Friday, January 31, 2014

Poisoned Trust - NSA

Let's assume the NSA is well-meaning and truly trying to promote public welfare.

(In fact, I'm skeptical - I believe the NSA and its private contractors serve corporate interests and other paymasters before they get around to helping us common folk, but...) Let's assume the costly secretive spying is non-political, public-spirited, purposeful and professional.

A key problem is that comprehensive monitoring and data accumulation by the NSA shreds & dirties the provider-customer compact. If a firm asks us to take a survey or seeks feedback, we must assume our responses are copied to government databases and ultimately not confidential. Participation increases our secret police files. As threatened in elementary school - "it goes into your permanent record!"

NSA = Nothing Secure Anymore

Major telecom providers, hardware vendors, and software service companies have become untrustworthy. Their hands are tied. The upshot: our secret police implanted uncertainty & distrust into all our telecom relationships -- the insecurity is very costly for otherwise competitive American businesses.

Poisoned trust does far more damage than a few crazed zealots could inflict.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Transient or Immigrant?

I've been a transient, I've been an immigrant. They are different conditions.

Communities invest in themselves, which creates a prosperous society. Communities need not accept & support everyone around the world who demands access and use of local common or private resources.

By investing in local development, places become more attractive. Visitors are typically welcome as tourists. But this does not mean that transient visitors must be given part of the common wealth. If we're forced to accept all comers, and cannot make rules limiting support, we become swamped. With diminishing incentives to invest, our better communities are targets to deteriorate.

Our rules and laws on inheritance and immigration are not always fair. But lack of law is worse.

The Massachusetts legislature is considering an appeal to allow those in the state illegally to obtain an official Massachusetts driving license, typically used for identification (link). This is a big mistake.

Undocumented workers undercut & erode community. This isn't to say such people are uncivil or bad, but they ultimately assert we've no right to administer our systems -- that their personal saga supersedes law.

Illegal residents are difficult to protect -- their lack of status leaves them open to shakedowns & manipulation. Many become victims to sexual abuse & economic blackmail (link). To attract & encourage more illegal residents is reckless & costly.

We can encourage immigration and enforce our immigration laws.
Let's welcome proper immigrants & refugees, and respect the law.

Media Enslaved

Most media serves the interests of its corporate owners or our political masters.

There was no independent media in Nazi Germany or Fascist Japan. What existed was systematically crushed. Dissent was punished.

Today there are fewer concentration camps and summary executions.

We've more opportunities for independent media to operate. Sure, we've far too many secret police, with the inherent corruption of the corporate state. Not enough people recognize the domination and tyranny of big corporate media.

Look at news reports of Edward Snowden. Yesterday, Snowy was interviewed on German ARD TV; his comments were noted around the world.

Hundreds of international news reports described U.S. industrial espionage & NSA focused spying on individuals (such as tapping allied German leader Angela Merkel's phone).

But many U.S. media outlets avoided controversy & reported nothing. The Google news consolidator ("U.S. edition") failed to list the story, and search revealed another disturbing slant.

American media focused on Snowden's claims to be under personal threat. The private drama was the lead & headline for a large percentage of American news reports -- not state-sponsored espionage, blackmail, corruption, fundamentally-compromised data, and the tremendous waste of tax monies.

Wake up dum fux.

Our Poor

Our modern society is worse than the Victorians in terms of avoiding unpalatable discussions. They avoided sexuality, we avoid poverty & injustice.

Obama disusses "income inequality" -- not pain & hunger. 

BBC News recently reported on the municipal public showers in Toulouse (link). Wise readers will recognize they themselves might suddenly be pushed to poverty and need such public facilities.

But we avoid discussing the poor, though their numbers multiply around us. It is surely easier to imagine they are lazy or somehow fundamentally different. But reality is our whole system, our attitudes, and our infrastructure are inhumane -- yes, cruel.

Wasteful Social Darwinism threatens richy too.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fucking Americans?

Who is Stanley Fischer?

He's a highly trained economist & former MIT professor. He's a former Vice-Chairman of Citigroup Inc.

Who is Stanley Fischer?

He's the late PM Ariel Sharon's appointment to lead the Bank of Israel. He's a naturalized Israeli-American (link) born in Northern Rhodesia, who's been a successful advocate for boosted US aid & subsidies to Israel. He was Larry Summers' economics professor (who first gave Summers work, but now supplants).

Who is Stanley Fischer?

He's the dude Obama supports to be Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the US central banking system. He'll soon supposedly be working for the American people in a vitally critical financial & policy job, "in pursuit of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates." He's in the Trilateral Commission & Bilderberg Group. He's an exceptionally intelligent & motivated global leader. He's an extremely powerful unelected official. He'll likely be assertive in channeling business away from Iran (link), but does he know - or care - much about a typical American?

Who is Stanley Fischer?

Some white-haired smiley guy we're told everyone likes, who'll control our money & regulate our lives.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Threat and the NSA

Should the NSA be part of everything we do online?

I don't think so.

The pervasive secret police magnify any threat. The spy system is threatening because it's fundamentally corrupted by corporate & foreign interests with commercial spying & political espionage agendas. It's out of control. Only the treacherous support this huge & costly mistake.

Save Snowy

We read horrible news, of illegality, blackmail, corruption and espionage that reaches into every home & pocket in America and around the world.

Edward Snowden is now threatened from the dirt he uncovered. The corruption's not his story, the pollution ain't because of him; but the whistleblower is forced to pay.

Don't forget -- Snowden was not a government employee, but most recently worked for Booz Allen Hamilton and then previously for Dell. This highlights a dangerous & corrupt corporate-government alliance. Data collected is insecure: our information can be compromised or sold by business interests and recompiled by foreign agencies, as well as being misused by our own governments.

Snowy's not the problem. Compare his troubles with someone finding a polluted lake, river or seacoast, and telling us...  The sheeple can't handle the truth. Save Snowy!