Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nightmare: USA

Imagine you live in a lawless region - assorted bandits & warlords fight for control, and kill for the wealth & resources of your people. You organize a response: those entering your region must disarm. You define a perimeter, post lookouts. You organize a guard. You seek neighborhood safety.

One day a convoy refuses to stop. There's no discussion to disarm. Your team communicates "trouble has arrived" as a flash in the sky heralds immanent death: an unmanned combat air vehicle operated by the US military (or its civilian contractors) launches heat-seeking destruction.

Death perhaps is quick - compliments of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, and U.S. Army General Stanley A. McChrystal, commander of the International Security Assistance Force coalition. Thank also the US Air Force and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (formerly owned by Gulf Oil, Shell Oil, and Chevron). A fine aloha also from the taxpayers of the USA, main sponsors of the deployment / invasion... You made a new Bananastan: corrupt & deadly. Welcome to a nightmare.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Health Care's Willy Horton

Bluster circulates in the U.S. Congress about health care. Industrial lobbyists work hard to develop proper reform - in other words, a new format for sustained profits.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of Americans are poorly insured, or uninsured.

Our human tales of woe are poorly publicized, though they erupt every day. Let's see & hear details: actual citizens suffering through the system, treated no better than a shitball.

Senator Bernie Sanders and supporters of true reform need to find the "Willie Horton" of American health care. Put a face on the pain.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bogeyman: Dreams of Terror

Horrible Terrorists "seek to destroy our way of life."

Bullshit. The enemy are sometimes military, sometimes criminals. Some are misguided. Some seek revenge. Some protect their homeland & family.

The story of Terrorist Bogeyman, of crazed zealotry, is a sham. But some interests are served by the dark dream. Few people ask: "Why are they after us?"

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Privatized Military?

Many functions of the U.S. military have been outsourced to private corporations. This trend is frightening in terms of accountability; what happens when highly-armed militias go rogue? Yet some key contradictions emerge. U.S. Republicans have repeatedly attacked public services for supposed padded budgets, unreasonable job security, and entitlements at taxpayer expense. But these perfectly describe the perks of U.S. military leaders.

Most American people proudly voice support for the armed services. Military people put themselves in harm's way, they deserve better than they now receive. But the military's top brass are insulated from all that: conversely, they keep themselves perhaps safest of any of us, with vast resources under their control.

Elected leaders are ultimately responsible for military command & oversight. But I believe proper administration is often a failure. We need new & better checks & balances.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sabotage Averted by Internet

Flawed policy choices by the failed governments of George W. Bush and his predecessors continue to cripple the USA. Tens of thousands of Americans remain posted overseas, perpetuating a neo-colonial system too-often funding despots hated by their own people. Meanwhile, the lifestyles and future prospects for most Americans is in decline. Funds are unavailable for basic infrastructure. Future-oriented industries require detailed training, yet childhood education in the USA deteriorates.

Big media in the USA was overly sycophantic under Bush/Cheney. How much worse might it have been had the internet not offered new channels of communication? If internet technology in 2001 were at the level of 1991, we might still be under the heel of neo-con leadership. These were corporate shills wholly willing to sacrifice average people for their own profit; they calmly gambled the lives & resources of every schmuck in America.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Your Heart has Stopped...

Imagine your heart has stopped. An EMT team arrives, hooks you to life support, then asks: What's your position on abortion? Should illegal aliens receive emergency health services?

Americans are held hostage on health care. Each American should receive premium care. If you ain't (and many are not) you're being jerked around... Everyday, many such suckers die. My uncle died prematurely - you could be next.