Sunday, August 26, 2012

America High Low

The death yesterday of Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the moon, elicits bittersweet memories of great success. Many look back at NASA achievements and feel awe, recognizing amazing engineering accomplishments in the face of extreme risk. Space remains a daring frontier. Neil Armstrong and his compatriots are heroic pioneers who pushed humanity ahead and achieved an amazing milestone.

The same day, death was announced of the 2000th US military serviceperson in Afghanistan. This is the USA at its worst, a greedy interfering militaristic behemoth, occupying distant lands for decades, bringing ruthless tragedy to rural peoples, installing puppet dictators to fuel America's corporate coffers, keeping an obnoxious toadying wealthy minority in death-dealing secretive power over an underemployed, deliberately misled majority.

American yuppie, opening Cristal champagne in a Manhattan nightclub, or enjoying your boat off the Hamptons: please spare a thought for your American cousin, dead in the Afghan dust. Remember also to thank people who've worked together, as each struggles in our own small way for a better world.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple Courts Bible Change?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), the Cuperti, California-based mobile media device manufacturer, has won a hard-fought court battle against Samsung Electronics of Seoul, Korea, over intellectual property rights.

The next step for Apple® is to assert their expanded rights over relatively unregulated global markets for fruit.  Apple Inc. is poised to demand a portion of ongoing business receipts, lump sum payment for past transgressions, and cease-and-desist rulings over fruitsellers & greengrocers who sell Apple® fruit, or that produce must henceforth be relabeled as red, yellow or green "roundies."

The market for roundies juice has evaporated, and the Motts Corp. is in turmoil. A spokesperson for Apple®, who declined to be named, explained "We won. We first. We kicked butt." He went on to loudly claim "America Numba Wan" multiple times, and that corporate strategy enlisting the courts to stifle their rival is "as American as roundies pie."

Eve took the forbidden fruit of the roundies tree, and gave some to Adam.
So angry God sent them out from the garden...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mitt Don't Fit

Mitt Romney claims he knows business.

Mitt made $20 million last year, but didn't work. In fact he's never worked, or never much or very well. Money laundering  manipulation is not a real job, though making Mitt mucho moolah. He operated as a front man for the scandal-ridden Salt Lake City Olympics. He got elected Governor of Massachusetts, but his poor performance precluded any chance of reelection (when the 50 US states rated their governors (link), his term end rating was 48th of 50).

Mitt can be a smooth operator, but he's not a good person to recruit or to depend upon. If he knows business, then he knows some applicants just don't get the job.

Don't hire Romney in November.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Smash Dick in Door

Let's elect more women leaders. We need fewer former generals and more mothers in charge of nations.

The militaristic machine sacrifices someone's flesh-and-blood children for national strategy. Maybe they obey a dictator up the chain of command. Perhaps a strong foreign power surreptitiously offers wealth & issues orders. Cloak & dagger subverts open government.

At least ten cascading incidents of pity & pain overlap in the Julian Assange saga. It's tempting to believe the true saga is not Julian, but a struggle to defuse (or reimpose) the neo-colonial coercion of diplomats, secret agents & military.

Ten dimensions of how this incident hurts:

1) It all didn't start with Julian, but consensual sex or not, his dick's been squashed (ouch)
2) The women who had sex with Assange still suffer
3) Swedes bungled the complaints process (link), subverted the separation of justice & elected politicians, and damaged Sweden's global reputation
4) The UK claims a compelling need to extradite, but couldn't extradite dictator General Augusto Pinochet
5) UK Foreign Office threats to breach the Ecuadorean Embassy in London threatens their own global network and the diplomatic webs of other nations. The Great Game goes on.
6) Wikileaks & mainstream media partners now twaddle their thumbs, seemingly outmaneuvered.
7) Opinion leaders who condemn government & corporate misconduct are silent; Sweden has still not filed charges (Assange is "wanted for questioning"), but the ugly label of rapist sabotages Assange support
8) Bradley Manning rots in the brig.
9) The public fantasizes over Julian instead of rooting out the global crimes and the Eichmann-like bureaucrats who've waged war on the world
10) The USA officially feigns disinterest in the Assange wrangle.

After Union Carbide's Bhopal disaster killed & poisoned thousands (some 4000 dead, 100,000+ permanent injuries), the USA shielded Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson when he jumped bail and fled from India. Thousands of wholly innocent people died, yet for nearly 30 years Anderson has been allowed to evade answering charges in court.
No Justice.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Who benefits from that?

No charges are filed against Julian Assange. He's "wanted for questioning" in the Kingdom of Sweden. Yet he's now been smeared worldwide as a sly serial sexual criminal. Who benefits from that?

Attention focuses on the messenger, and his flaws, while ugly messages are overlooked. Who benefits from that?

Wikileaks openly helped publish embarrassing US Government internal cables. If Assange had been violently eliminated soon after, he'd be a cause célèbre -- he'd be a martyr evoking widespread sympathy. But now quite conveniently his reputation is blackened. Those supporting his organization argue among themselves. They're indecisive, they're unable to raise funding. Who benefits from that?

The cables show treachery & deception operating at the highest levels of the US Government.

Imagine the worst. It's even worse than that...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Death Squad (poem)

Death Squad
    by Genki, 2012

They come with no warning
Weasels in the darkness
Killing truth in its front alcove
Or bustling to nothingness
Stubborn priest
Now missing forever

Of course the greedy wealthy
Fund such cleanup
Keeping great privilege
Above reproach.
Wielding shadows, corporate baffles
Slimy informers

Master might witness
Murder or mayhem
But probably not.
Dirty work's assigned to others

His Majesty in white cashmere
Calm at his polo club
As hundreds in the barrio
Curse his dark heart

Horror -- miscalculated
like a snake strike
Injudicious questioner
Union helper
Unruly teen
Opposition's sister
All fall.
Sudden, Startled, Scowling, Screaming
In a moment's fury.
As unthreatened power
Parades demure.

An orphan sniffles
A granny weeps
Good God what a nightmare
Wraiths & wind

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Livin' the Loophole

Romney doesn't work - He's a parasite, who'll consume your dreams. His $20 million annual income is taxed proportionately little. Most Americans pay a bigger share, of far smaller salaries. Those Americans work.

Mitt's spends life "livin' the loophole"

Smartly he's been paid-off well in advance. His crafty backers now position him for power. Expect big trouble.

Mitt's a petulant weasel, unwilling to help anyone but himself.  Send the bum back to Aruba to live with his wealth -- he ain't wanted in America.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Justice Doggie-style

Sweden, the UK, and Ecuador actively wrestle over Julian Assange of Wikileaks, while in the undergrowth Australia and America lurk & leer.

Five nations plus world media deflect attention from dozens (millions?) of crimes, including murder, mayhem and genocide -- detailed by Wikileaks reports. 

Those crimes against humanity: waging wars, manipulating mass millions, theft, forgery, assassinations, destabilization, remain unanswered. No charges are filed. The public continues doing business with the same political hacks & banksters who cheated them, destroyed & stole their savings, and enabled decades of Madoff frauds. Banks & finance firms isolate Wikileaks and cut-off public donation routes. The butchers and profiteers roam free.

The BBC created a timeline of the allegations against Mr. Assange (link). Here we see both women say "what started as consensual sex became non-consensual." We read Assange spent weeks in Sweden subsequent to these affairs, that he met with police, and of official blundering concerning filing charges.

The allegations against Assange are serious. We should be hostile to sexual criminals. Yet while Mr. Assange is not yet convicted, neither have the butchers Bush & Blair been indicted. Illegally invading Iraq is not forgiven, but attention is deflected by stupidity. Thousands of war-mongers continue their dirty manipulations. Proven criminals continue to breed more crimes.

Bung-hole justice. The rich treat the rest of us, the 99%, with contempt.
Justice Doggie-style...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Slow Boat to ...Where?

Bustling Korea is becoming known (link) for "Pali Pali" (빨리빨리) - a culture of hurrying, keeping moving, go go go don't know where but go go ...

Japan has some of the same pressures: workaholic lifestyles, and feeling slow equals lazy. The Japanese phrase karōshi - 過労死 or "death from overtime work" is now adopted into English (great!).

But some people are deliberately changing. Here's a great article (slow to load) by Steve Trautlein about how some people in Japan are working to live a slower life...

Of course, all is relative: a deliberately slower Korean lifestyle may be still faster than that of most Americans, while most of us in Northern Europe enjoy even slower lives - five to nine weeks of holiday time per year, with strong emphasis on nature & enjoying simple pleasures, preferably free pleasures.

Koreans work an average of 500 hours more each year than Swedes. It's likely in fact the gap is bigger than official statistics show. I deliberately seek balance and to savor life! It often ain't easy... but living otherwise is worse.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fuckyushima too

We live in a capitalist world.

What's happening to the vegetables and produce (such as mushrooms) growing in Japan's poisoned nuclear zone? How much tainted meat & fish enters the market - in Japan or abroad?

Irradiated items are basically indistinguishable from untainted food after leaving the danger area. Few of us can test our meals or supermarket items for radiation. Desperate or profit-hungry people can hide the source of bad & dangerous foods.

Perhaps you believe such things couldn't happen ... Unknowingly, you bet your life.

Here's an article about food scandals in Japan (link). And here (link) is another.

Here's a great article about the nuclear disaster zone in Fukushima and what's growing there now (link)


The nuclear disaster at Fukushima is ongoing, but industry and their political puppets still try to spin the story in a positive light.

The bottom line is that earth, air & sea are horribly poisoned, towns & homes tragically abandoned, industries & neighborhoods destroyed, over 300,000 people evacuated, and 9400 hectares (over 23,000 acres) of crowded Japan remains off-limits.

What do we do with such news?

Is it simply "Fuck You" to local people? Or will a deadly, poorly-engineered industry be forced to redesign and pay for its mistakes?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

US Death Squads

Is it proper that without legal due process the USA is assassinating assorted individuals and those who happen to be around them?

I believe this killing is wrong. It's bad if done by knife or gun, it's worse when done by drone -- striking a home or shop or vehicle, killing unidentified family members and acquaintances as well as (or instead of) the persons targeted.

The USA Death Squads operate from military bases around the world. Other nations and law-abiding peoples should strongly pressure the US government to stop extrajudicial summary killings.

Such murders are cowardly & despicable. Official US Government Death Squads dishonor our nation, our laws, our predecessors, and the legacy of this whole generation. When fighting seemingly evil villains, even Harry Potter characters discuss "we face the choice between what is right, and what is easy." Our use of Death Squads is just plain wrong.

Photos of South American "Disappeared" (supplied by mothers of the dead)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Olympian Death Threat

Athletes can be seen on TV in London's Olympic Stadium walking across infield areas strewn with electric cables (for cameras, clocks, lights, etc.). Athlete spiked footwear could penetrate wiring insulation, bringing sudden shock or death.

The grass is greener & more dangerous at London 2012...

Are these competitors warned of electrocution threat? How sad if an Olympian focused on sport is zapped dead before all the world ...

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

We Can Do Better...

US Medicine: We Can Do Better Than This   Please read this (link) heartfelt appeal by Dr. Dave Dvorak for more humane American health care. Sadly, we need more victims: domestic poster boys & girls -- wholesome people oozing suffering through the media -- to impress America's rulers and the AMA (American Medical Association). The American people have been misinformed that their nation can thrive on a low tax, poor public services regime. Cooperation these days is British English. Wake up America - only 1% have the American dream -- the rest live a daily nightmare.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Sikh, Sikh, Sikh

Yesterday seven people were murdered in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, USA.

How can the USA be regularly rocked by insult & attack fueled by ignorance? We live in the 21st century, with great tools & resources for public education. What contributes to vicious intolerance and race-baiting in America?

In my opinion, here are top American weaknesses:

1) Deliberate neglect
America's underclass grows together with poor communities, lack of jobs, and limited civic opportunities. Shit neighborhoods and stupid neighbors shape too many dud citizens. It's acceptable to grow-up an idiot.

2) Fox News
Hearing aggressive commentary from assholes such as Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity & Ann Coulter make savagery and foolishness OK. Ghosts of the slaughtered innocent should haunt Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and other shortsighted programmers. TV people made me do it!

3) Political gridlock
US Republican strategy has been to minimize regulatory oversight and privatize all social services, though with each big scandal the goal slips backward. Because of poor checks & balances, Jack Abramoff, international banksters, Enron & Arthur Andersen, Blackwater & Halliburton, Bernie Madoff, etc., grew hugely powerful via corruption and greed. But poor public funding has nonetheless emasculated public services. Too many Americans stopped investing in their communities; bare-bones taxation has hurt everyone.

4) Overseas adventurism
It's long past time to demilitarize. Few in America truly expect public help - you must survive on your own. Iraqis, Afghans & Israelis should fend for themselves.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Civil War & The UN

How much should the community of nations interfere in regional political affairs? The present strife in Syria has been condemned by a UN General Assembly resolution (document A/66/L.57; passed 133 to 12, with 31 abstentions). But the resolutions has no binding legal sanctions. Past resolutions seeking peace elsewhere in the Middle East have too often done nothing. What might the UN General Assembly have done in the case of the American Civil War? The Confederate States of America ultimately was re-amalgamated into the Union, but after horrible losses of perhaps a million dead overall. Efforts to trigger European intervention & mediation had little impact.

The United Nations Charter prohibits member nations from aggressive attacks against others. The idea is good, but many such attacks have taken place since WWII. Chapter VII of the UN Charter gives the Security Council the possibility of imposing military power "to maintain or restore international peace and security." But any of the UN Security Council's five unelected members (China, France, Russia, UK, USA) can veto intervention. In the case of Syria, both Russia & China have strongly resisted intervention. But judging from past unlawful interference elsewhere by big military powers, (which remains largely unpunished), surely surreptitious destabilization is underway now.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bad Admin Olympic Shame

Badminton is major news, as eight players were disqualified from the London 2012 Olympic Games for "not using one's best efforts to win" and also "conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport".

Competitors in preliminary group play tried to position themselves better for the important knockout round.

The newly-constructed competition system at this Olympics failed miserably. The Badminton World Federation (BWF) was mainly responsible for the failure, not the players.

First, there should have been an immediate response to any lackluster play. Warnings, fines or penalties could be threatened or imposed during the first poor match, not after a whole day of buffoonery.

Of course, if other athletes see one team seem successfully "conserving energy" or avoiding injury they might do similarly.

In athletics (track & field) it's common to see competitors run more slowly in preliminary rounds - doing just enough to qualify. In field events there's often a qualifying distance or height, where a first good throw or jump allows an athlete to advance without further efforts. Too bad for the spectators.

It's perhaps more disturbing when a winning athlete in the finals fails to perform a final throw or jump when they've already won, or when a runner slows before the finish line. But it's not really a situation where we want to see dozens of sports bureaucrats arguing & interfering. Make reasonable rules!

Send home bad bureaucrats & unwise coaches, not Olympians.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Olympic Sabotage USA

Olympic Gold medalist & world record holder, Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen was reportedly smeared with doping allegations by John Leonard of the USA, Executive Director of the World Swimming Coaches Association (he's also Executive Director of the American Swimming Coaches Association).

It's unclear if Leonard was properly quoted. If he's credentialed as an Olympic official maybe he should be censored. His opinions are damaging when directed at a specific athlete, and without evidence.

 It seems to me that Olympic Champion Ye should have a good case for slander -- if she's clean of cheating, she should sue the bastard.

It's been widely reported Ye's split time in the 400m individual medley for her final 50m (28.93) was faster than men's winner Ryan Lochte's split (at 29.10). "However (according to the BBC) her world-record time was still 23 seconds slower than Lochte's winning time, and several of Lochte's competitors were faster than her over the final 50m. Chinese officials also pointed out that Lochte was easing to the finish, comfortably in the lead, whereas Ye had to battle to the end to take first place."  

The Greek Olympic team expelled triple jumper Voula Papachristou a few days before the London Opening Ceremony for joking online about West Nile mosquitoes favoring Greece's many Africans. (She rudely tweeted: "Με τόσους Αφρικανούς στην Ελλάδα..Τουλάχιστον τα κουνούπια του δυτικού Νείλου..θα τρώνε σπιτικό φαγητό!!!")

As her comments were considered "contrary to the values and ideals of the Olympic movement," then John Leonard begging us to doubt the performance of a Chinese swimmer is worse. Leonard embarrasses his great nation and the Olympic sense of fairness & justice.