Saturday, May 31, 2014

3D American Leadership

The poor performance of the Obama administration began in the reign of his predecessor, Emperor George W. Bush, when America's leadership collaborated to funnel trillions of public dollars to crony private interests in the banking, finance and industrial sectors. Disgusting!

Democrats were hopeful that Obama would institute change, but his reign is most marked by deceit.

Deceptive statements on spying & espionage, along with extrajudicial killing of US citizens, all with no accountability, demonstrate disdain for the American people and disregard for democracy.

Any idea these dipshits are defending us is absurd; they attract vermin & vendetta relating to their innocent victims. The problems stretch beyond incompetence - Bush, Cheney & Rice (for example) are perhaps guilty of war crimes. They themselves should privately fund their own defense.

Edward Snowden stepped forward with important information about "rotten government" - but thousands of government-paid collaborators continue revealing nothing due to confusion or fear. All criticism or feedback highlighting the secret police is suppressed. Dangerous!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


The Anglo-American press smells blood, and has redoubled its trash talking of Europe, the EU, the euro, etc.

Recognize the European Union threatens Anglo-American hegemony. And the militarists hate Europe -- a new model for peace.

Before we bitch about costs and the EU parliament, think about how in the past we've had almost no input about national defense spending. Friendly relations helped cut that spending, and the dividend must include human lives snatched from the talons of militarism.

Most of our own government's activities are out of our hands, much kept top secret, regardless of democracy. We've had no leverage against huge multinational corporations. By minimizing internal borders, the European Union has brought huge savings by cutting bureaucracy. No more visas, getting rousted at 2AM on the train for passport checks and customs inspections. Many people easily commute everyday to work across borders. We're no longer gouged by predatory opportunistic firms in neighbor nations taking advantage of our foreignness - the EU seeks to upgrade and equalize treatment of all people.

Before trashing Europe, think of the alternative: visualize yourself on a battlefield. That's where you'll be dumped by right-wing chauvinism. Learn instead: the politics of hate profit none of us.

(The puppet-masters who do profit ain't us).

"Man Up" Mr. Kerry

John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, urges others to "man up" - while he himself peddles shit.

Kerry proved courageous in the Vietnam war, but since then grew fat & distant. He should spend a few months walking around Afghanistan and the Middle East, meeting people harmed by terror (which he himself partly unleashed). He can hitchhike to places complaining of misguided drone attacks, and better understand the problems of those not mega-rich American bluebloods. But of course he'll continue only meeting people vetted, screened and highly disinfected. He started life tough; Kerry's now a pussy.

Of course he'll continue deceiving the dumbest Yanks, but everyone else knows - his words are empty & foolish.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Insider or Out

Just watched a string of TV show commercials, and saw a remarkable trend.

A lot of shows depict "public servants" - government workers of some sort (LAPD, CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law & Order) often teamed with a non-conformist civilian (The Mentalist, Fringe). Government police & intel work are depicted attractively, though viewers are forewarned -- excitement has costs (Burn Notice). You must be an insider or you're caste ignorant.

(Needless to say, our "heroes" are not burdened by budget fundraising or much bureaucratic paperwork).

I'd like to write much more, but watch too little TV. Recall Nancy Reagan - Just Say No.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Poisoned Nature

Just reread a BBC article (link here) that looks at Chernobyl's radiation poisoning as a joyful bonanza for the animal world.

Headline: "Wildlife defies Chernobyl radiation" it's apologist rubbish. The author, Stephen Mulvey of BBC News, should take his family for alternate holidays to Chernobyl, Fukushima, and perhaps your local nuclear waste dump soon-to-be-disaster-zone.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bent or Ambitious?

Another bit of news from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where four local-focused radio stations were recently bought by Clear Channel, "the largest owner of radio stations in the country."

Perhaps the new owners will introduce more local components, provide more jobs, or otherwise positively contribute to the communities on Cape Cod. The president of Quantum Communications, the former owner, put the purchase value in the tens of millions of dollars (Cape Cod Times, 16 May).

But what looks like a white knight could instead be an asset-sucking parasite.

When the big banks & financial groups of the USA were financially rescued with public funds, the bailout fundamentally undermined the US system -- it's now clearly crony capitalism.

The world of big business is often counter-intuitive. Lavishly-paid executives purchase first class services for themselves, but harangue staff members to work with less and for less. Clear Channel may be different, but they may be desperate debtors. The Times quotes Billboard magazine noting Clear Channel is $20.5 billion in debt. Should such a group be lecturing anyone on belt tightening? In their fancy suits they're worse than poor, they are mega destitute. But the American Way is now to look the prospect in the eye, smile and rumble onward. Clear Channel surely keeps a "finger in many pies" around the world, advertising, billboards, entertainment, transmission towers ('vertical real estate'), even bicycle sharing or 'mobile advertising' in nearly a dozen European cities. They're now tightly connected to Mitt Romney's old outfit, Bain Capital, which led them into private ownership in 2008.

Don't imagine the companies or individuals mentioned here are involved in any flim flam. But if they were, we couldn't know. The limited liability shell game relies upon the American s̶u̶c̶k̶e̶r̶s̶ people to fuel their party, too often supported by corrupt politicians. Remember the Enron meltdown? NASDAQ Former Chairman Bernard Madoff's wealth management operations? As with American hero Lance Armstrong, it looks pretty good till it shatters or explodes. Good Grief!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Tragedy & Hubris

The recent sinking of the MV Sewol in Korea (세월호침몰사고) was a terrible disaster. Over 260 people drowned unnecessarily. Most of the trapped were young people; some no doubt survived in air pockets for minutes or hours before succumbing in the cold & darkness. 

Korea celebrates her achievements alone, and now perhaps believes this tragedy is hers alone. But we live in a global world - any of us could have been a passenger on the doomed ship. I've myself traveled six times to Jeju (not yet by boat), but also often travel on cruise ships (across the Baltic, around Japan, touring the Adriatic, etc.). Many travelers have faced danger from overloading, poor management, inadequate safety planning, etc. Many around the world pray for those lost & their families, and we hope the lessons of the Sewol tragedy are not soon forgotten.

Part of the problem was poor oversight. It's too easy for this type of accident to occur in Korea's "hurry-hurry" society. Leadership is often untrustworthy. Revealing contempt & distrust of authority some days after the Sewol sinking was a Seoul subway accident on 2nd May (link here). The BBC reported "A witness said many passengers ignored an onboard announcement telling them to stay inside and forced the doors open, escaping on to the tracks." They probably put themselves in added danger, but preferring to act somehow and take care of themselves

Are Koreans so different from the rest of the world? Surely there are many people elsewhere who foolishly trust their leaders. Government transparency and strong regulatory safety are essential elements to continued success. Unfortunate cheating endangers us all. Insensitive corporations often abuse government officials to advance private profits over public health.

Humanity mourns those lost. They could have contributed widely, but...

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Goodbye Internet?

The FCC is presently under the control of Tom Wheeler, a former industry lobbyist. Wheeler's trying to eviscerate & destroy the concept of net neutrality in the USA, hoping to allow content discrimination and censorship by broadband service providers.

These corporations are already ominously powerful. In many regions of the USA, a single company has monopoly provider position. They enjoy protected profits, with privileged access to government.

Already, former FCC chairman Michael Powell serves industry as President & CEO of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (one of Wheeler's old lobbying posts). When Wheeler was to be appointed FCC Chairman, a key industry insider noted (link) "Wheeler undoubtedly will have a light regulatory touch in all matters" -- and that forecast has been all too true. Wheeler's reportedly a nice person in a difficult position. Could anyone expect him to strongly resist Washington's wholly-legal revolving door between lobbyists and policy makers? Thus far his services to industry greatly outweigh any effort at public service.

If corporations dictate what information you can receive, your choices will be far fewer. Allowing businesses & politicians to mess with content is a huge mistake. The internet is a public utility that should not be controlled by political parties or corporations. Surely you'll not be allowed to read non-profit low budget output such as this blog. You can be certain griwdhndn47//#v

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wasteful Riches

I can sympathize with an argument that creative & productive people should be paid for their efforts, and how society vitally needs such people.

But that ain't all we need. There is far too much waste and underutilization of people and materials because of stockpiled wealth among the mega-rich.

How many millions of people are unemployed?  How many billions of people are under-employed? These are social costs. Richy doesn't care at all...

Sometimes only a few drops of oil are necessary to fix a sticky machine. But fail to lubricate -- and a few small parts can bring the whole factory and system to a halt.

We need living wages. We need social investment.

Less militarism, more humanity.