Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spies in Your Sink

What can you do to discourage the prying spying infiltration of your family & all aspects of your life?


We're targets. Be good.

But big intel-gathering needs money. If you dislike the system, please implement comprehensive reform, budget cuts & penalizing legislation; change can take place within five years...  Don't forget that government is only a small part of the spying. Edward Snowden has shown us a huge amount of espionage is conducted by private for-profit limited-liability corporations. There ain't oversight or accountability.

We've far too many patriots occupying overseas outposts. The Empire needs spies. But it's better to bring our forces home.

Support the EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation (link) to impose some checks & balances on America's invasive spying. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dirty Uncle USA

The peeping NSA has dirtied the reputation of the United States of America. We now imagine a lecherous bug-eyed Uncle Sam spying & eavesdropping.

He's corrupted our computers. He leers from every camera. His infection lingers in your mobile phone.


The US President (or his shadowy minions) -- claiming Obama didn't know about the espionage, makes it all worse...

Of course partisan Republican rats will politicize the mess. But it's a class problem: neighborhood people getting shit-upon by our rulers. (Who also spy on each other).  Scummy.

Monday, October 28, 2013

UK & Sweden Shield NSA Spies

Revelations still reverberate of wholesale spying by the US National Security Agency. Documented accusations include eavesdropping on European government leaders and international organizations, as well as intrusive comprehensive spying on hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Nearly four months ago in early July 2013 (link), a meeting of national ambassadors to the European Union sought to create an EU Working Group looking into intelligence gathering. Twenty-six EU nations were in favor of joint fact-finding studies, but the UK and Sweden vetoed common efforts to determine what was going on in areas of espionage and national security.

The governments of UK PM David Cameron & Nick Clegg, and Sweden's center-right Reinfeldt / Bildt axis shielded US spying. Even as people now awaken to sharing their lives with US spies, (and recent statements by UK & Swedish politicians are less obstructionist on uncovering the truth & eliminating abuse), thanks to these four US stooges we're unlikely to learn how much damning espionage evidence was destroyed these past few months.

How can the USA reward such valuable allies?
Are they friends, kept ignorant? or actively misinformed?
Was personal blackmail or bribery involved? Surely not...
But official spying w/ corporate collusion corrupts trust.

Cameron, Clegg, Reinfeldt, Bildt
          = free tickets to Disneyland?
          = lifetime FOX-News TV?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Korea Torments Teachers

Last Thursday 24 Oct., the government of South Korean President Park Geun-hye declared the Korean Teachers’ & Education Workers’ Union (KTU) illegal.

Korean President Park seeks to force educators toward the ruling 새누리당 Saenuri Party (Saenuri-dang) position on major issues. The Korean government is forcibly taking away a constitutionally guaranteed right to organize.

The government had demanded the union expel any members who are not full-time teachers. That may sound reasonable, but the small number of 'disputed' members are either retired teachers or those laid-off due to government cutbacks, between 9 and 22 people (link). Why can't labor associate freely?

Now the 60,000 member teacher's union is illegal.

We must wonder if President Park can make such decisions herself, or if she first needs ask Washington & U.S. Pres. Obama for permission? South Korea & ally USA remain technically in a state of war with North Korea, and America bases nearly 30,000 troops (link) throughout the South.

Korean right-wing President Park Geun-hye is the daughter of assassinated dictator General Park Chung-hee, close friend & former puppet of the USA.

The Korean Government Employees’ Union has not been officially recognized, and private sector unions are often quashed by industry. But this latest union-busting decision is sure to raise anger internationally against Korea -- already seen as competing unfairly.

The irony is that Korea is highly competitive in most substantive areas, but myopic and regressive with human rights, gender issues & internationalization. These latter areas have little influence on low priced Korean products flooding the world, but negative publicity for Korea hurts its competitive industries and consumer sales of products from Samsung, LG, Lotte, KIA, Hyundai, etc.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dead by Govt. Shutdown

How many people were sickened, injured or died due to the US government shutdown?

Stories have been told about a supposed aggregate economic cost, but where are the human stories?

The USFDA (Food and Drug Administration) has 1602 investigators, most were furloughed for three weeks - what went on during the gap?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recalled 30 furloughed staff to deal with a salmonella outbreak among 300+ people who ate Foster Farms tainted chicken.

I'd like to see more news articles about the human cost of government shutdown.

As the shutdown was largely blamed on Republican Party extremists, there would seem ample strategic incentives for reasonable people of almost all persuasions to highlight accidents and abuses that happened during the United States federal government shutdown of 2013 (1-17 October).

The Guardian has offered some coverage - can't other media bring us more of the real stories?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bambozzled by Richy

On the advice of a friend, just watched:
Wealth Inequality in America

Wealth inequality in itself seems natural and OK. Such extremes are not good. Half a nation lumped perpetually as "have-not" is unsustainable. And what is really bad is that the very richest 1% of people actively work & spend to flummox the rest.

Richy 1% should be spending to protect his stash. But he gets the rest to cover many costs such as security, defense & infrastructure. He spends to avoid taxes. He spends deliberately to confuse the key issues.

The modestly wealthy (with more wealth than 90% of other folk), and the quite wealthy (with more wealth than 96% of other folk), are a long distance from top 1% Richy. They know it, but busily work to protect some comforts. Richy's got the system sewn up.

With Republican-led government shutdown, people are led to be angry and want smaller government. Richy will then cheat you at the gas pump (both lower octane & improper volume - who can check?). You'll buy horse or dog meat labeled as beef (no inspectors, no govt. rules). Since Richy owns the newspapers & media, you believe a story that the poor dumfux over the hill deserve to die - and send your sturdy kids to get damaged or killed in war. Richy equips both sides, at windfall profits. No surprise: Richy Wins.

But Richy needs an endgame, an exit strategy. When 80% or 90% of 'neighbors' recognize they work very hard & live shittier lives from Richy manipulation, Richy could be threatened.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Free the Tea Party!

The US Tea Party movement was never Republican. It was stupid to be coopted by Big Business and megawealth.

Populist movements are little people fighting for themselves. They were corralled through the trickery of fatcat politicos and fools For Sale (such as golly-gee Sarah Palin whore).

Following the flag, these red white & blue Americans were sucked into the wastes of Iraq & Afghanistan, at great cost (our money stolen by Big Business) and huge loss of life.

A new party & grass-roots activism are needed. A real fight for freedom.

Withdraw from overseas colonialism, which deflect the American people's needs. It's dumb to beat-up on clueless dusky foreigners (who are also mostly enslaved as well). Fat & pasty Republican Party parasites are at fault.

Republican & Democrat weasel politicians accepted huge 'donations' to build a loophole-filled tax system for giant corporations (such as Apple -- link), who can legally e-funnel resources away from taxes & local needs. Yo money disappears to megarich scumballs, while you tastefully exercise your purchasing powers at Walmart.

Monday, October 14, 2013

We're Republican Livestock

Understanding Threat

Ask your local nuclear operator the following questions:

1) How much nuclear waste do you store on site?

2) What distance(s) from active reactor to waste storage?

3) How much such storage is necessary for power generation?

4) If you could easily offload your nuclear waste, how many tons would you give up?

Nuclear power plants also are nuclear waste dumps.  Answers to these questions easily show the nuclear industry is critically suboptimal, dirty and highly dangerous. Fukushima was not a sufficient lesson?

Demand "mile minimum" between waste dump & nuclear reactor. Hundreds of miles is better. Investors in the nuclear industry lump their waste dumps beside 'hot' reactors to minimize complaints - fewer sites, less complaint. Their short term convenience & profit-taking breeds disaster.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


US nuclear power plants should all be shutdown, say an expert panel of two former Nuclear Regulatory Commissioners, a nuclear engineer, a Cape Cod politician, and Naoto Kan (Japan's Prime Minister at Fukushima Daiichi's Nuclear Disaster).

Meeting in Boston at the Statehouse, the panel criticized Massachusetts combined Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station and Pilgrim Nuclear Waste Stockpile.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission hasn't properly protected the public.

US nuke licensing is both MILKSOP and LIMPSY:



Monday, October 07, 2013

Fukushima Cost to You

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster (which is still continuing) people living somewhat near a coastal nuclear plant should be paying much more for insurance - if they're insured at all.

Home insurance, health insurance, the risks are clearly high and much can go wrong.

We foolishly continue to stockpile nuclear waste next to operating nuclear reactors, just off beaches. Crazy.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

NYC Madness

Was it a motorcycle gang that swarmed investment banker Alexian Lien, dragged him from his Range Rover, and beat him? Was it a mob enraged by Lien's seeming callousness? Was this an ethnically-fuelled attack? Or a bike vs. car rivalry? Was it a class war skirmish? Was it common road rage?

A daytime drive in upper Manhattan for a young family quickly turned nasty last Sunday (29 Sept) when they collided with a pack of motorcyclists. Plainclothes police were among the motorcyclists, and at least some of the multiple altercations were filmed over the at-least four mile chase & assault(s). Nobody was killed, but a man was crushed under Alexian Lien's SUV Range Rover, and Lien was subsequently dragged from the driver's seat and beaten in the street in front of his wife & toddler.

The bikers were part of a larger annual rally of some 1000 motorcyclists from around the region converging on Times Square (link), in which police reportedly forcefully intervened - making many arrests & confiscating 55 motorcycles.

The incident makes clear that sudden attacks can easily happen - in New York City or elsewhere, by a mob or by the cops.

Mr. Lien seems suddenly to have been confronted with annoyance, then trouble. How to best react? Conditions escalated / deteriorated quickly. While Lien survived with reportedly minor injuries, it is imaginable he & his family might have been killed. Subsequent reports on Lien's background (link) (link) and financial situation (involving Skrill emoney / Moneybookers, Investcorp and the Bahraini royal family) led to Lien seeking withdrawal from LinkedIn and other social media. Confrontation thus continues shaking-up those involved & peripheral. Of course the "live & let live" option seems most appealing in hindsight.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Bugging Your Bookmarks

It's unreasonably invasive when the secret police can legally sort through anyone's bookmarks & web browser history, secretly devising imagined personality profiles.

Curiosity is important for personal and social development. Creativity is stifled when we must lodge a state-sanctioned censor in every home, office & human mind.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Soldiering the Shutdown


Standing armies


Soldiers soldiers soldiers

No money for nothing.
But  MILITARISM  continues grabbing big funds.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Republicans Win !!!!

The Republican quest for smaller government has been successful.

The forced shutdown of the U.S. Federal Government is due to the House of Representatives failing to fund the U.S. Federal budget.

Many Republicans seek to eliminate assorted government operations, especially introduction of the Affordable Care Act (dubbed "ObamaCare").

After failing to strip away health care law, they sought to defund or delay it. Failing that, a hardcore "Tea Party" faction determined to shutdown government.

What happens? National Parks shutdown; the IRS stops tax audits; Small Business Administration Loan processing is halted, as are Veteran's benefits proceedings; the E-Verify system stops authentications (to eliminate illegal employment of foreign workers). It's Law of the Jungle: the biggest & meanest slaughter freely.

Programs monitoring illegality, that hamper big industry from wholly dominating American life, are out of operation. Terminating anything holding them accountable, Republicans thus win.