Friday, December 30, 2011

Election Scam USA

Are you a true American, who can vote without trouble? The electoral process in the USA has become horribly corrupted. Democracy as taught in schools is a mirage. Too many people will be turned away from voting. Too many others will never bother to stand in line, to choose the lesser bit of shit as leader. The system could be repaired easily, the outrages of past national elections are widely known. But the distortions don't trouble our tinpot political bosses. The 99% must stand up for democracy, or continue to be shat upon.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rant Against Arrogance

Too many arrogant bossy Republicans seek to rebrand themselves. They're too often robber barons who've built positions through insider deals & corrupt buyoffs.

They now self-style themselves "job creators" but again the arrogance: take all limelight & grab all profits. Cool communities create & sustain jobs. Entrepreneurs and business owners are vital key contributors, but when they selfishly claim full credit for all & everything it's time to drop any contact with them. These pricks will claim they make the sun shine. Scum.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

H-2B Hurts Americans

American businesses devised the H-2B visa to enslave labor. Difficult or dirty less desirable jobs would reasonably pay more, but...

Employers can hire temporary H-2B foreign workers when they "can't find" sufficient local employees. But local people or other Americans will work if paid more. The employer strategy is to pay below what Americans require, and hire in more-vulnerable foreigners.

Much of the payroll then leaks away overseas.

Support Local. American workers should resist such scabby techniques, and H-2B foreign workers must understand their presence depresses wages.

Give - or Pay More

As we use & rely upon electronic media, it becomes important to reflect upon benefits & threats. Scummy businesses & slimy politicians take advantage of the gullible & careless.

They'd sell us as fertilizer.

Readers of this blog are urged to support the EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Tools we use for networking, information & everyday life are under constant attack. Together we can create a better future.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dismantling Democracy by Disinformation

Democracy is under grave threat in the USA. Where the Occupy movement is successful and people develop more sense of community & empowerment, the 1% who've occupied our government, banks & power centers feel their primacy threatened.

Expect more trouble from the security services and horror stories from corporate media as they try pushing us back to dumb servitude.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Pain Pusher Businessmen

Business suffers when corruption is tolerated among businessmen. Our communities are robbed by big industry pushing their costs onto the public, and sucking away undue profits.

Collusion and corruption have allowed this to happen. Not every businessperson is a pain pusher -- shaving "externalities" from their balance sheets through dark agreements with political lackeys & media bigshots.

Recent huge cases include the windfall success & fall of Enron, the "inside job" of banker-led real estate investment trust speculation & the bank bailout (while borrowers lost their homes), and the radiation pollution TEPCO has scattered in the fields, seas & people around their Fukushima nuclear plant. In the latter case, huge pain was unleashed, but there's been no clawback of past dividends. The owners dodged accountability. Horrible. This Pain Pushing must be stopped.

Defense & security spending must seem wasted funds to America's 700,000+ homeless in horribly insecure conditions. Expensive protection for the rich is pain pushed on the rest of us.

Edward Haskell, Banker

Edward Haskell presides over a big desk at the regional bank. Eddie's a fixture at the country club bar.

Community funds built the bank employing Eddie, but he gets far more salary & bonus money than other workers round town.

Bankers (and lawyers) assist cost-pusher efforts by industry (such as nuclear and big oil), where costs are pushed onto the public, but dividends sucked away by a chosen few. Eddie and other hirelings make it happen. Some might call it corruption. To Eddie it's a good business, though he sometimes worries his children are threatened by a deteriorating community.

Eddie was considered a weasel, "an operator" -- or more bluntly, an asshole. But now it's "Good evening Mr. Haskell!" as Eddie drives his corporate town car to the welcoming gates of Hell.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Incentive taxes

When a businessman receives $150 million in annual salary, another million or two provides little marginal incentive.

The same million can mobilize the poor to do so many things...

Youth born to great wealth need do nothing -- a dirty secret if Junior talks to worker proles. Where's the incentive to excel?

Taxes can help provide incentives.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rich Man Hate Teacher

Teachers under fire for "failing" to stuff student brains with basic skills? The true roots of this debate: teachers threaten wage-slave society. Teachers help develop people who think. Wealthy bosses want cheap interchangeable labor units that never complain -- slightly intelligent donkeys, scared & defenseless.

Teachers are thus subversive.

Teachers also have long vacations, giving them more leisure to look around & to understand their community's financing is threatened by arrogant parasites.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Boiled Frogs

We're in the midst of the boiled frog phenomenon, and we're the insensate frogs.

Systems collapse all around us, and pompous pricks tell us all's well (or would be better if they were in power). Bullshit.

Don't settle for a short grim life. Wake up!

(more to come)

Friday, December 09, 2011

Pay Attention -- Or Pay

They've taken our money. Key battles are already lost. As we slide to disaster, national bankruptcy & homelessness, you're trying to switch the channel.

Apathy Ain't Cool

Sadly, apathy is costly. Politicians & their billionaire friends promote wasteful wars throughout the world and butt-fuck our communities. Pee-ons pretend it ain't happening. Your children will live grimly as wage slaves, or maybe as homeless scum. Apathy ain't cool.

Too many Americans are fat & apathetic.
I'm fat too, but not apathetic.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Count the Empties

How many homes are empty on your street, in your community, or across the country?

The USA has nearly 15 million empty homes (link) --
these blank gaps are 11.4% of all housing
. Headlines in the UK declare (link) a million empty homes. Vacant homes are often "owned by the bank" though the bank's money was taken from the public. Citizens also pay police to evict the homeless.

We should pay more attention to the wider tragic picture of financial crisis and hollowed-out communities. Many homes are emptied by foreclosures or a midnight escape by the grossly indebted. How many? Count the empty homes near you, and better understand housing ripoffs.

Vacant or abandoned properties harm neighborhoods. They're a safety & fire hazard. Someone needs to pay for:
  • Trash removal & cleaning
  • Yard maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Boarding/securing the building
  • Repair, hazard, emergency repairs, demolition
  • Inspection, vacant property registration
  • Taxes, etc.
We're living a major political disaster. Maybe spray-painting a big number on the street or building corner (as with other disasters) might mitigate our distress.

Corrupted politicians helped the banks & the rich, who control jobs & housing, and who now squeeze the rest of us, as we shiver in merciless cold.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Joe Metric

U.S. manufacturing is often world-leading, but the primacy of the USA as a market and as a source of products is declining. The rise of China, with four times the people, and other vast swathes of a developing world seem undeniable and almost inevitable. And this is not necessarily a problem.

But the American media is cultivating anti-scientific prejudices. Engineering and the worldwide metric system are denounced as elitist, or foreign, and a threat to Mom & apple pie. Units used in America can confuse - twelve inches to a foot, three feet to a yard. A pound weighs sixteen ounces; eight liquid ounces to the cup. If we switch, the world won't fit... but it don't fit so good now. Pity the nuclear-armed Yankee imperialist & his overweight cannon fodder shock troops... ?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Occupy Our Parks

Hey Bully:       Shut Down     Occupy Afghanistan !

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Filet of Filly: Eatin' Hoss

Horsemeat is not part of the American diet. It would be difficult for people to eat horse, even if they wished to, as horse are not legally slaughtered in the USA for human consumption. I'm quite surprised.

Just around the corner from my home in Stockholm is a restaurant specializing in horsemeat; we go there often (great french fries). Perhaps my first taste of horse was 30 years ago in Japan, eating 'sakura niku' or raw horsemeat - basashi 馬刺し. Tasty! The odd thing of that neighborhood was its big horse racing track, and we regularly joked we ate the slow ones. Disappointed gamblers perhaps enjoyed revenge when ordering that dish.

I've surely eaten many odd foods over the years. Jellyfish in Chinese food is one. All creatures great & small, but I'd forgotten horse was odd.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Visit Japan for Fraudulent Food

Many Chinese tourists in Japan seeking a taste of world-famous Matsusaka beef have been served lesser stuff. Over the past five years, several dozen tourists each month were sold 180-gram ¥3700 servings (US$48 or $120 per pound) of mislabeled inferior meat. One restaurant under investigation, Barato Garden North Hill of Ishikari City, Hokkaido, admitted deception (link). But the firm's president Shigeru Oka insists Japanese customers for the well-marbled wagyū were never swindled.

Cheat only the tourists... Terrible. A great way to torpedo trade.

No information about how the scam was uncovered. What penalties should be imposed? The heifer themselves would be happy if their hand-massaged, beer-fed, tasty flesh were in less demand. But does such news damage producers of the beef? Or will the attention and publicity raise demand? Advertisers elsewhere in Japan recognize mislabeling fraud, sometimes insisting "Proof of Origin Supplied!"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Worship the Bunghole of the Rich

The oligarchs control most media. They show us reality, and
often we believe.

Have you visited an Occupy assembly? What do you know of what's going on? You may be scared to question authority -- will our rulers take away the little you've earned?

Why did our neighborhood cops become paramilitary?
...looking & mobilizing like a Darth Vader unit?

We're told those clubbed on the streets by our stormtroopers are dirty rabble. They are gassed and electrocuted for "talking back" or taking photos.

But arresting the public won't solve the vampire banking crisis.

Did the marchers cheat my community of trillions of dollars?
If I work hard, won't the system treat me fairly?
Are our leaders corrupted by the megarich?
Can't wealth buy-out equal opportunity?
Have our recent wars done any good?
Time to wake up, asskisser.

apathy ain't cool

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busted By Billy: Billionaire Bloomberg

"The First Amendment gives every New Yorker the right to speak out - but it does not give anyone the right to sleep in a park..."
    -- "Billy"   New York City billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg

Billionaire Bloomberg now barricades himself against the city.
Mayor Billy lies in luxury, but it's beginning to end...

He's harbored Wall Street, a nest of vipers -- corrupt financiers who robbed us of trillions of dollars. Billy's a gimpy poster boy for corporate media, which seeks to scare, mislead and constantly tease the public. They consider us dumb beasts. Sheeple. But the abuse stops now - we're not gonna take it anymore.

Meanwhile Pres. Obama senses trouble & scurries away.
Obama turns tail to Australia & goes Down Under...

"Mic Check" & Other Merry Pranks

The Occupy movement needs good ideas & energies. Activists hoping to shake up the status quo and promote reform by culture jamming might try some of the below strategies:

1) Of course, illegal actions & pranks that threaten life, liberty or pursuit of happiness are best avoided.

2) Intimidation by authorities is very spooky. State Stormtroopers easily generate fear (each darkly wants to be Vader; serenade them with the Star Wars Imperial March). Try to insert levity. Smile, laugh & foster a sense of humanity as darkness surrounds you.
You'll be scared. Laugh at the cold! Prepare to get dragged & be violently clubbed. You may lose property, and may suffer stress & pain. It's fun!

3) It's a great idea to publicly confront deceitful businesspeople & corrupt government officials who've raped our national treasuries. But how to do it? Activists politely deferring to wealth & power are ignored. The "Mic Check" and human megaphone strategies of cascading disruptors have energized participants.

4) During "serious" meetings, hidden phones can laugh, or cry... From assorted concealed places, phones can amplify a message. Cellphones can be programmed to ring together.

5) It's important to encourage drop-in visitors to our Occupy venues at any hour. Motley tent cities & roped-off private territories frighten newcomers; it's easier to join assemblies gathering in places not allowing camping. Any Occupy assembly is a shifting assortment of people. Most can sleep elsewhere. Potential mobility is tactically superior to a rooted encampment Thanks Billy! (see below)

6) Build memes, motto, slogans, catchphrases, and battle cries. Hopefully we'll not see another "Boston Massacre" or "Remember Pearl Harbor" but imagery work is essential. For a start, recognize the unusual elegance of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg by dubbing him " Billy "
-- short for Billionaire --

7) The key contest is a battle for minds. Corporate media (so-called "News") regularly portrays unsavory actions & doubtful people, and seeks to thus emasculate the Occupy movement. But it's a small 1%, the rabid megarich, who are extreme. Stay on message:

-- Megawealthy banksters & corrupt politicians suckered us for $7 trillion dollars of public money (US$7,000,000,000,000).
Stop.   Indict.   They stole our future.   Claw back.

-- Public spaces are for public use, and are not the private domain of government or the police. Where possible, public spaces should always be open & accessible. Our societies run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; the public should be able to meet & play freely, and not be shutout of our own spaces by Puritanical operating hours or nanny-state cost-cutting.

-- Overseas US military adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan (Vietnam, and elsewhere) are brutalizing & too expensive.
Unaffordable.   Stop.

8) Handout key web addresses to passers-by, who'll go home and lookup information. Many who might be sympathetic are as yet unprepared for confrontation. Start by recommending:   [ speak up now ]

9) Record what happens. Archived records protect both demonstrators and law enforcement officials from unjust abuse. The bottom line remains: too little justice, too many cops.

... more later

Hawaii - A New Iraq?

Last Saturday at 3AM, a US Federal agent allegedly shot & killed a local Hawaiian man inside a Waikiki McDonalds.

Quarreling with authority might lead to summary death in Iraq or Pakistan or Afghanistan, but Hawaiians expect better treatment.

This incident recalls the case of Raymond Davis, an American government employee who in January 2011 on the streets of Lahore, Pakistan, shot & killed two men (a third was crushed by a car driven by his colleagues). After Davis was released & returned to the USA, he was arrested for reportedly brawling over a parking space (link) and charged with felony second-degree assault.

Last weekend's Honolulu event was no less murky and tragic. After an argument, Federal agent Chris Deedy reportedly stated "How would you like to get shot tonight?" before knocking down local 23-year old Kollin Elderts with a kung-fu kick and shooting him in the chest. (He fired two more shots that went elsewhere). Both men reportedly had consumed alcohol. This event was a horrific catastrophe for all concerned; both families suffer loss, the government loses an important staff member, lives are shattered.

Christopher W. Deedy, 27, an off-duty special agent with the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security, has been charged with second-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Deedy is reportedly married & lives in Arlington VA; he's a Tulane Univ. graduate originally from Holden, MA. He's now free on bail (after being held two days).

Meanwhile, Hilo Hawaii's Roger Christie, a 62-year-old U.S. Army veteran, remains incarcerated without bail on marijuana charges. Rev. Christie, an ordained minister with no history of violent crime, was refused bail & jailed as a danger to the community. Since 8 July 2010 he's been held in the Honolulu Federal Detention Center awaiting trial (as of today, for 496 days).

This is unjust & unreasonable. An accused murderer with no local ties is freed in two days. A peaceful local pot smoker is jailed 18 months without trial...

Samaras as Tyrant

Right-wing Greek leader Antonis Samaras Αντώνης Σαμαράς is a hugely ambitious Harvard boy. His rebellion from his party's government in 1992-93 caused it to collapse. Now he's toying with Greek debt and the euro. His brinksmanship serves American big corporate interests: to destabilize the euro & the European Union.

Greece tried all kinds of democracy in its long history. The politics of Samaras -- "New Democracy" -- might be labeled "No Democracy"

Samaras is a weasel.   Expect bad things from him.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Baddies Among Us

Due to a supposed presence of a few scoundrels, drug users & thieves, political authorities are urging the shutdown of assorted Occupy camps (Portland OR, Oakland CA, Burlington VT, Salt Lake City UT, and New York City). The argument of danger & "we care" is aimed at stay-at-home couch potatoes -- don't be scammed.

Democracy activists know any community is composed of all types of people. Activists live with the homeless and derelict, while the mayor whisks past in a motorcade; police dumbly process the downtrodden, though there aren't enough prisons to warehouse us all.

The worst baddies are those who've raped our treasuries & savings: smarmy banksters such as Robert Rubin (who took US$126 million in cash & stock from Citigroup), flim flam artists such as Bernard Madoff and the Enron gang, assholes like Larry Summers. War criminals responsible for untold death & destruction brazenly base themselves in well-sheltered enclaves. Are their yacht clubs, coops & neighborhoods shut down or under threat? I don't think so...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Deaths

The Wall Street Journal (link) and hundreds of other corporate media outlets today published an open letter from the Oakland Police Officer's Association telling Occupy demonstrators to quit their encampments: "Please leave peacefully, with your heads held high, so we can get police officers back to work fighting crime..."

Condescending?   Bet your life.

Since 17 September 2011, when Occupy Wall Street began in New York City's Liberty Square, hundreds of civilians have been killed & injured, along with many government officials. These tragedies happened not in Occupy camps across America, but rather as collateral deaths around colossal U.S. military encampments nicknamed Occupy Iraq & Occupy Afghanistan.

Deadly MILITARY Occupy too much of our world!
Global military empire costs too much. We have vital projects at home.
We should withdraw our armies & munitions from foreign lands.

Victims of Limited Liability Corporate Greed -- We are the 99%.

American People: Don't Give Up Democracy... Keep our Occupy Camps active in parks & city squares! Encourage Freedom. Resist brutal military & police provocations. Question corporate media. Undermine the crushing financial systems ruling us with uncaring deadly power. The Big Crime is an Inside Job, brazenly commissioned by the greedy 1% against the rest of us. Go home? I lost my home & homeland.

Give up now to live as pets or slaves or corrupted human scum.

U.S. Debt Clock

Continuing Casualties of Occupy Afghanistan (link)

Ongoing Casualties of Occupy Iraq (link)

Every violent death is a human tragedy. Stop this brutality now.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Corporate Criminals

Capitalism has twisted to become devilish. The system of incentives and exchange was always dangerous for having no in-built safety net for the weak or the outmaneuvered. It is all worse thanks to corruption.

Business must police itself against corporate thieves, and the public must also be vigilant.

Big money & lobbyists undermine our governments. When corporate bureaucracies are guilty of criminal activity or fraud, they're often able to negotiate payment of minor fines without admitting guilt - and avoid civil and criminal proceedings.

See Edward Wyatt's article in the NY Times (link) "Promises Made, Then Broken, By Firms in S.E.C. Fraud Cases" 8 Nov 2011, p A1.

These payoffs enter the public record, often rating a quick article in the corporate mouthpiece-of-record (e.g., Wall Street Journal or The New York Times). Then no more is said, and abuse begins afresh.

We need an official archive of record, a place where we can quickly see what fines and penalties have been paid by Goldman Sachs, Philip Morris, Bank of America, and other repeat offenders. Our communities allow these organizations to operate in our midst - we need to understand their behaviour. We must all be vigilant. Officers and staff, retired employees and their families have no socially-granted immunity from their employer's transgressions. They should struggle against antisocial behaviour, or be shunned.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hypocrite Zionist?

Too many American political leaders loudly claim sympathy with Zionism, but ultimately fail to follow-through. A hypocrite politician votes to support Zionist expansionism, and pledges U.S. public funds, but refuses to open his or her own personal wallet.

This shows shallowness and lack of genuine concern. Wealthy members of Congress and outspoken press pundits truly dedicated to strengthening Israel should step forward: AIPAC's distinctive "Minyan" membership is a mere US$100,000 (link). Donations to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces or the American Zionist Movement are welcome. Hillary Clinton? Joe Biden? Barack Obama? Bill O'Reilly? Sean Hannity? Rick Perry? Herman Cain? Mitt Romney? Cough up yo' own money, or you speak with forked tongue...

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Speculation Surcharge

Demands grow stronger for a financial transactions tax. The financial industry, accustomed to gambling with our money, is against such taxation. But financial speculation should be more costly - a surcharge discourages the possibility of sudden runaway machine trading. It also raises funds for our wider society, now impoverished by the mega rich.

Our trading systems have ballooned such that speculative transactions are some $1.5 trillion per day, or fifty times more than global trade.

Read more on the "Tobin Tax" (link) or see this article from the rather conservative Center for Economic and Policy Research, CEPR, in Washington (link).

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tragedy in Greece?

Greece is the focus of huge financial & political attention as they struggle to maintain payments on sovereign debt. Should they be bailed out with public funds? What's involved here?

Greek debt, in the form of bonds, is an agreement between borrower (Greece) & lender - for the most part large European banks. The banks lend money and receive interest for their risk & opportunity costs. Such investments are a gamble to an unknown extent; interest is higher or lower depending on market perception.

If a borrower appears unsteady, and seems unlikely to pay, lenders withdraw what they can and refuse new loans. Borrower negotiates with existing lenders for new terms. The interest rate rises to potentially attract new money.

Lender banks take a financial hit. If their exposure were large, perhaps the bank would fail & close. But since the 2008-09 USA bailout (of many large banks, finance firms & manufacturers), it became more possible for banks to seek assistance from government and ultimately the public. Public funds might be provided to both borrower & lender, allowing disentanglement from agreements. Government can negotiate new requirements as a fee for participating. In the USA bailout, the terms were easy -- private interests got huge public subsidies at little cost, and this greatly undercut normal market mechanisms. For Greece, discussion among EU governments has steadily demanded more from private interests in exchange for new public help. A larger part of the original loan would be written-off ("haircut") and when bonds mature, lenders would rollover the funds - reinvesting in Greece.

So we have governments supporting each other, governments supporting private investors, and the common people paying the bills. A major trouble with activist government involvement is markets becoming skewed to political relationships. The process is inherently corrupt.

Blame for the scale of Greece's public debt resides with assorted Greek governments over past decades, who've hidden the scale of their budget deficits (Eurozone requirements of maximum 3% deficit were mocked).

Recognize also foremost a fundamental animosity by USA financial officials toward the euro - America has always hoped the euro would disappear and the US dollar become an unrivaled reserve currency. The UK has parallel rivalries with continental Europe. Beware financial news filtered through the lenses of Anglo-American interests; subsequent events may consistently seem illogical.

More on this will follow...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The 1% First, All Pay

Though (sadly) rooted in "economy class" I haven't a gripe against travel firms upgrading services to those paying more. But it's wrong when government treats 99% of citizens as shit, while coddling the rich. Police & necessary security checks are paid for by everyone. There shouldn't be a special underutilized upper class line through airport security (TSA check in the US) -- while we pee-ons line up like sheep & wait in frustration. Mingle rich folk with the rest of us to speed the process overall. Richie shouldn't jump the queue for public services.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Messenger as Devil

A media organization not yet charged with crime is reportedly blackballed by PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Western Union & Bank of America. Yet I suppose these financial firms have merrily done business with tyrants such as Mubarak, Suharto, the Iranian Pahlavi clan, Dick Cheney, the Gaddafi family, and other despots...

These big corporations throttle Wikileaks.

What of Cablegate tone & content? Was the leaked information solely embarrassing, or did Wikileaks report crimes?

Corporate censorship? Spooky !

Why shoot this messenger?
And nonetheless there are ways to donate:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Step Forward & Learn

Step forward, outside your comfort zone. Meek people, beaten-down, afraid to lose your scraps - protest now & learn from one another. Don't crawl into the bushes & die quietly. Occupy a street corner with your friends & display protest signs - even for an hour. Let others know you're sickened by our social corruption.

"This is no time to hang back."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Awakening Sheeple

There's been no counterbalance to aggressive wealth. Vast majorities of people around the world are belittled. Obedience is developed & valued by our education systems above creativity. Many successful people recognize: this can't continue - but most ignore it. We're ushered to a world of wage slavery & unemployment, and shit on by trust fund brats ("born on third base believing I hit a triple")...

Too many hardworking people are damaged by this system. Small businesses are crushed by governments in service to megacorporations. Municipal workers, teachers, hospital staff, police, military, etc., our contributions undervalued, must struggle to survive in an abused state of health.

We pass a bleak future to our children... While a few handfuls of greedy people herd us closer to collapse...

The megawealthy are likely to find Social Darwinism makes a bad & dangerous world.
99% pee-ons
 Robin Hood

Friday, October 21, 2011

How The 1% Force Austerity

Workplace efficiency & austerity are weapons used by employers to master employees. Those seeking to maximize profits demand increased work at lowest possible compensation. Reducing public officials & taxes, the wealthy pay only for selected services.

Stress invades every workplace. We pee-ons struggle to keep meager jobs.

But this can be different.

To add more workers may cut profits, but to improve customer & worker satisfaction can boost revenues & profits. Employers may argue high payroll is unsustainable, but so is worker enslavement. Where labor can demand & achieve minimal standards, more people can be employed. Those threatening to take production overseas should be encouraged to personally pull out as well - let them emigrate to China. Why should our communities harbor & support a selfish 1% undermining our health?

Corporate-owned media paints progressive change in the workplace as socialistic, communistic, or worse. But the bottom line is not shared wealth - it is a shared demand for minimal standards of health & safety. This is attainable & affordable, but don't wait for the greedy and those of hallowed wealth to lead the way - too many of the 1% are now parasites.

Mental Pollution

Mental Pollution: A chronic syndrome causing great damage to human life & communities, and often infecting large groups of people.

Sheepsighted: when mental pollution victims are surrounded by others in similar conditions, and fail to recognize extreme distress.

Bullshitter: those deliberately inflicting mental pollution upon others.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Corporate Parasite

A cancer runs amok throughout our world. We must curtail the corporate parasite. Humane living is more than competitiveness, bickering among ourselves & least cost short-term profits.

HallowedWealth has pee-on fighting peon, while these weasels & hired buttboys make the 99% of us pay their bills.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Your Future

Interested in money?   How about talking & having fun in English or Swedish -- even at 4AM? Got questions on Sweden you'd like answered? Looking for love? Don't miss this great chance to Occupy Your Future any time, day or night.

Brunkebergstorg is one block southeast of T-Centralen in Stockholm. An international group of people is encamped in front of Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden's National Bank Building, the world's oldest central bank). In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, it's an informal gathering to build awareness of big banks unfairly taking huge wealth from 99% of the population. Dodging accountability & disregarding lesser folk, mega-wealthy Financiers overplayed their hand. Don't allow bankers & politicians to again betray us.

All people welcome - bring a snack for the campers or air your opinions. Or talk about something else (yesterday morning's discussants included a Swedbank banker, a homeless dude and some friendly cops). Drop in and hang out and interact with cool people. Bring your own sleeping bag if you'll camp - tents are set-up & available as of now, and private supporters have donated free food. Again, it's informal and without controlling leadership. All welcome. Check it out now -- b there or b □

Visit Camp 99% yourself. English widely spoken!

Key websites (mostly in Swedish): (link)
Occupy Stockholm - United for global change (Facebook link)

Wider background (links):
We are the 99 percent.   (progressive news consolidator)
Project for Public Spaces