Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Obama-Reinfeldt to Head EU?

The BBC slyly mentions (link) that lame-duck Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt is jockying to be appointed head of the European Commission.

This would be a mistake. The rightist Swedish PM is a slightly better choice than weasely Tony Blair, but either is too clearly Uncle Sam's willing tool. Reinfeldt has provided great service and he need never work again -- it's best he don't.

The European Commission should not be controlled by Obama or other puppet-masters. America has ample reason to undercut European competition and the euro -- they resent any counterbalance to Yankee domination. All rhetoric aide, the militarists hate Europe's newly peaceful coexistence. The EU has also tackled how multinationals abuse consumers, and has provided protections in other ways North American governments have failed to assist their citizenry.