Friday, July 11, 2014

General Fear

The US government uses their golden hoard information to highlight suspected terrorists, sometimes to kill them.

The world's now knows NSA surveillance is everywhere.

It's time to ask the more difficult question: Who has Access?

Those knowing everything about everyone also know: such info can be extremely valuable. Information is sold & bartered, on and on…

Below may not be infiltrators -- they may be granted free access. Who knows?

- Government contractors
- Outsourced service providers
- JP Morgan Chase
- a girl Congressman Paul Ryan hopes to impress
- Halliburton & Monsanto
- Friends of General Butlick
- Right wing Zionists
- Nancy Pelosi's fancy man
- English pansies
- Collaborating American IT firms
- HRH King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
- Gentlemen formerly known as Blackwater
- The part-time cleaning lady at John Kerry's house
- Mr. Wu
- Bill, the cable guy

Stop Your Spying!