Friday, November 29, 2013

Pop-up & Advertising Hell

I formerly enjoyed to see details of Swedish happenings.

Their business has been good, and they successfully expanded to other markets in Switzerland & Germany. But unfortunately they now pack their sites with pop-ups and very obnoxious blinking advertising. Looking at their page is frenzied & uncomfortable.

Sorry, people of thelocal -- but your site now sucks.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Regulatory Environment, Thank EU

Thanksgiving Day.

Though many parts of the world suffer from predation without accountability, the European Union has developed many positive consumer protections. EU citizens have greatly benefited from reform of assorted regulatory regimes (and in many nations, building up from lack of protections) toward systematic and uniform safeguards. Big business & lapdog media complain, but most of us benefit greatly.

Lower charges for bank machine usage & mobile phone roaming, clarity in billing, transparent pricing for air travel, etc., these are ways the EU makes a positive contribution to our lives.

The overall theme is to fight against the scam and systemic corruption.

We each enter the world naked & helpless. At your final end comes ...

We need protections.  Thanks for that!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thank You Turkey (Turkiet)

Four months ago, the democratically-elected government of Egypt was overthrown in a violent military coup d'état and key officials arrested. These elected leaders and many family members are still incarcerated in secret military prisons. 

Turkey has criticized the plotters, who seized control of Egyptian state resources, suspended the constitution, and shot dead many hundreds of protestors throughout the country. 

Reboot elections are interminably delayed.

Turkey upholds democracy by refusing to simply accept Egyptian army rule, and they've criticized martial law. Egypt was suspended from the African Union because military overthrow of Egypt's government was unconstitutional, However the USA and assorted other nations back Egypt's military and appointees, who are probably guilty of insurrection, treason & murder.

Thank you Turkey for considering the people's views and speaking out for democracy We need somebody to stand up to illegal militarist overthrow of legitimate governments, (little help from constitutional scholar Barack Obama: please return that Nobel Peace Prize!). There must be consequences to violent sudden raw power grabs. When militarists and their backers control & can cutoff democracy, all freedoms we enjoy, our physical liberty and well-being are held captive.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Limited Liability Losers

We all lose by allowing corporations to operate with limited liability.

No matter spin-meisters and PR, the bottom line for corporate limited liability is they can be irresponsible for debts and problems: allowed to generate distress & walk away.

Regular humans cannot so easily escape. What 99% would consider obligations, the corporation can laugh and defect. Reckless corporate behavior is fundamental to this corporate form & its legal foundations.

Corporations could be held responsible. We've allowed them to run amok with limited liability corporate charters. We put shareholder greed first & foremost. As they shift funds to maximal profit, our system encourages socially irresponsible behavior.

We allow hidden corporate donations to corrupt our political leaders. We allow corporate speculation, bailouts of too-big-to-fail corporations, mark-to-market accounting, and raw favoritism. We've allowed the corporate undermining of our political, economic & social systems. Why allow corporate owners the option to fuck over our communities with no penalty?

We allow limited liability owners to pull funding, shut the sucker down, and escape. Why do we encourage that?  Limited liability  =  no accountability. 

Allowing corporate limited liability, we've put Hyena in our living room...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Oldest Man in Arkansas, Shot Dead

Still little further word on the killing two months ago of Monroe Isadore (link), the 107-year old legally blind black man who was violently killed in his bedroom by an Arkansas SWAT team.

There's yet been no official report of weapon(s) recovery, though the killing was first explained away as justified due to the deceased "shooting at" battle-ready law officers who violently invaded his living space.

The Oldest Man in Arkansas, Monroe Isadore was 107 years old when gunned down (born 20 January 1906). Was he a ruthless chain killer, a frightening Black Panther leader, a dangerous terrorist? Or a frightened, church-going enfeebled old fellow? Did he truly shoot a gun at others? (There are no claims he hit anyone.) Where is the weapon? Were police justified to attack him in his home? Was it truly necessary to kill this venerable old man?

Monroe Isadore in younger, happier times

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

State-Directed Terrorism

Are we to believe German Chancellor Angela Merkel is coordinating terrorism over her cell phone, and that heroic Yank spies are listening & recording only to foil anti-American plots?

Indonesia's President, his wife & staff are also suspected terrorists (Remember: 9/11) -- deserving to be secretly & constantly monitored by American running dogs & spying Aussie lackeys.


And why do we give Israel access to all intelligence? Such spying is the tip of the iceberg. It feeds further espionage and blackmail.

It's a dirty & dangerous system. The public is being suckered by insiders, who operate in darkness to undermine & sabotage a system millions of Americans worked, fought & died for.

Murderous Whitey Bulger & his corrupt Boston FBI friends are filthy drops in a stinking cesspit.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Medicare For All

America's health care outrage continues...
What a silly, stupid, cumbersome health insurance system...

The bloated US system kills people everyday unnecessarily.
Need help? Prepare to be crippled by costs. Instead  wait & see one more day -- If no wake up, no more tomorrow(s) for you.

It's time to implement Medicare for all Americans.

That system already protects 50 million older Americans.

The so-called Obamacare frankenstein was a compromise with industry that Republicans now do all possible to sabotage. Who's causing & gleefully publicizing the Obamacare administrative labyrinth & website problems? It's not helpful nurses or needy patients or jackass Obama. It's big business.

Don't forget: this law is the Affordable Care Act, and scum money is paying big bucks to sink it. The ill and injured are forgotten, these sharks seek profits & easy continuous money.

Helpful medical doctors (and there aren't enough of them) can't offer free & easy treatment. Legal liability comes first (and the paperwork masks greed).

Again, needy Americans get it up the ass from an arrogant cold-blooded master class of well-insured rich folk.

Medicare for all Americans  !

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sit in your City

Near my house in the city, people come round the corner from a restaurant to stand and smoke on the side street.

I'm not against the smokers. Rather the opposite - they're local workers or residents. They keep an eye on the neighborhood, and help minimize crime.

I'd like to see an open bench. They should bring chairs.

Our city gives far too much space to cars, but doesn't respect regular people in public spaces.

Friday, November 15, 2013

You are So Bad

Might America secretly welcome focus on the Holocaust?

Most Americans think of the Holocaust with dread - a tragedy where millions of innocent people were ruthlessly butchered.

But focus on European genocide draws attention away from America's recent genocide - the slaughter of  innocent local populations & attempted complete destruction of native cultures. America's indigenous people, Native Americans, Amerindians, aboriginals, Hawaiians, the First Nations, have been brutally abused -- their homeland is occupied, their suffering continues.

Diverting attention avoids unpleasant confrontation and indefensible denial.
Our scheming rulers dance & leer on graves of the Redskin.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beyond Fixing?

Some declare the American model beyond repair. The United States of America is deeply in debt. Political leaders of both major parties continuously spend / waste huge resources on overseas militarism. The majority of Americans lurch toward impoverishment, selling their final few valuables. The poor get sicker, dumber, poorer. The 1% other pay a millionaire Congress to yak at each other.

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has proposed a Progressive Budget Blueprint.

Read it. Support it.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Illegal Pre-Trial Confinement

Guantanamo Torture Camp
operated by the bloody US of A
a BushObama exploit

Illegal Pre-Trial Confinement
Uncontested by Americans
As each struggles & dies

In a land of war crimes
Community of guilt
Y no kwik Wealth 4 ME?

Poor Yankee near homeless
Smothered by comfortfoods
Surely "Better'n Gitmo"

                       --- by Genki

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Devil Feinstein

Right-Wing Drift vs. Despotism

The present government of the Republic of Korea is right-wing, and Proud.

Fine. South Korea's democratically-elected government missteps, however, when it bans political activities and seeks to dissolve a rival political party.

Also, South Korea still requires mandatory military service from all young men. But the system is abused (desirable appointments surreptitiously distributed unfairly) and abusive (less-advantaged young men forced into labor) as well as being sexist (in a land of legal equality, why no female service?) and possibly illegal (with no conscientious objector option, the system abrogates Korea's human rights obligations).

Korea suffers growing pains. Hopefully, the Korean people will find good solutions to their problems.

But major danger lurks, in stubborn homogeneity. Koreans are unaccustomed to diverse opinion; rather than seeking to bridge differences, diversity is smothered. Multiethnic mixed communities are rare, and too often considered dangerous.

Korea just now has many opportunities. But sustainable progress requires solving basic problems among Korea's neighbors, and offering opportunity comprehensively across the nation. Korea needs statecraft, not simplistic despotism. We pray President Park Geun-hye will search for creative solutions. Otherwise, Korea's enemies laughingly watch Korea hurry-hurry (빨리빨리) into disaster.