Monday, July 21, 2014

New Kids at the Wok

Thousands of grubby illegal immigrant children are demanding access to dining rooms & club facilities in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and other upmarket centers.

"All we want is a better life" said one 17-year old child, who claimed to have served American CIA interests in Honduras. "And we're not stupid - nobody wants to be bussed to Detroit."

Some lice-ridden children expect to gain entry to exclusive Yale University dining clubs. "Mi madre weep mucho to America now coming. Los chinos too much make or - Now us chancing!"

In related news, a parents rally in China's Shenzhen city (深圳) was broken up by security officials, who found 48 newly-loaded shipping containers - each already packed with hundreds of Chinese children & young adults prepared for US emmigration. "We're closer to the American Dream than 99% of Americans, who don't yet realize they're corporate-controlled. And sure we're being manipulated. But before US consensus that Charity begins at home, we suck the teat of Uncle Sam."

President Barack Obama's US$3 billion immigration emergency relief fund is now inundated with business provider requests as Americans debate if uninvited guests may be spoiled or boiled. For US-supplied Israeli forces now invading Gaza, it's all good: Busy Yankee, Minimal oversight. Suggestions the immigration crisis be funded from the much larger US aid-to-Israel budget are met with silence.