Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wax Poetica

Vignettes of life and experience
seldom distill into verse
a few fragments
or better nothing?

Yet even glimpses on paper
cheer the unknown poet
when instances
resonate again

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Japan's 3/11

The 3/11 disasters (earthquake, tsunami, nuclear accident of March 11th this year) have been - and will continue to be - pivotal for Japan.

In Japan more is gone than America lost on their 9/11... Lives, property and complacency are shattered. The nation is plagued with a poisoned seascape and a huge irradiated exclusion zone. Government & corporate "best spin efforts" gradually dissolve, as the nation and the world share horror & anger.

Awaken to the Power

We're bred to ignore power, as if it weren't there. But by understanding power, we're empowered. So beware of fraud & deception; work at understanding the world, and make it better.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Greece & the Eurozone

The Greek economy is in trouble; the population is agitating, trying to avoid financial pain, but their system allowed much unpaid excess - it's likely they'll default.

Too bad for them.

But this will not cause the euro to collapse. Once the Greeks are slapped with the worst their creditors can dish out, the euro will stabilize -- strong as ever.

The Wall Street Journal and other American propaganda rags denigrate the euro, and have done so throughout its history. But they would - the euro is top competitor to the almighty US dollar, and by talking down the euro, they build up their own currency.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The U.S. Federal Government is responsible for oversight in key areas such as nuclear power generation and regulating financial sectors.

But "oversight" is a weasely and flawed word.

First, the government didn't protect citizen interests in the recent financial meltdown. How could such 'overheating' happen? (Top salespeople and 'oversight' officials regularly switch jobs). Home mortgage-holders have been held to account, but banking & other big industries were bailed out. Risk-taking decisionmakers continue to be obscenely rewarded in those industries. Please note Wall Street's political donations.

Second, what does oversight mean? Squat. Nothing.

Oversight means to regulate or supervise, but oversight is also defined as inadvertent error to notice or failure to do anything.

Confidence you can bank on! A confidence game where you're the hustled mark.

Another example: Nuclear meltdown has yet to occur in US, but the USA has twenty-three GE Mark 1 nuclear reactors like the Fukushima disaster nuclear plant. Oversight?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nuclear New England

Nuclear accident? You must act fast. All will be up to you - suddenly you'll need to protect health & save life. The early problem is avoiding contamination. Get away !  The authorities later will determine exclusion zones and dangerously contaminated areas. Shown here on a local New England map are 15 & 50 mile dirty zones (24 & 80 kms; click for detail). The Fukushima nuclear meltdown (same design as Plymouth Pilgrim plant, with less spent fuel stored on site) resulted in 20 km radius full & continuing evacuation -- residents forced suddenly to wholly abandon their homes, towns & businesses. The property remaining there is irradiated and unsafe. Polluted sea life, spitting distance from the accident, is further poisoning the oceanic food chain, causing unknown troubles...

Alternative power sources were labeled 'too expensive' -- yet the true cost of nuclear power was ignored; monstrous risks were overlooked.

Designers said it couldn't happen. Their failure in Japan has had heavy consequences...

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, Plymouth MA USA
photo source: US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In a Bad State - America

America wages three wars in distant lands. Many other US servant governments are in trouble with their people. Meanwhile at home, basic infrastructure & education are underfunded. Government ignores the law, clever businesses go their own way, and there's no accountability. Deception (when discovered) is labeled "regrettable ignorance" - and we're thus deceived again.

High unemployment will jump higher when the bubble bursts on militarism, and that gravy train slows down.

Where will new jobs come from? What are America's promising growth industries other than military, "security" and prisons?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sunday, June 05, 2011

We the Sheeple

The conquered delight in reflected greatness
And know nothing of being oppressed.

We learn to shun political debate
Nervous to glimpse shackles & muzzles.

Dwelling on inanities
We huddle in shadows of peace.

Rich fertile Commonwealth stripped,
Great Leaders lecture the desperate & homeless.

We're weaned on austerity
As Banks & Military cop our affluence.

Herded to overvalued housing
Our assets were stripped, our futures held ransom.

Yet misled Fools
Still heel to the same advisers.

Mired in negative worth
We're lauded & fleeced repeatedly.