Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Greatest Target

Muhammad Ali.  Cassius Clay.  He surely riled The Man.

Listen (*) to his political speeches & banter.

Then, Ali was struck-down. 
Unnaturally convenient...

Where might someone leak a truly dark story?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Suffocation Torture

It's terrible the USA admittedly tortures people.

It's illegal to torture convicts. It's worse torturing people not yet charged or convicted, using torture to punish and intimidate. Torture is always illegal.

The 'waterboarding' euphemism is a deliberate fun park phrase. Let's be clear - suffocation is horrible, forcibly restrained, fighting for air, suffering pounding heart & quaking panic, knowing death by suffocating murder is within seconds.  Torture.

The torturers and those who protect them are criminal.

Swedish people believe our government should follow international law & condemn crime. We expect bold complaints, as we see ourselves as law-abiding & neutral. Sadly, our present Government of Sweden is corrupted by empty dreams of power - Swedish leaders say little and do nothing about continuing torture programs by the USA.

Moderate Swedish Tiger

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Color my World

BBC editors map the Crimea (link) and color-out Russia, which is also clipped-away as peripheral. The map looks different if simply changing the color layout -- especially when the Crimea nears the color of Russia...

Here's the BBC map, and a recolor (without needed recropping):

(With poor understanding of events in the Crimea, Ukraine and Russia, I'll sadly know less if looking to US media or the BBC for perspective).

Formerly the BBC tried, somewhat reliably, to maintain a level of neutrality with their reporting. But since the deceitful reign of Tony Blair, the editorial slant has swung decidedly to the right -- in support of an (imagined) resurgent British Empire, "justified" militarism, and comprehensive corporate power, while no longer providing counterviews.

Right-Wing Hungers

Right-wing thugs in the Crimea push the rest of the people towards Russia - which is actively intervening.

Similarly, right-wing thugs seek to ignite national change in Venezuela. Global oil and the USA happily feed the fires of treason & insurrection.

The Russian gambit combines boots on the ground with democratic choice. Yankee South America continues the Dulles-Kissinger tradition and favors espionage & death squads.

Common folk hunting for food get caught underfoot as fierce hungry brutes maraud for enhanced resources, blood & power.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Camera Cap ?

Haiku by Genki :

Welcome to breakfast !
Webcam without lens cover
Window to the Soul...

Cubicle farm spy
Master of the Universe?
Snowy spilled the beans

Friday, March 14, 2014

Target Sweden?

The U.S. National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee was meeting at the White House with Vice President Cheney on 19 June 2002 with Cheney describing US cybersecurity partnerships (IEEE Spectrum, Dec. 2013, p27). The "Five Eyes" of the USA, UK, Canada, NZ,  & Australia were reported obvious partners, but as Dick Cheney began to describe a further partner that would "really surprise you" -- a security alert suddenly evacuated the room as an unidentified plane broached government-restricted airspace. The alert passed, but the conversation never continued. In "Writing the Rules of Cyberwar" author Kark Rauscher claims to have built his life's work around discovering Cheney's further suggestion. Is the cyberwar ally an Asian power? or Israel? ... or perhaps Sweden? ...

Sweden's leaders are very chummy with America, while posturing as neutral. Eager politicians in Stockholm want to be global players, and they trade Sweden's services for a few crumbs from Yankee's table. Can a mere nine-million Swedes truly secure a place at the global main table? Are Sweden's politicians naively trading national security for personal aggrandizement? Sweden gained leverage from neutrality in past world wars, and from being a (continuing) key member of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission monitoring the Korean truce. Sweden was a leading Cold War critic of US intervention in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, but also negotiated secret US military security guarantees against Soviet aggression. The strident anti-imperialism of Olof Palme brought Sweden much attention, but those years ended abruptly. The Cold War melted to a new mercantilism, and Sweden is open to trade. Can we, should we, play & fight with the big boys?

Sweden's Prime Minister & Foreign Minister -- Great Success ?!

On Sweden's end the butt-licking has continued from Social-Democrat to Moderate, from US Republican to Democrat. Försvarets radioanstalt, Sweden's National Defence Radio Establishment or FRA, has been subsequently widely reported an eager tool of US signal intelligence operations (see this link or a Pirate Party critique here). Of course, this brings Swedes into the cross-hairs and adds danger ...

Exciting?  Swedish foreign correspondent Nils Horner's murder this week in central Kabul cast a chill over many in Stockholm, who believe (believed) Swedish people were above the fray. This sudden tragedy shows a danger to becoming involved in big geopolitical games.

Can the USA protect us always?

Nuclear Waste Depository

Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Station and Nuclear Waste Storage Facility are too similar to Fukushima.

It's a recipe for disaster.

People are foolishly unaware of the problem.

D I S A S T E R  !

Could it be more clear?

We can at least demand truth in labeling: 
 - nuclear generators &
- nuclear waste depositories
should be properly indicated.

Local people are misled by the hidden & mislabeled Nuclear Waste Depository.

Demand appropriate & separate labeling.

No euphemisms, no disguise.

Nuclear waste bottles-up the gateway to Cape Cod.

Vacation at your peril. Accident means NO ESCAPE

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Costly SPI

SPI, Secret Police Investigations, have infiltrated almost every computer. The shadowy American secret police can reportedly monitor most of our conversations.

Aside from the disagreeable image of Barack Obama, General Alexander, Admiral Rogers, General Clapper, General Petraeus & CIA Chief Brennan worming & sneaking like furtive rats into my bed & my crapper (along with ghostly buddy Reichsführer-SS Himmler) -- it's a highly costly effort.

They tell us these secret police investigations are necessary, and don't hurt at all. 

But the programs take funds from school lunch budgets, highway safety and public health. Spying cultivates a fundamental distrust. Lesser class people recognize powerlessness. We have allowed the bosses to construct an intrusive government, without sufficient protections against brutality, error and corruption.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Hårvård ? Harvard? Harvard®

Hårvård  Harvard  Harvard®  rah rah rah

Hårvård is Swedish for "hair care" -- with nearly a million (link) web mentions. But Swedes commonly drop their Swedish characters when using internet, substituting the Latin alphabet's "a" or "o" for Swedish letters å and ä or ö.

Swedes may laugh if visualizing a hair care university, but there's no true confusion with the great US institution of higher education. Trademark lawyers might salivate if imagining their billing for reconciling "easily confused" terminology. But it's the merchants, lawyers & private interests who deliberately infringe on our common heritage by re-purposing keywords and trading on generic goodwill.

It's a topic to lampoon, but language becomes tricky when generic words clash with multi-billion dollar trade names. Apple® Inc. uses the imagery of an apple - a conscious choice. Maybe the industry wonks now feel the humble fruit infringes on their business? An apple for the teacher has become more expensive.

A Picture of Pehr Kalm

I've enjoyed reading Travels in North America, an English translation of Pehr Kalm's En Resa til Norra America.

Also known as Peter Kalm or Pietari Kalm, he wrote of his research & travel along North America's east coast from 1748-1751. A protégé of Carl Linnaeus, and in the close scientific lineage of Johannes Palmberg, Kalm was commissioned in 1747 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to explore and report about the natural sciences in the New World, with a special eye for agriculture that might prove promising for Sweden - notably, mulberry for the silk industry. He was then a 31-year old professor, both highly skilled & energetic enough to succeed on a multi-year voyage. He subsequently returned to Sweden and served as professor and three-time rector of Turun Akatemiaan (Royal Academy of Turku; Kungliga Akademien i Åbo), until his death age 63 in 1779.

Kalm met & worked alongside many key scientists of the day, including Benjamin Franklin.

I'd like to find pictures or drawings of Pehr Kalm - the image in his Wikipedia entry is reportedly disputed. Surely such an influential person would have drawn attention...