Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yellow-Bellied Lies

Did US administration officials make (numerous) honest errors in deciding to wage war against Iraq and its alleged "weapons of mass destruction"...?


President Bush claimed "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." This was supposedly based on a documented purchasing agreement between the governments of Iraq and Niger. The documents made their way to US Executive Branch officials through unorthodox means, bypassing normal security analysis. The documents were forged. Nobody has been prosecuted (why not?) Among those suggested as being ultimately responsible for the forgeries are agents of the USA, Italy or Israel. We may never know who created them.

We are also expected to believe that the US government was misled into going to war by fabricated intelligence supplied by "Curveball" -- an Iraqi former taxi driver and compulsive liar. Is the US government truly run by such a bunch of idiots, who were fooled into war by mysterious documents and a single con artist? Unlikely!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SOW - Stop Our War

I'm a US citizen surrounded daily by non-Americans. I'm often asked about the actions of the US government. Being reasonably well-informed (and without access to any inner sanctum), it's easy to analyze and discuss strategy.

I'm put in a more difficult position when asked my feelings about Bush/Cheney & associates. To what extent should I be diplomatic? How can I explain my deep patriotism? How can I best describe deep disapproval of assorted policies and their underlying dog-eat-dog (Social Darwinist) neo-con ideology?

The Bush government claims that its national security actions are for the better interests of the American people, and some believe that; others do not. I'm amazed that tens of millions of American's seem fully to support presidential actions many criticize as extreme and sinister. Ultimately, any government treating too many people with contempt will be replaced.

The Bush/Cheney administration has spent huge sums, and accrued large debts. They have invested heavily in building systems with poor future prospects, while diverting funding from health, education, research and human services that would make life markedly better for many. They have mobilized the American people into waging multiple foreign wars on vague & evolving justifications. These assorted wars continue bloodily, without exit strategies, and with poor accountability. Bush & Co. spokespersons have earned a "doubtful" label and should not be trusted. Stop our wars now...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Reopen - New Close

by Genki

The crowd became restless
Then picked up the chant
bareass fool
bareass fool

They blamed that kid begun it
And he brilliantly warmed to the press
But I watched her planting seeds
Then scurry off

bareass fool
bareass fool
It all seems kinda funny
But I seen 'em busting heads

I used to serve their Majesties
And the kiss-arse crowd around 'em
Their riches are real; waste unmeasured
Their sneers make one limp

I lurned a bit there; no-doubt affected
But one day far from the city
The smell of earth and air
I seen my life been wasted

We'd each turned out for pageantry
bareass fool
bareass fool
She coulda been talkin' to me

Now I've restarted modestly
bareass fool
She don't want fame.
Slaughterer retired. I'm re-covered.