Friday, March 31, 2017

All About Trump

Alien infiltration and a plague of swamp-creatures invade America while we all watch Trump !

Original Photo : Rebecca Cook/Reuters;  Retouch:

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Statement to Remember!

The New Jersey "Bridgegate" scandal has led to criminal convictions in United States Federal District Court; former public officials must now serve prison time:
US Department of Justice, US Attorney's Office, District of NJ

One key takeaway to note: CNN quotes US District Judge Susan Wigenton: (likely foreshadowing corruption among our present public servants):

"When dealing with public corruption,
only imprisonment can effectively promote general deterrence."

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Yankee SLAVE Schmuck, Wake Up

America's people are enslaved.
The US medical profession grabbed monopoly control of lifesaving drugs & technologies, and constructed huge barriers limiting entry to the profession. In Yankeeland, Medical help is now priced exorbitantly. Most elsewhere in the world, medical help is seen as a human right -- cheap & available to all.

Every American will die.

Of course, sometime soon each of us will die, as every person on earth has died.

Americans suffer before death, virtually raped -- the medical cartel empties our pockets and burns-up our essential energies & resources. Democrats & Republicans must watch their lives consumed by the doctoring profession & so-called health insurance companies. They've forbidden and outlawed self-medication. Where's the freedom in that?

Foolish America elected such cruelty.

Now many Americans cannot switch employers, and can't afford to lose their job because they might lose employer-funded health insurance. Your life of careful frugality will be dismantled by terminal health care costs.

Sorry reality is rough:  but Yankee, you are a senseless Slave.

Sez it all ... American Collapse

Independent Investigation for America:
Foreign Infiltration ?

Paying for illegal immigration Crime

The legal system & rule of law apply to all within a jurisdiction. We should all scoff at recent headlines of President Trump "Not Above the Law" (reportedly asserted by US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch).  Who would suggest Trump & Co. are above the law?

Are undocumented / illegal immigrants above the law?

I believe a nation (and a family) has the right to limit access and residency. Those who broke US immigration laws and entered the country illegally may be otherwise good people. But the USA has good reason to send them away. Many citizens hesitate to invest in communities where the citizenry has totally lost control. If anyone can break the law, freely enter, and take resources, local energies are quickly sapped by outsiders.

(I'm in favor of refugee support. But refugees should be screened & registered, with costs widely distributed).

I'd go further than simply deporting undocumented / illegal immigrants. Such people should pay enforcement costs.

Better such people go voluntarily & independently. Undocumented non-citizens will more likely depart on their own if otherwise held liable for their deportation processing fees (and their share of overhead fees, perhaps $5000 to $150,000)...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Megawealthy Vandal

Unproductive sick & old
Weaknesses now unconsoled...

Different people - Pay to stay
Or git yo' ass from USA!

Mean-spirited misguided masses
The Swamp Still Stinks - digestive gasses?

Wars we've started, peoples burned
"They hate our way of life" we learned.

Herr Leader unashamed abuser
We've each become a Total Loser.

Hate thy Neighbor and Thyself.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ultrarightist Spawn

Japanese parents have been proud of their kids attending Moritomo Gakuen schools.

But now it's clear those schools have focused both on national pride and also hate of China & Korea. Unless parents strongly question such ultra-nationalist education, their children will be labeled "ultra-right" throughout their life. Is this fair?

Further lies & extreme administrative & financial manipulations of the parent organization have dirtied everyone concerned.

Parents can rehabilitate their children by coming clean about the Moritomo nationalism scandal.

Surely PM Abe & Defense Minister Inada should at least RESIGN, for the good of Japan. Their acts are shameful.

Far-right corruption ignores accountability. These fools are dangerous - demanding citizen sacrifice but living richly themselves. True Remorse in the days of 大和魂 was expressed through hara-kiri. But these people are punks, チンピラ以下.

Sorry for non-Japanese: weasels in trouble for corruption include Shinzō Abe (Prime Minister of Japan & his wife), Tomomi Inada (Japan's Defense Minister) & Yasunori Kagoike (of Moritomo Gakuen & shadowy Nippon Kaigi). Self-proclaimed Ultranationalists who've deeply damaged Japan.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Party of Two

There's little hope to improve America if waiting for Democratic Party reforms.

The Democratic Party is corrupt.

US systems of federal elected government often are horrible. The professional elite of both parties is at fault.

The Electoral College system is also an outrage, and fundamentally undemocratic.

Imagine the Republican Party is your Boss. Unfortunately, the Democrats are his wife.

Don't wait for the ruling family to help or assist.
They gain by taking from you.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Donald Menace

The Guardian's recent interview with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (link) details clear dangers of Donald J. Trump as a pathological liar seeking to undermine American democracy.

Sanders explicitly rejects that these complaints & worries are partisan. Sanders cites many political opponents with disagreeable policies who operate within the mainstream of American political values, who believe what they advocate. Sanders warns that Trump, on the other hand, continuously lies.

"He lies in order to undermine the foundations of American democracy."

According to Sen. Sanders, Pres. Trump's intent is imposing "AUTHORITARIANISM - where the President of the United States has extraordinary powers, far more so than our Constitution has provided for or the values of the American people support."

Scary stuff.

President Trump should recognize his own "lazy eye" - 
Amblyopia, fleeting & unrecognized, could be his downfall.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Korea Topples its Tyrant

Park Geun-hye has been removed as President of South Korea.
Good riddance!

Park was a despot. Her "election" was orchestrated by her predecessor's government, the Grand National / Saenuri Party & President Lee Myeong-bak 이명박. Korea's 2012 presidential election was globally infamous for criminal interference, as the government used a team of 70 agents from Korea's National Intelligence Service to spread lies about the opposition candidate and talk up Ms. Park Geun-hye. These Psychological Warfare Division Cyber Warfare Command agents were later assisted by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Office, whose coverup was surmounted by Korea's Supreme Prosecutor's Office. Sounds dirty ?  It was probably worse.

Park is vindictive and anti-democratic. She interfered in the livelihood of thousands of artists and entertainers by reportedly placing them on a blacklisted enemies list (link). Her right-wing government declared the 60,000-member Korean Teachers’ & Education Workers’ Union (KTU) illegal (link), and systematically sought to destroy it.

Who were the strategists forcing the dark Park right-wing regressive agenda?

Park was partly propped-up by her crony Choi Soon-sil (최순실). But Yankee may at least be partly responsible... America's position in Korea requires knowledge of all such dirt.

Is the USA more actively involved? (as with Park's father, General Park Chung-hee, Korea's dictatorial former president). One day we should know more ...

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Silly Progress

Does Richie Rich care?

Your soft organs can feed his hogs ...

American Health Care drops from bad to deadly worse

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

US Accepts Korean Corruption?

Korea's President Park Geun-Hye (박근혜) is tangled in multiple scandals, including both bribery & collusion with Samsung, and improper infiltration of crony Choi Soon-sil (최순실) into Korean national strategy & decisionmaking.

Of course, South Korea is still heavily occupied by US military forces - many tens of thousands of highly-trained American professionals work 24-hrs each day in Seoul & throughout Korea to protect the nation's people.

What did Yankee do when discovering corruption at the peak of Korean politics?

Nothing?  Blackmail ?
Why's nobody asking?

Monday, March 06, 2017

Corrupted Japan ?

Japan's Ministry of Finance reportedly sold land in Osaka to an ultra right-wing organization with close ties to Prime Minister Shinzō Abe & his wife Akie. As the land was sold far below its appraised value, the uncommon deal at first was kept secret (link).

Akie Abe, nicknamed "Akky" was named Honorary President of a planned school that would inculcate Shinto values into the curriculum and student life. At one point the ultranationalist school was to be named for Prime Minister Abe.

Now the sweetheart deal is coming apart. Did serious pollution (buried garbage) create the low price? What was done with the pollutants, and is the site now safe for children? Does Moritomo Gakuen threaten children's health?

[ Land valued at ¥956 million was sold for ¥134 million to the far-right corporation, supposedly because buried garbage reduced the value. And before the land was sold, the government gave ¥131.76 million to Moritomo Gakuen toward decontamination. Something rotten... ]

How much has the "Akheed Scandal" dirtied Japan's government? It appears the tentacles of ultranationalism and Nippon Kaigi have reached deeply into the Ministry of Finance, Osaka Prefecture, and Japan's Board of Audit. But perhaps not -- at least some people feel this case is an unreasonable insider scandal...


There seems unexplained corruption, and criminal misreporting with links to Japan's highest politicians and bureaucracy. How deeply implicated are the right-wing Abe and his Defense Minister Tomomi Inada? Abe's wife Akie already appears dirty. Yasunori Kagoike should testify before the Japanese Diet to explain his activities.Reuters reports that Kagoike is the head of the Osaka branch of Nippon Kaigi; who knows what dirty garbage might emerge from Kagoike's sworn testimony?

Donate to Shinzō Abe Elementary School?  (安倍晋三記念小学校の寄附)