Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer & Laughing

Funny things are all about
For those who listen
I heard a toddler lecture
His grandma
Super serious!
I could smile
Grannie couldn't

Funny things are all around
For those who'll see
I saw a bird nest
In a Yankee's cap
I ain't no fan
My heart gladdened

Funny things are near at hand
For those with time to feel
Laughter tinkled
Through my open window
I felt happy

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Dream of Obama

Take a look at the Election Day victory speech of Barack Obama:

Hope expressed by the crowd, and by the President-elect, is gone. It seems so long ago. "The Dream" remained ephemeral. Not much has changed in America's foreign wars. Most Americans remain under the boot of corporate systems, knowing not what keeps them down. Ultra-right extremist activism continues to subvert the Middle East and the USA.

Obama spoke well prior to taking office, his acts since then are feeble. His failure to inspire America is heartbreaking.

Jesse Hagopian was a public elementary school teacher in South East Washington, D.C. who complains (link here) of political mischief:

"...the cynicism of our nation’s ability to bomb children halfway around the world but not able care for them in the shadow of the White House. Soon too, it became apparent in all of the No Child Left Behind rhetoric about accountability that I was being asked, from inside of the classroom, to correct for all of the mistaken priorities of the politicians."

Fat cat politicians, bloated oil executives, rogue bankers and shifty defense contractors share riches... while public school teachers getting minimal resources are blamed for America's decline...

Excellent comments here:
When Did Teachers Become Bums?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Insurance Marketing

Allstate Insurance: the Mayhem Campaign is creepy. Total protection -- if it were possible, great... but impossible, and unaffordable. Thanks for the disquiet -- - not.

Wax Poetica

Wax Poetica
by Genki

The joys of living
Too often overlooked
Fun is simple

What's the Business of Leisure?
Opportunities abound
Free time increasing
Yet unstructured living
offers challenge

Patterning enthralls
Planning predominates
Yet try hang loose attitude
Makes all weather good weather
Hawaiian climate

Living. or:
Living it up?
Living large?
Each a growth possibility
But best is simple


Local enthusiasm
Move, or don't
...maybe sleep
Yet appreciate:
this chance now
is fleeting
Dig deep
Living art
An extra breath or two
Here & there
Adds into a Life
b4u no it

Friday, July 09, 2010

Terrorist Agents?

Disguised foreign agents infiltrated USA communities. Pundits joke of meager risk to important intelligence. We uncomfortably recognize the familiar is not as it seems. An extensive admitted conspiracy is declared ended via government negotiation; we’re stung by deceit. How many other such people remain undetected, perhaps trained to kill? Such people can control the émigré community or widely destabilize. Should illegal agents or assassins be so quickly released? Speedy extradition is insufficient deterrence to criminal espionage. The face of terror remains among us, a young family on a shaded street, true mission unknown.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Promises, Promises

Now visiting the USA. I quickly notice consumers should exercise great caution. Many services are scams. Expensive pitfalls are everywhere.

I notice a strong tendency to over-promise. In advertisements and speeches we're promised much, but delivery is often much more feeble.

American people are accustomed to being fleeced. Nobody wishes to be labeled a sucker or schmuck, yet as sheeple bleat of cheating, we allow it to happen again.

Politicians, financial service firms, military recruiters: all adept at the flim flam...

Yankee Stay Home

USA warfare and overseas occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq must stop. The "helpful hand" of the Yankee is not. Our forces are bumbling and deadly; the people of those nations don't want our solutions; our own nation has become improverished by foolish wars and lack of attention to domestic infrastructural gaps.

Thousands have died. Let's not sacrifice more. Bring home the US Armed Forces.

President Obama and other scheming weasel politicians who fail to promote peace should never be reelected.

Those voting against the Obey-McGovern-Jones amendment (that sought to schedule a wind-down in Afghanistan) are wasting American money & lives. Vote them out of office.