Thursday, May 29, 2014


The Anglo-American press smells blood, and has redoubled its trash talking of Europe, the EU, the euro, etc.

Recognize the European Union threatens Anglo-American hegemony. And the militarists hate Europe -- a new model for peace.

Before we bitch about costs and the EU parliament, think about how in the past we've had almost no input about national defense spending. Friendly relations helped cut that spending, and the dividend must include human lives snatched from the talons of militarism.

Most of our own government's activities are out of our hands, much kept top secret, regardless of democracy. We've had no leverage against huge multinational corporations. By minimizing internal borders, the European Union has brought huge savings by cutting bureaucracy. No more visas, getting rousted at 2AM on the train for passport checks and customs inspections. Many people easily commute everyday to work across borders. We're no longer gouged by predatory opportunistic firms in neighbor nations taking advantage of our foreignness - the EU seeks to upgrade and equalize treatment of all people.

Before trashing Europe, think of the alternative: visualize yourself on a battlefield. That's where you'll be dumped by right-wing chauvinism. Learn instead: the politics of hate profit none of us.

(The puppet-masters who do profit ain't us).