Friday, July 25, 2014

Kind to Kinder?

Cute kids push forward to cut the queue. Rather than wait in line, ambitious families risk sending their kids to the USA as illegal immigrants.

Others follow proper procedures, waiting like schmucks...

Cute kids? Clever & calculating parents? There's now no shortage of suffering American citizen kids; many cute & Christian & homeless.

The USA has created many problems in South & Central America by supporting repressive, anti-democratic oligarchs & right-wing death squads in Honduras and elsewhere. The orphans may plan vengeance. Remember in The Godfather when Vito Andolini returns to his hometown (as Vito Corleone) and skewers his familys nemesis... Our militarists and a certain wealthy elite could be similarly threatened for their continuing crimes.

The USA can't reward weasels cutting the line. The queue jumper must get no advantage. They can't expect to ignore and destroy our systems. The beguiling beggar must be sent away empty-handed.

Reward the queue jumper, & you ream folk respecting law, order & community investment. The cheater is encouraged to cheat again. Badly-behaving South and Central Americans will not be surprised at a Schwarzenegger (Terminator) welcome: "Fuck Off, Asshole."