Thursday, December 29, 2016

Does Israel Support Hawaiian Colonization?

Did President Obama finally stand up to Netanyahu and defy the Israeli right-wing?

The Obama administration abstained from (voting for or against) United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334(2016) reaffirming Israeli settlements have no legal validity in Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, and that Israel as occupying Power is obliged to abide by the Geneva Convention. The resolution passed 14-0-1.

Netanyahu supposedly is livid at Obama. More likely this is all a setup so Obama can soon be appointed an official "Envoy to the Middle East" under the veneer he'll resist Israeli bullying. Obama's Administration at its toughest has been a slightly disobedient lapdog while a key funder & servile friend of Israel. For nearly eight years, regardless of commitments, the two-state solution has made no progress. Occupied territories in the Middle East are politically unstable; civilian populations are suffering. It has seemed among the big powers, the quest for sustainable peace has been abandoned. Obama is accused (link) throughout his administration of turning his back on the large non-Jewish civilian population forced to live under Israeli occupation.

If Netanyahu is truly displeased with the USA, he can easily draw global attention to the American occupation of Hawai'i.

Otherwise, this is all a deceptive show.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Enjoy a Progressive Crèche

Have you looked at a crèche this year, or perhaps set-up a Nativity scene at home?

My home's next to the huge Gustav Vasa Church in central Stockholm (Sweden). This year the crèche attracted my attention because the church is closed for renovation. Behind a construction fence and among the rubble of reconstruction, we can see a huge star of lights and the crèche. It's a progressive crèche.

Somewhat similar to the Advent candles, where one more is lit each week, this crèche changes over the holiday season to follow the Nativity story.

Now it's 23rd December, and only animals are in the manger.

Sometime tomorrow, Joseph & Mary will arrive. And in the wee hours of the next morning, we can expect the Christ child. They'll be joined by the Magi, three wise men.

The progression is of course important. We should remember the birth was in a primitive manger, and not at better facilities nearby. There was no room at the inn for a heavily pregnant woman exhausted from long travels...

Please draw your own lessons. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Desecrating Graves Insults Hawaiians

US President Obama has family graves in Kenya maintained by Siaya County.  Obama's grandfather & father are buried in a respectful place in Kogelo village. The President's father died in 1982, during his son's senior year at Columbia College, New York City.

People around the world respect the dead. It's truly sad when the sacred is dirtied, deliberately or otherwise. Yet this week Obama played golf on Heleloa Hawaiian Cemetery -- (seized by U.S. Marines, bulldozed & dubbed Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course). Thousands of Hawaiians were honorably buried in this sacred place.

American film star Jennifer Lawrence was recently interviewed (link) laughing about scratching her rump on Hawaiian sacred stones. She then joked of destroying a site she'd been told was culturally sacred. These are atrocities -- NOT FUNNY.

Now I'm looking at Jennifer's grandmama's gravestone photo in Sulphur Cemetery, Henry County, Kentucky, May She Rest in Peace. Fortunately my butt don't itch. Granny probably knew Jen's an ass. I expected better from President Obama, but surely it would not be proper to use his father's grave as a place for sports?  ... or a place to cut & paint my toenails? NO.

Yankee's desecration of Hawai'i, Mokapu & elsewhere, invites spiritual retaliation. Continuing dishonor by U.S. soldiers, visitors & officials is misguided, unsustainable & clearly wrong.

Reach into My Grave !
Mokapu putt, squatter shame
Shaka President ?


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Absentee Capitalist Crimes

Did 63 million Americans truly vote for Donald Trump? If so, more than 60 million will soon feel betrayed.

President Trump now promises to assist big business. He's likely to help Russia & Israel before he helps us.

Some counsel "wait & see" ... but Trump's long record as a deceptive sack of shit is sure to extend. He's chosen to surround himself with sleazy people. His idea of patriotism is to repatriate wealth to Trump® & his buddies.

He seemed successful reaching out to Joe & Ruby-Sue Dumfux. In the few weeks since Election Day, these people are already left behind, holding promises. We'll all pay for their gullibility.

Joe & Ruby-Sue probably missed today's memo from Japan, which displays the modus operandi of crony capitalism. "Government to help fund Fukushima decontamination, easing Tepco’s burden" explains that the nuclear power operator TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company, a private firm), will not pay the costs for their disastrous Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns

In essence, crony capitalism fails -- and the public pays for cleanup.

Monday, December 12, 2016

US Democracy Dead

Close Presidential election results in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania have been declared beyond review: recount procedures have been halted by partisan officials.

Although election laws provide scope for recount, America's major political parties, Republican & Democrat, have joined forces in denying the people a better understanding of results.

Welcome to Corruption, USA

Brittle PM Theresa May

Make way for a snooty wet rag!

Prime Minister Theresa May seeks to channel the poise & dignity of Her Majesty the Queen, or Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla Parker-Bowles). But dismally poor efforts result in may hem.

The wench is bad news.
More to be added ....

Monday, December 05, 2016

Monsanto Sucks

The Feds sided with scumball Monsanto: Local people have no control over potential poisoning of their land, air, water and ocean with pesticides, industrial chemicals or GMO (genetically modified organisms). 

Democracy in Action? 
Rich Man Government clearly says FUCK YOU.

Success at the polls in November 2014 for a GMO moratorium meant little. Agribusiness forces regrouped and challenged the limits in the courts.

Democracy is used as a tool of control, and ignored when inconveniencing the powerful.

Of course, toxic Bayer / Monsanto chemicals run off the land into the ocean. They float on the water and react to strong sunshine.  Enjoy swimming in a chemical soup? Hawaiian efforts to protect nature were crushed by overseas profiteers. Welcome to Maui stupid tourist.