Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RIP Trayvon Martin, Afghan Hero

Teenager Trayvon Martin was reportedly stalked & shot dead in Florida. His attacker misread the situation, acted hastily (perhaps he was scared), and used deadly force to kill an innocent person.

This is a microcosm of the blundering American military in Afghanistan, often brutally killing innocent people as we stumble through their neighborhoods. We've no right to be there. We've no clear purpose there. We should pack-up the occupying armies and leave the Afghans to handle their own affairs.

Many people we've slaughtered never left home. Perhaps trying to protect family members, killed in their ancestral villages, many never heard of Washington DC, Obama or the twin towers.

But the American cowboy continues to execute those in his path. After decades of amplified threat from Soviet nuclear weapons, the deadly Vietcong, Nicaraguan Sandanistas, Somali pirates, and Al-Qaeda militants, the American people are terrorized and quickly over-respond... Too many are oddly eager to kill.

We can't afford to continue murdering innocent people. Trayvon is now a symbol for misguided violence. Trayvon Martin, Afghan Hero (1995-2012), RIP.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Integration of Migrants

Went to a seminar this evening about Migration & Identity (thank you Michelle Mann). A key consideration is determining what is successful integration?

Is it enough that a migrant becomes self-supporting, and stays away from trouble with the law?

Migrants from different cultures should not all be expected to mirror a native ideal of their adopted homeland. (Surely many local-born people often fail to observe each tradition). Society would be far poorer without individual characteristics of a disparate population.

Sure some will study & enjoy local traditions, foods, and culture. But those who march to a different drumbeat (or don't march at all) are not signs of failure.

Health Care for All

A healthy society is impossible without health care for all. The US system is horrible.

Obama's reforms preserve the medical profession's iron grip on health. Self-serving barriers to entry perpetuate high medical costs. Professional providers cite freedom only as it suits their own interests. Citizen self-treatment is not an option. We can only buy care at sky-high prices, from the AMA company store.

Public health is vital to all. We cannot have people in our midst with undiagnosed easily-communicated diseases, such as tuberculosis and hepatitis. Too many preventable problems get bigger, often involving children. "Preventable dental conditions led to more than 830,000 emergency room visits... straining already stressed emergency room staff." (link). "In 2009, 56 percent of Medicaid-enrolled children did not receive dental care, not even a routine exam." Perhaps their parent(s) knew nothing of health care options.

The main problem with health care is too many don't care if neighbors live or die. Political bombast condemns too many people to needless suffering.

The USA needs a universal health care system. Partisan lobbyists & politics lead millions to early death, at uncounted cost. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cheney's Change of Heart

Dick Cheney take heart.

Cheney's new heart is sure to get tongue's wagging. Did the old heart wither through misuse? Was love of money insufficient to keep it fueled? Can we imaginable someone was butchered-to-order, filling the gap in Dick's brokenhearted life? 

I'd like to think Dick Cheney is simply misunderstood, maybe misquoted, a monster in our minds.

But no - Dick is selfish & unabashed - a defiant, deceitful capitalist. Dick Cheney is a me-first social Darwinist who believes wholeheartedly the strong & assertive deserve the fruits of the world; the weak are in the way, and to cheat is OK. Whereas I believe no society can sustainably survive dog-eat-dog competition -- we're all weak sometimes.

Oops - if unmended Dick reads such talk, he might blow a gasket.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

After Occupy comes...

Occupy has been beaten-down, gassed & subdued.

But the war isn't over. What's next may be more dangerous.

Violence against peaceful protest was a bad mistake.
Corruption & costly militarism enslave people with little to lose.
Hide the problem -- it becomes more threatening.

We must work together creating community opportunity.
Authorized Violence is not acceptable.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crazy Jason Russell?

I'd never heard of Jason Russell before he was reported to have run naked in daytime San Diego, yelling incoherently about the devil and swearing at bystanders (link). It seems the guy was overloaded by sudden fame after a project he began in 2003 "went viral" in March 2012. He'll now spend some weeks in hospital. Get well soon!

He's lucky to be WASPish (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) -- otherwise he'd be shot by police or tazered. Maybe his deluded mind shortcut to fame?

Performance pressure made him already creepy-looking. Celebrity America...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Corporate-Owned Justice

Prison assignments for The Pirate Bay convicts have been finalized by the Swedish government. The four founders of the guide, which lists bittorrent information, were sentenced to imprisonment and fined nearly US$4.5 million (30 million Swedish kronor). Any of their assets are liable for seizure, the fines remain unpaid.

So the Government of Sweden, along with the U.S. Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), seem to have broken further threat from these criminals.

Is this proper? I don't think so.

The logic that convicted these publishers should threaten a newspaper publisher whose paper is used to start a fire. It condemns the postman for delivering mail, and auto industry executives when their product is misused in a crime. Librarians are thus evildoers.

Who should bear the burden to protect & to censor? The systems protecting industrial rights and intellectual property are failing, with major, fundamental inadequacies. Why should taxpayers foot the bill, and pay to protect unguarded assets? Rights holders should be interested in protecting the system. Are they investing appropriately? It is unworkable & non-sustainable to push government officials to simply shoot the messenger.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sympathy for Murderers

The recent slaughter of 16 Afghan civilians in Kandahar is notable as a lesson in misplaced sympathy and lack of contrition. Sure, US government spokespeople expressed regret, and President Obama says the incident (where nine kids were massacred) was "tragic and shocking" -- but the faraway military occupation continues.

Western corporate media now widely reports the accused killer had a friend injured in Kandahar the day prior to this violence.

We're not instructed to feel tragedy or pity, but the back story is notable: because nobody bothers to explain background or disclose justification for peoples bullied & bloodied by overseas occupying forces. Foreign armies take huge tracts of land, cause great damage throughout the social system, and park themselves in the country for untold years. Damage and slaughter has led some Afghan people to hit back - but they are labeled terrorists, often summarily condemned to detention or execution. Overseas military-occupation is a cruel, unjust colonial obstruction. Until we withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, The Rape of Kandahar continues...

Hawaii's military occupation should end too ...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Corrupt Whitey

Why could Catherine Greig, girlfriend of mobster Whitey Bulger, avoid giving evidence in open court? Corruption continues between the US federal government, FBI and Bulger. Filth & disease reaches to the highest levels of Massachusetts state government. Collusive deals stink. Continuing to laugh at justice, Bulger & cohorts triumph again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cheney Avoids Arrest in Canada

Dick "Chickenhawk" Cheney cancelled a planned speaking engagement in Toronto next month, evading possible apprehension for human rights violations (link).

Former US Vice President Cheney was a major proponent of overseas adventurism in Iraq & Afghanistan. His commitment & support for "harsh interrogation" led to allegations he promoted torture of captured suspects, and thus put his own US forces at greater risk.

Syria & the Khmer Rouge

The BBC reports today that "more than 8000 people" have died in Syria over the past year, including many women & children. Innocent people are being massacred.

Every day, the Western corporate press reports outrages.

First, is this civil war in Syria? If so, intervention is illegal.

Second, let us remember the butchery of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, who killed between 800,000 and 3 million of their own people after 1975. The Western powers supported the Khmer Rouge and kept them in the United Nations through 1993, long after genocide was widely-documented.

Certain key decisionmakers consider their own wider strategies. They are interested in resources, markets, enslavement of whole populations. Ambitions are rendered by their employees into our understanding of reality. They don't care how many thousands or millions are butchered. Their policies slaughter, but we pay the bills, and our own young people are their foot soldiers.

The corporate press seeks to stoke our outrage ... very selectively.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Employing New Methods

The limited liability corporation is a way capitalists exploit good times while abandoning responsibility when gambling incorrectly. Can we use these corporate forms & methods to develop progressive change?

Ayeland LLC could become a venture employing thousands of the unemployable or otherwise underemployed. What benefits can we bring to the collective? Health insurance? We can offer the self-assuredness of being part of something greater. We must plan defenses against demagoguery, and grave mistakes such as fascism. The corporate system can easily be multi-ethnic & secular. We can construct a corporate form that supplements the benefits & responsibilities of national citizenship, and perhaps in some cases, supplants national citizenship & the ugliness of certain patriotic posturing.

Disasters Japan 3/11 - Continuing

On 11 March 2011, a severe earthquake shook Japan's Tohoku region. The quakes & subsequent tsunami killed 20,000 people and damaged a wide area, including nuclear energy facilities built on the Fukushima coast.

Please spare a moment and reflect on the scale of these tragedies, and the continuing impact on survivors. A huge region remains evacuated & uninhabitable. Pollution is a major threat. Radioactive contamination and stress from fear of exposure engulfs millions.

One year later, the Japanese people remain deeply shaken by these events.

A valiant nation struggles in sudden glare, plodding into the future, Japan is now a radioisotope economy.

We learn: there is no fail-safe ... never trust industrial capitalists or the politicians they employ.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

TV Nation - Da Doofus

I grew up in a loving home. We discussed politics, often heatedly. My family's wide ranging policy suggestions reflect deep-rooted differences in opinion.

What to make of this smiling Stepford family, politically united & wholly self-satisfied? (link)

I'm amazed these Harris Okies are fellow citizens.  Smarmy...

I want to believe .. But reality ain't so neat. Too many Americans suffer grimly without respect, without jobs, cold, lonely, confused, in poor health, and without health insurance. These folk's wholesome song supports Nixon's party of Watergate burglars, "dirty tricks" & genocide. There's no "Justice for the unborn" nor is there often justice for the rest of us. And Rick Santorum sadly won't improve conditions for most of us. I suppose I'm happy for this family. Hope they stay pleased.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Picturing Democracy ?

Here's an image of northeast Ohio's new Congressional redistricting. The red letters & colors show the nutty gerrymandered districts drawn-up under Republican control. The squared-off black lines & names are existing counties.

What a scam.

Uncle Sam - Assassin

Attorney General Eric Holder, head of the US Department of Justice, tried to justify assassinating America's enemies (link). But the killing is terrible policy by an increasingly rogue regime. The USA is a foreign occupying force in dozens of nations. The USA supports horrible overseas dictatorships suppressing huge populations. Control & secrecy are processes increasingly now felt at home.

Most Americans are most at risk from their own government: idiots who bury screw-ups & self-righteously attack all critics.

 Russia's censors taught our goons...

Friday, March 02, 2012

Dog Eat Dog

Andrew Breitbart (link) is dead.

Should Breitbart be eulogized as pitiful, or troubled, or heroic? Dead at 43, he leaves behind a warm family, and abandons his mini army of now-leaderless employees.

Noting Andrew Breitbart's boiling furies, and his wholehearted condemnation of the dead & disadvantaged for his personal gain, we see a boil lanced from the arse of the body politic. Another aggressive self-styled Goebbels is gone; his incitement of war is finished; his dirty tricks remain a footnote; his wealthy well-wishers shrug & turn away. Some commentators ask those disgusted by Andrew: rise above the fray. Pray for his children. A sad ending for this media giant.

Lost on dark streets. He wasn't granted Lee Atwater's chances to apologize or say goodbye. Dead in a ditch. Food for stray dogs. Suddenly gone. Cruising to salvation? Or suffering endless hell for self-aggrandizing attacks... Dead far too young from a weak heart.
A dark finish.

Explanations for Andrew's death remain mysterious (link), though autopsy details were made public; Breitbart's eulogies range from gross insult to idolatry.

He taught unabashedly that the weak are scum.