Sunday, July 27, 2014

Politico Fails

Too many top politicians prove useless bags of shit. Perhaps starting with a few good ideas or a great policy proposal, they then ride that nag for decades. Worse than doing little or nothing, they contribute to deceit, social deterioration, and brutality.

Often these worst disappointments have demonstrated promise.

Barack Obama - I still believe he wanted to do good. He's joined The Dark Side, to impose imperial power through the universe. Like Darth Vader, he serves a master - Greed. President Obama now predicts the commands of rich businessmen, obeying before being told. 

Nick Clegg - claims he's liberal & democratic, but now only in comparison to the many right-wing friends he chummily dines with everyday. Solidly moved the UK away from fairness - supported huge tuition fees greatly favoring wealth & power (after repeatedly pledging to abolish fees); similarly gave-up on substantive House of Lords reforms. Still young & ambitious, however - maybe he'd do something positive to gain a better post.

Fredrik Reinfeldt - is a burikko (a Japanese phrase to feign cuteness). Sweden's Prime Minister does three things: strives to impose US influence on Sweden & neighbor nations, polishes his bald head, and makes-up his eyes to max cuteness. A clever person who's visualized his next move, he could still surprise with a progressive effort, trying to win-over those he's till now overlooked.