Friday, January 13, 2023

Salvage YOUR Skype Credit

Skype and Microsoft are somehow allowed to hide your "inactive" funds from you. They make it difficult to salvage & retrieve your hard-earned money after 180 days of non-use; it's burdensome to learn how much Skype Credit you had (have). They claim reactivation is easy. 

They are scum. For me it was not at all easy to see or retrieve my inactivated balance. Remember: this is a huge global software firm - but their Skype interface is confusing. I believe they make your Skype Credit reactivation deliberately difficult.

The simplest way to reactivate your Skype Credit is go to:

Login, and reactivate your money. It's easy to check again anytime and make sure your funds are active. That is easy. But if you are reading this, you've probably been frustrated by their suggested steps.

Why do Microsoft & Skype make this difficult? Please Don't Mistakenly Pay to buy more Skype Credit when the corporation holds your inactivated funds. These companies have hundreds of millions of customers. How much money has Skype and Microsoft "inactivated" which is unretrieved? Is this a type of embezzlement? I'm willing to start or participate in a class-action lawsuit to force Skype and Microsoft to be more transparent: they should be encouraged to modify their (shady &) badly-designed operations.