Sunday, October 21, 2012

RichMitt Gambling Your Life

Rich twerp Mitt Romney (self-styled governor who's been out of the job for 5 years) is wholly willing to gamble your life for his selfish petulence.

Mitt plays with dishonor by wiping his ass on the flag, as he shits on the corpses of overseas Americans slaughtered in Benghazi.

Mitt don't know shit.

He probably cannot find Libya on a map. He's never been there. He's as far from an expert as can be. He's simply playing & bluffing when he don't know squat. And that's indicative of a dangerous -- even evil person, who'll smilingly force personal profit from other people's misery. As Mitt ASSerts his knowledge, recognize him for what he is -- a stupid ass.

Four Americans dead or four million Americans dead, it's all the same to bloody Mitt.

Everyone's a leech except for him - the financier hero. Right.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

DOMA dead

The Defense of Marriage Act -- DOMA -- should have been named Discrimination over Marrying Anybody. The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit gaily struck down the hated law. Hallelujah! 

People living in conditions of near slavery in America have been taught to spit at loving neighbors in stable relationships. They'd better forge a strong community of citizens to protect themselves.

This was a straw horse from the outset - sow division, generate fear, convince the gullible their (already grim) way of life was threatened by -- married faggots! Meanwhile, local resources were plundered, jobs were exported, Bain Capitalism stripped all wealth and sucked the essence from American communities.

The art of hobbling Americans continued far too long. Scandals such as James Guckert / Jeff Gannon display a sinister government attitude to entrapment and press manipulation. Thanks to bigotry sowed by America's rulers, we all endure "Wer Jude ist, bestimme ich!" -- bribery, lack of transparency, communal hatred.

Mitt Romney's electoral strategy dictates he talk BIGOT. But he'll shake big money's sordid hand regardless of it's stink & what it fondled just before. The scuzzy Koch Brothers may be butt buddies to Lucifer -- Mitt bows down. Karl Rove channels homoerotic Nazi Göring -- Mitt don't care. 

DOMA is dead - Hallelujah!

Congrats Australia!

Congratulations to Australia on today's tough election to the United Nations Security Council.

Australia, Argentina, Rwanda, Luxembourg & South Korea will join the five non-elected "Grand Poobah" nations: China, France, Russia, UK & USA, as well as five members elected last year (Azerbaijan, Guatemala, Morocco, Pakistan & Togo) for two-year terms.

Let us hope the Ozzies - and their new mates - will wield independent thinking & rule of law
(and not cower as weak wallabies as with the Assange case)

Did You Know?

US-style corporate "democracy" suffered a black eye 16 Oct. when the Green Party ticket for President & Vice President of the USA, Dr. Jill Stein & Ms. Cheri Honkala, were arrested at Hofstra University (Hempstead, New York, USA) outside the globally-televised second US Presidential Debate.

The debates are managed by the Commission on Presidential Debates, a private corporation.

Only the Democratic Party & Republican Party nominees are allowed to debate, according to the aforementioned Commission on Presidential Debates (which itself was founded by representatives of those same two political parties).

The Green Party candidates are on the ballot in 38 states (including New York, where they were arrested), appearing as 'write-in' candidates for 5 more, and are still litigating for ballot access in 6 further states. The Green Party candidates have received over $100,000 Federal matching campaign funds (public funding from the Presidential Election Campaign Fund). This PECF backs up the corporate bias with federal funding bias for the chosen two "major" parties: "In 2012, each major party is entitled to $18.2 million in public funds for their conventions, and the parties' general election nominees are eligible to receive $91.2 million in public funds."

Read further discussion of the arrests (here)

Green Party  -

Link to Open Debates

If you didn't know of these arrests,
Your nose too deep in da corporate butt.  Do something!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disciplined Democracy: Russia USA

Just back from six days in Moscow. While I was there Russia held regional elections, including the first gubernatorial elections since 2005 (when President Putin abolished them). The huge winner, as expected, was Putin's "United Russia" party. They control the Kremlin, and have aggressively built their coalition. They actively intimidate any opposition (with propaganda, arrests, or violence). Many major opposition candidates withdrew prior to the election.

The US elections are similarly flawed. The two major parties monopolize domestic media reports, and keep a stranglehold on election logistics and the Presidential "debates" - where even intraparty candidates are pre-screened by unelected power brokers such as corporate MSNBC (link). We now see third-party candidates barred from all debate, an anti-democratic position bluntly endorsed by the major candidates. The guilty include Obama, Biden, Romney, Ryan, and Hillary Clinton, and behind-the-scenes supporters & party functionaries (link). 'Debate' ground rules (link) create a ludicrous exercise in theater -- in my view, a tragedy.

The Republican party wants to dismantle investments in commonwealth for the private gain of big industrialists (oh sorry, let's call it 'choice'). The "Democratic" party is not democratic. Yerbuttfucked either way.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Will Romney Nuke China?

In last night's important Presidential debate, Republican challenger Mitt Romney declared he would cut federal funding for PBS, the US Public Broadcasting Service.

PBS uses a very tiny fraction of one percent of the US Federal Budget.But the Presidential Debate Moderator, Jim Leher, is an Executive Editor at PBS, and a 40 year veteran of PBS news reporting.

At crux time, why piss-off the Moderator?

Maybe Karl Rove, etc. told Romney: "Jim Leher is old & exposed. Attack PBS & you'll throw him off-balance for the whole debate." Anyhow, that seems to be what happened - Leher, thinking of his possibly soon-to-be unemployed coworkers & colleagues, lost control of time & poorly coordinated the debate.

Romney had his back to the wall, and needed a strong attack strategy to succeed.

What will he do as President? His decisionmaking and character are both untrustworthy (in my opinion). Romney's record indicates he'll gamble on a unilateral surprise attack: slash & burn, kill & plunder, and hope for the best.

Federal funding for PBS is well below 1/100th of 1% of the Federal Budget. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting gets a two year grant for $445 million. (link) Such funding is only 12% of the PBS budget.

Obama-Romney Debate

I watched only a few minutes excerpts of the debate via The Washington Post.

It was enough.

Cunning & glib, Romney's "answers" were memorized sound bites delivered too quickly. A weasel wishing to steer a dying federal monster to oblivion.

President Obama as typical, deferred to wealth;
referred to his opponent w/ courtesy title "Governor"...

PS- Drop the bullshit title Romney - you ain't guv'na no mo'

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Deadly Problem In-deedy

At 3AM in a McDonald's restaurant in Waikiki, Christopher Deedy shot a man dead. The men were earlier reportedly drinking & arguing at a nearby bar.

Former US Dept. of State Special Agent Ed Lee raises a number of questions about the murder (link). Many in Hawaii watch warily. Should officers that Washington DC posts to colony Hawaii be liable for punishment when killing local folk?

Should Christopher Deedy go to trial? Deedy's lawyer, Honolulu attorney Brook Hart (link), claims his client should be immune from prosecution due to his work, because the U.S. Constitution discourages "frivolous or vindictive charges against federal officers."


Was Christopher Deedy drunk? Was he on duty & drunk? Whatever the case, is he freely allowed to summarily execute someone he doesn't like in a McDonalds at 3AM?  I think not. 

Christopher Deedy, day job notwithstanding, absolutely should have been tested for drugs & drunkenness after a 3AM firearm discharge in the McDonalds. The Honolulu Police meekly deferred to his badge, and neglected the need to collect evidence & objective measurements at the murder scene. This colonial mentality is horrendous - "mainland bossman always right" -- bullshit!

Justice demands the surveillance tapes and details of the tragic sudden death of Kollin Elderts be made available for inspection. The tragedy continues.

Listen to Richard Hamasaki's song,"Cowardly Christopher Deedy" (link)