Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Jump up, clap for a long time
(purposeful design)   Führerprinzip

So many national figures support Our Leader.
Trust.  Believe.
They Care For All of Us


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Servile No More!

The US Federal Government & State of Hawai'i have Constitutional obligations to Native Hawaiians to administer our inheritance.

The Public Land Trust includes much of the 1.8 million acres of land taken from Hawaiians, generating major revenues supposed to be for Native Hawaiian beneficiaries. This inheritance has been deliberately neglected & subverted, but business-as-usual is now unsustainable!

Being polite and offering Aloha have proved unsuccessful.

Here's discussion of this issue, and what we're doing to make it right:

Reasserting sovereignty will not be easy

Hawaiian pule (prayers): Nā 'Aumākua & E Hō Mai

Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Wee Bit of Scotland

Enjoyed a fine Burns Supper at our friend's Östermalm home
w/ poetry, music & all the trimmings.
Lord Be Thanket !

Dislike Forcefeeding?

I don't like being herded, or forced into disagreeable procedures.

Most people may be more accepting, or insensitive...

In many cases, half the battle is to properly define the problem. Help is often near if you know the correct terminology.

An example:

Using my Electrolux EMS2020 microwave oven to warm or heat items, I'll typically do something else while it operates. When its procedure ends, it stops moving, and a bell softly chirps. Wonderful.

However, if I do not attend to it immediately and the door is unopened, after some seconds a reminder bell chirps.

I hate that reminder.

Unfortunately, I bought my microwave when living in Korea, and the interface is all Hangul. There may be an override to the reminder bell, but I've not found it yet (and because a bypass may exist, I'm perhaps more irritated).

Do you use Windows 10 ?

Microsoft is typically OK in allowing adjustments - and while not always making settings simple or intuitive, they've now had long experience with user angst. Some will remember their talking paperclip, Microsoft's 'Clippy' ...

I've recently been troubled by the Windows lockscreen time. Go away for a minute, and the Windows login screen appears. I don't mind typing my password once or twice a day, but not more often.

I tried unsuccessfully to find an adjustment in Windows settings.

So I searched for adjust time Windows login screen in my favorite search engine, only to find the procedure is hugely & unnecessarily complex. Why? It's rude forcing the world to live with a mandatory & inflexible timeout after one-minute. To what purpose?

1) sometimes, Microsoft, you suck
2) your own Microsoft help page put me in the Registry searching for a setting that did not exist - weird ("ScreenSaveTimeOut string value item). It claimed default timeout is 15 minutes (900 seconds) when in fact it is one minute... 
3) if you are bothered by this Microsoft imposition, here's how to change the timeout:
two-step, complex procedure -- but successful.

Redesign Your Life !

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Monday, January 22, 2018


Brexit promises, often bollocks, had pie-in-the-sky funds for the NHS.

The better betrayal tag:  ukchuck

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hawai'i's Traitor List

Who took up arms against the Kingdom of Hawai'i and her native people?

The newly-formed Republic of Hawaii Army included 458 officers & soldiers.

We also know who was active in the so-called "Citizen's Guard" because the coup plotters made certain to publish each of the 740 names - to share the burden of guilt. Some of these paramilitary mercenaries were only briefly in Hawaii, but they carried a rifle and kept the locals from gettin' uppity.

Thus 1198 poisonous snakes not to be forgotten.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Public Use / Official Use ?

Chinese characters are widely used in Japan. But after divergent usage over many hundreds of years (often over a thousand years), meanings became slightly different.

I've become intrigued by the characters 公用

In China, it seems this consistently means "public use"

In Japan however, it's often "Official Use Only - Stay Away!"

Very different, almost opposite meanings...

Of course, Japan's paradise for officialdom, with many cumbersome administrative processes, and an army of paper-pushing bureaucrats (each convinced their own non-productive work is essential).

I'm still getting to grips with this difference; further reports as I discover more.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pissing on Stockholm

Stockholm needs more public toilets.

How to best say this, or illustrate the problem?

It seems substantive change will only come from embarrassing our community leadership.

-- sell adult diapers as cruise ships dock at the quay
-- find older folk who've suffered
-- ask those w/ medical issues for their horror stories
-- distribute each tourist a "piss cup" ... etc ...

Stockholm needs more public toilets.

It's basic humanity.

Monday, January 15, 2018


US-backed overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, 17 Jan 1893, led to 125 years of careless vacationers, cultural genocide & military occupation. Restore Native Hawaiian illegally-diminished inheritance. Peace, Land, & Aloha.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Please don't insult the host

'Āina is a very important word for Hawaiian culture. Hawaiian lands are permeated with the hope, sweat, bones and Aloha of native people. 

Hawai'i is infused with great energies; respect local kuleana, please walk carefully.

Dole drums

Sanford Ballard Dole, 48 years old and a member of the Queen's Privy Council, was "President" after the illegal US-backed coup (16-17 Jan, 1893) aggressively overthrew Hawai'i's government.

Dole is now symbolic of treachery for theft of Hawaiian inheritance.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fak Dup Nation

The USA has become horrendous.

The "boiled frog phenomenon" helps Americans overlook or ignore cruelty & heartlessness. These failures are clear to any objective visitor.

The US prison system's heavily populated by people with mental health issues. Others w/ psychological problems roam the streets, homeless. They belong to a class of people widely known as Fakm.

Sure, foolish Yankee constructed cruel communities requiring almost everyone to suffer and work hard. But for people where minimum level's impossible, our system only says Fakm.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Yes Virginia, it's a Dangerous World

Rereading a history of newspaper self-censorship in service to American Empire (link)  

"Freedom of the press" in America is mirage, PR & bullshit.

Is it reasonable The New York Times still is patting itself on the back after publishing the Pentagon Papers 47 years ago? Thanks, but a long time's passed - (generations back, to the days of Brezhnev, and when gas in America cost 40¢ a gallon) - what have you done for us lately?   Far too little - this century's NYT bosses spinelessly serve America's ruling elite...

A key quote comes from Bill Keller of his stint as Executive Editor of The New York Times:

"Three years after 9/11, we, as a country, were still under the influence of that trauma, and we, as a newspaper, were not immune. It was not a kind of patriotic rapture. It was an acute sense that the world was a dangerous place."

Yes, the world was (and is) a Dangerous Place.
Our secret government is very dangerous.

Keep the citizenry ignorant, and you steal away our oversight capability from us.

Treating the public as ENEMY extended the corruption of Bush & Obama governments. We continue enriching the officials as individuals, and rewarding their corporate & military support systems.

Disregard and contempt for the public by media giants is unsurprising. Expect the Ochs-Sulzberger family and The New York Times to feed you sugar-coated bullshit... and the Murdochs & Fox / News Corp are even worse. Corporate media has steadily eliminated experiments with public interest oversight: The Washington Post ombudsman was eliminated in 2013, The New York Times public editor was axed mid-2017.

Neither has corporate media done enough to secure unimpeded public access to worldwide news & information, now threatened by recent FCC surrender of "net neutrality" ... Media & big ISP (internet service providers such as Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum or AT&T) work to build their mega-corporations. Allowing internet repackaging by the ISP carries our nation of sheep substantially closer to the slaughterhouse.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Media Make Weather

Commercial media, the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and the National Weather Service have whipped-up a frenzy over the past 48-hours predicting bombogenesis and "bomb cyclone" weather for New England...

Stay Safe !

Now this morning CNN 'teased' on New England's overnight bomb cyclone weather, eventually serving up the number four news slot at 22 past the hour -- repeatedly promising the extreme weather report was coming, but first showing viewers a Trump exposé, and then reports on North Korea and then Pakistan ... First they tie our knickers in knots, then they play us like fish on a line

image from GoodMorningSkillsaw