track. They're clearly working for another team, and actively working against you!

Many Clinton, Bush & Obama stooges work now for your enemy...

X-Project Money for Your idea

Korea has launched the X-Project (X-프로젝트), offering 5 million plus the Science Minister's Prize for the question judged most capable of spurring future development.

A total of 30 million Korean won will be awarded, with the subsequent goal to launch 100 government-funded research projects to progress in the suggested directions.

A good example is the question posed by 3-year old Jennifer Land in 1943, vacationing with her family. Photos then required a photography lab for developing. "Why can't I see the pictures now?" Jenny demanded. The question pushed her Dad, Edwin Land, to work toward instant film that became the Polaroid camera.

Anyhow, Korea believes itself serious about gathering ideas.
Something bothering you?  One quick suggestion can Win Money !

Korean X-Project



"본인인증글로 등록하시려면 로그인 하여 주십시오."

Further steps?
Korea's Science & Technology Policy Institute  STEPI
Public Relations:  suna84@stepi.re.kr
President Jong-Guk Song    jksong@stepi.re.kr

"Why can't Korea open the X-Project to all ideas?" 
Korea's X-Project won't allow Jenny Land to ask a question...

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Extrajudicial Killing

The United States of America illegally kills many people overseas in undeclared wars. American politicians and technocrats rain death upon unsuspecting civilians with the flimsiest of reasoning. Sometimes they kill activists and combatants, but when murdering others they generate the seeds for hatred and certain future problems. Only the arms & munition dealers are happy...

But all the murders are not far away. Many are within the USA, when Mr. Policeman beats a sassy colored man to death, shoots a fleeing suspect in the back, or chokes the life from someone dismayed to be confronted.

Look at the spaces depicted on the link below. All are places where our public servants summarily terminated a fellow citizen.

Extrajudicial killing -- a growing Amerikkkan tragedy !

Officer involved ... (link)

Friday, June 05, 2015

Absolute Authority

Have you ever questioned authority?  Maybe didn't follow directions fully? Perhaps you colored outside the lines?

Obey - or suffer consequences !

At a recent high school graduation in the state of Mississippi, USA, Superintendent of Schools Jay Foster requested the crowd hold its cheers and clapping till the ceremony concluded (link). Graduates were introduced and crossed the stage one-by-one.

Then one girl's family spontaneously cheered for her -- Big mistake.

Superintendent Foster had the auditorium security guards forcibly evict the disobedient quartet. Police were contacted, and the four were arrested for disorderly conduct -- they now face up to six months jail time and possible fines of US$500.

Joy turned to woe -- 'cause they didn't OBEY.

Authoritarianistic Amerika:  Free the "Festive Four"

Remember:  "Mississippi" has four i

Of course, it's easier to command, control & administer when everyone acts identically. But America ain't never been a nation aimed at uniform consistency. Bravo Diversity!  Much of America's greatness grew from variety -- not accepting life as mindless clones. America's become tyrannized; corralled chickens...

Boss expects full Obedience - see news report here (link)

Thursday, June 04, 2015


Pandemic disease is a very real threat to modern societies. Yes, a large proportion of mankind may suddenly die. But initial survivors will struggle with poor social foundations, little faith and poorly developed purpose.

Disruption and doubt are poisons. Yet increased authoritarianism brings more suspicion of government.  As I've noted before (link), our communities are increasingly fragmented - people silo themselves in fortified homes, scared of their neighbors and distrustful of authority.

It's essential to build good community foundations now - in times of relative prosperity and freedom.


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a growing public health threat around the world. There's now a persistent outbreak in South Korea, where 30 have contracted the illness and two have died (as of today). More than 1300 people are just now forcibly isolated or quarantined by the South Korean government.

More information is unavailable.

What Korean cities, and what neighborhoods, are affected? (link) It's secret.

Korea is concerned about their reputation & global image. Everywhere hopes to avoid bad publicity and a drop in tourism. But surely there comes a point where openness & transparency is essential - where lack of information increases danger.

There's conjecture (link) the Korean outbreak is a new strain or mutation of the deadly MERS coronavirus which is much more easily transmitted. Secrecy stemming from concerns over economic impact hampers research.

Is the growing epidemic in Korea a new pathogen? If so, it could be labeled
  Komers  KOrean Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

Those who remember the Swine Flu (H1N1 influenza A) epidemic of 2009 may recall Israel and Korea labeling the illness "Mexican Flu" ... an unwelcome slur on Mexico! Will Korea now suffer similar mistrust?

Some reported problems (link) with identification and control of this MERS-CoV pathogen stem from biological piracy accusations. Early Saudi samples shared with a Dutch university lab lacked a comprehensive "Materials Transfer Agreement" -- the Dutchies patented the genetic sequence and promptly contracted further work to antiviral and vaccine corporations.

Monday, June 01, 2015

American Shame

The USA Patriot Act is used for mass surveillance and heavy-handed repression; the law gave secret weapons to unelected shadowy operatives beyond oversight. This poisons the patriotic process - it's anti-democratic and unconstitutional.

The USA Freedom Act still allows spying; the owner class (domestic & foreign) is given freedom to shit on the other 99% of us.

Scummy names insult us. The New York Times even comments (link), publicly recording for posterity that they recognize colorful legal titles dupe & make fun of us.

American lawmakers are shameless, Orwellian scum.