Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Truth Suppression

To be wrong ain't good.
Suppressing truth is much worse.

Japan's leadership is accused of actively suppressing data-collection around the Fukushima nuclear disaster (link).

Looking at official statements, it's fair to declare coverup
-- Two nuclear reactor containment buildings exploded dramatically; Japanese officials claimed, no worries!
-- Nuclear meltdowns: Official admissions years too slow

Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.
                  -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

People have busy lives, but life-and-death issues are important. Japan's nuclear industry, political leadership, and bureaucracy are criminal.

Many take hints from American bravado. Militarist Bush was reelected, and now honorably retired. Lance Armstrong brazenly defrauded the world, yet is still richly celebrated. Stupidity brings fame as funny media entertainment. We cannot allow deceit to flourish, and devious people to feel there are no consequences...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ruled By Scumpany Ltd?

Volkswagen has admitted irregularities; their doctored automotive emissions add unknown hazards & poisons to our environment.

Don't allow secret corporate trade pacts to further corrupt our governments and poison worldwide lives for private profit.

Never accept TTP, TTIP, or TISA

Friday, September 25, 2015

Inc. Crime

This week's Volkswagen emissions scandal draws attention to dangers in the major secret trade agreements being hatched by global corporations, the USA, and foolish governments elsewhere.

Individual nations are to give-up most ability to monitor & license multinational businesses. The cases of Enron, Worldcom, Toshiba, Olympus, Volkswagen and countless others show the dangers of a corporate-managed world. Remember thalidomide babies and Chisso-Minamata mercury poisoning? Greed plus poor oversight led to many thousands of horrific injuries.


PS - The above scandalous stories are merely the tip of a polluted frozen block of waste, as discharged from passenger plane toilets. Corporate scum such as Lance Armstrong & Bernie Madoff ride free for many years -- most weasels never unmasked. We commoners pay!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fair Share of Refugees

BBC reports:
"US President Barack Obama said all European states should accept their "fair share" of asylum seekers"

"Fairness" would put millions of displaced people in places that elected George W. Bush and FuckYou Dick Cheney.

Texas should get a few million Iraqi refugees thanks to Pres. Bush.

Wyoming can receive millions of Afghan refugees; thank Cheney.

Other Americans who foolishly supported imperialist aggression can partly repay error by hosting a refugee family. America's militarist "solution" crippled huge populations & now hobbles Europe.

As the asylum seekers are not European, but simply terrified displaced humans, support should come from many directions.

Japan last year accepted 11 asylum sufferers

Japan: No No NO Refugees

Corporate Reamed

I like big business for economies-of-scale and efficiency. Big corporations also provide wealth & can counter public sector corruption when they choose to do so.

But there's no good reason mega-corporations should create and fine-tune major global trade agreements which will tie our hands and change our lives. Our governments are corrupted to communicate with corporations but not the citizenry.

Discussions have been kept secret from public scrutiny.

The projects should be trashed.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership

Trade in Services Agreement
(abandoned already by Singapore & Uruguay)

More info at: Our World is Not For Sale

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Japan's PM a War Criminal?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe is being labeled a "War Criminal" (戦犯 - link) for his belligerent efforts to re-militarize Japan.

Why do local and international news reports feature one instance of disrespectful streetside graffiti from a rural Gifu parking lot?
「こいつは平成のA級戦犯」  (link)

Should PM Abe be lumped as a Class A War Criminal with his infamous maternal grandfather, the Monster of Manchukuo Nobusuke Kishi? (Prime Minister Abe, 安倍晋三, is no known relation to Japanese convicted war criminal Hiroshi Abe - link).

Both Kishi & Abe have ultimately served the interests of America's military -- (more than assisting Japan)?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

How Many Bureaucrats Fit on Your Bike?

I feel continuing pain from Japanese bureaucracy's presumption: backed by law, it's essential we satisfy their demands. They extract huge energies... imagine swimming with a backpack heavy with regulations & administrative documents.  Or a competitive cyclist towing two administrators.

Officials are doing their jobs to gather information, data, license fees, receipts, etc., but huge bureaucracy has great cost. It's wrong when public servants stop being support staff. It's wrong when government employees become self-serving parasites forcing the public to work for them. It's dangerous when bureaucrats operate secretly, controlling the public "for our own good"... (Big players in Japan, China, and Korea learn how money can navigate the bureaucracy, which by definition invites corruption).

Productive activities become bogged-down by bureaucratic reporting. Of course, too few officials examine officialdom cost / benefits.

Hinomaru hiru
Japanese leech

This book calls out a protest:

Friday, September 11, 2015

Atomic Sushi

Today's heavy rain around the crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor led to drainage pump failure, leaking radioactivity into the ocean & wider environment (11-12 Sept. 2015 & ongoing: Tokyo Electric Power TEPCO; further link here).

Effect on Pacific Ocean fish & sea life is unknown...

Is TEPCO irresponsible?  Are they criminal?

Japan: No No NO Refugees

Over 5000 foreign people applied in Japan for refugee status in 2014 (link), and 11 were approved.

Evidence of institutionalized racism?

Prof. Sadako Ogata served 10 years as U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (and another nine years as Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA President) doing huge good around the globe. But Prof. Ogata totally failed making much political impression at home in Japan -- where foreigners are devils.

Marginalized People

The United Nations General Assembly yesterday voted overwhelmingly to support flying the flag of Palestine at the United Nations. The State of Palestine has been a UN non-member observer State since 29 November 2012. The Vatican flag will now also be flown at the UN as the only other non-member observer State.

UN Resolution 120A/69/L.87 needed majority support to pass, with final vote 119-8; the eight nations opposed were Australia, Canada, Israel, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau, Tuvalu, USA.

Marginalization & demonization of Palestine, Israel, and their neighbors nonetheless continues. The people of Palestine have suffered encroachment for many decades by state-sponsored settlers from the State of Israel. This extra-territorial "settlement process" has become highly controversial. Many inside Israel don't support the long-term strategy seeking to enlarge the Israeli state, as the often violent processes have led to assorted forms of global isolation. Israeli right-wing political leaders have sought to keep state borders nebulous, though this keeps Israel's "recognized territory" in an odd status, distinct from conquered lands and annexed regions.

Remaining marginalized people include those in Taiwan. Are they properly represented at the UN by the PRC government of Beijing?

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Bureaucratic Japan - Bad Hospitality

Japan's bureaucracy is very costly. It creates jobs, and survives for its self-reinforcing audit functions. But bureaucracy is typically inhospitable.

First experience of Japan for most visitors is the rat maze at Narita airport, briskly processed by dutiful officials. Arriving visitors to Japan must fill-in by hand multiple immigration and customs forms, although traveler details are already within electronic databases (in contrast, when traveling to Sweden there's no such paperwork). Travelers arriving in Japan have photo & fingerprints taken after passport scan --  for many, this is their first fingerprinting experience (uncomfortably, data is then shared among global intelligence agencies). The overall experience is bureaucratic and not welcoming!

But this is only the first affront of Japan's costly bureaucracy. Huge corruption at Olympus and Toshiba was ignored, as was criminal food mislabeling by high-end restaurants in Japan over many decades. Corrupt persons flow between sectors, so overviews are often best available from foreign sources.

Bureaucracy maintains the right to assert itself into every transaction under the rubric of either audit or security ("protecting taxpayer money" for public-funded expenses). We expect consistency, so discourage public officials from being individually imaginative; most have little time and no investigation budgets. They attack low-hanging fruit lacking defenses. Tiny operations are crucified and closed, while monsters roam free. This happens everywhere. The US Justice Department found huge big business corruption fueling the 2008 financial crisis: but failed to prosecute individual major criminals. Government levied billions of dollars in corporate penalties, but while the amounts collected seem large, the bureaucracy recruited to protect us costs more.

Japan's army of officials looks at other nations such as the USA or South Korea and judges Japan not highly unusual or demanding, but they typically misread the situation. Operations should be compared to best practices, not merely aspiring to average-level annoyance. And someone must ask if the project and data collected are truly important, rather than simply confirming data is entered in each & every question box.

Tourists have many options, and places such as Sweden & Singapore offering an excellent welcome, smooth entry & warmer hospitality understandably draw resources steadily away from Japan...

Welcome to Japan!  (島根県警察本部)

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Brady's Balls

Tom Brady's opponents might describe him as "arrogant & powerful"-- but Brady's a minor punk to the mighty National Football League's dozens of megarich owners & their league bureaucracy, while all pale before the global media machine. Here's link to a great article by Robert Parry in Consortium News, "A Deflategate Slapdown of NFL and MSM"

Summary justice by media can be costly & deadly as the public is played for chumps in the same way Saddam Hussein's Iraq directly threatened the USA with (bullshit) "weapons of mass destruction"... Those who see New England Patriots football quarterback Tom Brady only as a hated competitor should recognize that big mouth right-wing Fox kangaroo courts are an American menace.

Some top excerpts from Parry:
"it's increasingly rare when a powerful institution protects an individual from unfair and abusive treatment by another powerful institution"

"Considering how much ink and time were devoted to this overblown Deflategate "scandal" there was almost no serious examination of the actual evidence. Yet, here was the NFL, an institution with arguably as much integrity as the tobacco industry in how they deal with facts. The NFL has covered up the risks of concussions much as the cigarette makers hid the cancer implications of smoking. Why would anyone trust the NFL about anything?"

"Over the years, again and again, I have seen not only large institutions lie but the media side with those powers-that-be even when the institutions have a long record of dishonesty and high-handedness."

"in this rare case – at least rare in my recent experience – Judge Berman looked at the NFL’s accusations and evidence with an objective eye – and sided with an individual against an arrogant and powerful institution."

Read Parry's full article here (link)

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Refugee Pain

Refugees from the Middle East & Africa continue to leave their war-torn homelands and pour into Europe.

Conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron sees refugees merely as "a swarm of people" (link) rather than war-displaced, desperate families -- rousted from their homes by his own nation's imperialist interventions and overseas military operations.

Blame arms makers & Bush, Cheney, Blair, Obama, & Netanyahu.

Militarists threaten and attack governments they don't like, seeking to "bomb them back to the Stone Age"...

Our violence doesn't work. We continue to pay for our Big Nasty Imperial military and its destabilizing aftermath and consequences. We created hugely expensive suffering. Don't forget the USA at some time was funding Saddam Hussein's Iraq, the mujaheddin and Taliban, ISIL / ISIS fighters, the Khmer Rouge, etc. We've poured money into the military-led oppression of Egypt's General el Sisi and other brutal regimes. Our meddling and our continuing military occupations destabilize nations and harm uncounted innocent people.

Military aggression causes too much human misery, and cripples the world with millions of refugees. We need investment in strategy & diplomacy. Bring our troops home now!