Thursday, April 30, 2020

Trump's Wartime Failures

Upset by COVID-19, on 18 March Commander Trump claimed he sees his efforts with the virus "as a Wartime President."

If this is WAR, we follow pompous, dangerous fools

WAR leader failures cause BIG suffering:
• Costly flip-flop from "ALL OK!" to 50,000+ dead
• Can't provide PPE helmets to front-line troops
• His imaginary weapons can't fight the enemy
• Poor coordination; Actively alienates allies
• GI Bill, R&R for Med staff = Zero budgeted
• Spending focus: Bailout Crony industries
• Strategic focus: Simple Duck-and-Cover

Friday, April 24, 2020

Trump Flunkies - Shut Him Up

Yesterday Trump was "brainstorming" in front of an anxious world. Can we inject disinfectant and get clean of COVID-19?

These half-baked ideas are dangerous.

Sunshine Helps - can we drag the sun closer to the USA?

Scientists of the world are ... disgusted

DO NOT INJECT wash liquid to get clean.
Do not experiment on yourself or on others!