Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Americans Betrayed

America's workers, students, young people & elderly: shit-on by both Republicans & Democrats working for big money corporatism. Those stooges don't want to pass the Build Back Better infrastructure package, increase minimum wage, make community colleges tuition-free, pass student loan relief, or institute a Green New Deal or Federal voting rights protections. Basically, your bosses want You to pay more.


In 2008 under Bush-Cheney, Big Banks & MegaCorporations overextended past the point of collapse, but Republicans & Democrats were "bipartisan" (corporatist) and rescued most of the biggest losers. Obama & TARP provided over $600 billion in loans & guarantees, controversially allowing the (failed) owners, directors, and managers to keep their positions. By end 2009 nearly 9 million jobs were lost, and US household net worth dropped over $12 trillion dollars. 


Four years ago today, 22 Dec 2017, Pres. Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act after Mitch McConnell's Republicans pushed the legislation past the US Senate with 51 votes. Costly Public Law 115–97 was trumpeted as "rocket fuel for our economy" but the tax cuts only helped the rich. Lack of funds led to further social service cuts, forcing us to pay for every small service. Duped Again.


Monday, December 20, 2021

Oh My!

The English endured a horribly dreadful year, but carry-on. 

Dodgy Boris continues to govern. 

Perhaps better news will emerge from the ashes of 2021...


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Epstein Blackmail

Jeff Epstein had a dark & sordid background, and it appears Ghislaine Maxwell was intimately involved over many years. In his past conviction while alive, it was proven Epstein was a sexual criminal & scumball, yet he largely escaped serious penalty. 


Important questions around Jeffrey Epstein relate to money & power. Who bankrolled him and why? Who funded the sex island and his aircraft? How could he continue for so long? How much did Trump, Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Alexander Acosta, and Prince Andrew know about Jeffrey Epstein? How did Epstein become a member of the Council on Foreign Relations & The Trilateral Commission (which have no young girls) -- WHY was college-dropout Epstein active in such power-focused circles? It's a deep conspiracy!


Was blackmail a component of Jeffrey Epstein's well-placed circles of prestigious 'friends' ... and if so, is there evidence? Basically, it appears Epstein suicided. Now his former bosom buddy is on public trial but truly important questions somehow remain both unasked & unanswered.  


Surely many people in the social circles of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell shared no sexual misadventures with either of them. Of course, many Epstein relationships had no blackmail component. Certainly. But then why is the topic strangely off-limits? Maybe Epstein collected blackmail; maybe Epstein was forced to pay blackmail. Maybe the blackmail secured favors other than sex or money for powers behind the scenes. Will Justice tell us?


Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery  (by Landon Thomas Jr. in New York Magazine, 28 Oct 2002)

"He's a Lot of Fun to Be With": Inside Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump's Epic Bromance  (by Craig Unger in Vanity Fair, 21 Jan 2021)


Sunday, December 12, 2021

US Navy Poisons Hawai'i's Water


Red Hill is tip-of-the-iceberg for US Navy pollution in Hawai'i. Military stockpiles include corroding weapons, bio-hazards, toxic chemicals & nuclear contaminants. Ugh. 

Colonial Power, please leave Hawaiians in Peace.

Arrogant Military, please leave.

Thursday, December 09, 2021

Git !

Yankee badly poisoned Hawai'i's water, abusing the 'āina. Git.


Thursday, December 02, 2021

Control over Women

Reproductive choice is an important right & responsibility. Many communities prefer to ignore the issue, or enact intrusive laws governing women. Here's a heartfelt analysis from the USA nearly 50 years ago. 


(Thankfully, editors now can't control timely information so easily).





Paul Ryan's a Murdoch bootlick

What's little weasel Paul Ryan (R) doing since losing Speaker of the House? Quietly hoarding $$$$ till resurfacing to govern us. 


Appointed March 14, 2019 to Fox Corp Board of Directors, he'd made $173,670 by June 30, 2019. Fox now pays him about $350,000 per year; he owns deferred Class A stock worth about $900,000 in Fox Corp. YES - Paul Ryan's a Murdoch bootlick.


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Mucky Murdoch's Fox

 Murdoch's "News" is degenerate. 

    Murdoch's Fox is combative. 

        Murdoch's Fox is poison.


Monday, November 22, 2021

God-Awful Sami

 In Uppsala Cathedral on Wed, 24 Nov 2021, the Church of Sweden will try to apologize to the Sami people for a long history of continuing colonial abuse. The Church is budgeting 40million kr (about US$4.5m) to work on reconciliation activities. Wednesday's small but positive step should attract wide attention.


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Welcome to The Machine

Grim vision sees us all being milked & worked - ripe for slaughter - with feeble response.


Sunday, September 26, 2021


Arlington National Cemetery heroes include this crooked disGrace! Weed-out the killer. Get her out of there. 

Exhume the killer Grace Fortescue from Arlington National Cemetery.


Thursday, September 23, 2021

Friday, September 17, 2021

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Y is Still YELLOW

Racism is not fun. Ignoring racist symbols allows their survival. It's absurd in 2021 in the USA an "Oriental" race is still officially labeled "Y" -- Please Work to Uproot Racism


Y   Not  


TRUE & SAD.  Early 1980s, a restaurant in Urawa, Japan: a nearby Japanese guy starts complaining of American racism; he'd been a student at the University of Southern Mississippi. He showed us his State of Mississippi Driver's License, displaying Race = Y. He said: "I complained to the officer - he said Y was for 'Yellow' - So I held up something yellow next to my skin - I was mad. The officer brushed me away: 'Boy, you're Japanese. You are Yellow.'"

40 years later: Mississippi licenses now don't show Race. But application & collected data still include Race... [in 2021]  Rule 2.6 Instructions for Completing the Application for Mississippi Driver License or Temporary Permit - Form DL-4    Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 45-1-3

4. Race - Use the following abbreviations:

W- White  B- Black  Y- Oriental  I- Indian  O- Other


BAD !                  


Monday, September 13, 2021

Aloha America

The Story of Occupied Hawai'i:

Forced overthrow, Violent cultural suppression - US Military Occupation.

Aloha was Crushed by fortune-hunting FORCE

Hawaiians now can't afford life under Occupation

Saturday, September 04, 2021

GHANTA - The Ritual Bell

Adapted from Sanskrit Magazine (with changes):
The Ghanta or temple bell is extraordinary. The bell and/or clapper may be panchaloha (panchadhatu) or gold, silver, copper, zinc / brass and meteoric iron, with perhaps cadmium, lead, nickel, chromium or manganese. The scientific mix of proportions produces a distinct sound unifying the left & right brain. The instant you ring the bell, it generates a sharp and lasting sound - minimum seven seconds of echo to touch your seven healing centers or chakras.

The moment the bell sounds your brain is emptied of all thoughts. You enter a trance state: receptive and aware. You are normally so occupied in mind that only way to awaken you is with a Shock! And trust me Bell works as Antidote to your mind.

Before you enter temple – to awake you and prepare you for taste of awareness is the real reason behind temple bell. In other words “it helps to ring to wake yourself Up!” . To an extent Fragrant generators, Low light lamps all form Ecosystem to create awareness.

Bell or Ghanta is an indispensable part in most Hindu pujas. Ghanta is sounded before the actual puja and worship begins. A well-designed Ghanta or bell produce long strains of the sound ‘OM.’ 

A bell is rung in a Hindu temple, during the waving of light in front of the deity, while bathing the deity and while offering food. Hindu devotees on entering the temple also hit the ghanta hung in front of the sanctum sanctorum.

The most widespread belief is that the ghanta is sounded to invite the deity to accept the worship and prayers. Another belief is that it is to drive away the evil forces.

The sound made from a well-designed Ghanta is uninterrupted, reverberating, deep and sonorous.

Symbolically, the body of the bell represents time – Ananta. The tongue of the bell symbolically represents Goddess Saraswathi. The handle of the Ghanta is considered to be the vital principle (Prana Shakti) and symbolically represents Hanuman, Garuda, Nandi or Chakra.

Even while doing the ritualistic aarati, we ring the bell. It is sometimes accompanied by the auspicious sounds of the conch and other musical instruments. An added significance of ringing the bell, conch and other instruments is that they mask irrelevant noise that might disturb or distract the worshiper from devotion, concentration, and inner peace.

Start daily rituali puja (worship). Ring the bell, chanting:
Aagamaarthamtu devaanaam
gamanaarthamtu rakshasaam
Kurve ghantaaravam tatra
devataahvaahna lakshanam
This bell ring invokes GOD. Virtuous & noble forces welcome - NOW oust ignorance & every darkness.