Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Peaceful Reoccupation of Native Lands

It is US law to "support reconciliation efforts between the United States and the Native Hawaiian people" (Public Law 103-150) but GI Joe has parked himself all around Hawai'i and stolen lands and harbors. 7 military golf courses on Occupied Oahu!


But in Toronto, Canada, youth has taken peaceful action. Government seems to be listening.

City of Toronto spokesman Alex Burke: "The City supports such initiatives & recognizes the rights of the members of Wiigwaasikaa & others to gather and participate in peaceful protests and acts of political expression. The City also appreciates that Wiigwaasikaa's mandate is relevant to current political issues & ongoing efforts to advance reconciliation."


Sunday, December 06, 2020

The Pussy

 The Pussy               by Genki


Them fancy folk cry "coup d'etat"

But we screech loudly "CHEAT!"

If Biden folk can vote when Dead

We can ignore defeat.


They called me dum "Deplorable"

In MAGA red chapeau

Melania is adorable

Yet often labeled "Ho"


The antifa would change our ways

And take away our guns

Abortion loving lib-dem gays

God Bless Our Führer's sons!


They say our President's perverse

Grabbed sex with pedo mates

George Soros raised the Covid curse

With help from rich Bill Gates.


This plague repeatedly was beat!

Now Die - ...Without a sound!

No work, no funds; His toxic tweet:

Let's golf another round!


It's make-believe Egyptian swim

I backstroke in denial

The body count looks queerly grim...

A second term? - Sieg Heil!