Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nuclear Waste Neighbor?

Don't be deceived by those selling nuclear development 'opportunity' -- offers of jobs & money mean nothing when poisoned (as in Fukushima) and being forced to evacuate your neighborhood forever.

How can industry & government impose massive quarantine while claiming "All is well" ... ? Only possible for a public deliberately misinformed and confused.

We must learn from past mistakes! Nuclear power generates nuclear waste dumps. Your nuclear waste is stockpiled a short distance from your atomic reactor. Your local nuclear waste dump is an unstable target for deliberate misadventure, poisonous accident, and deadly stupidity.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Kids Unkosher

Shiny seaside rain
Flowers for the family
Gaza internees

Collective clearance
Punish everyone non-Jew
Prisoners Of War.

Homan its Bad !

Internet Voting

If you live in America, in exchange for web access, your internet provider seeks to suck you dry. Net neutrality opponents such as Verizon are dangerous to our continued use of a robust internet.

Verizon weasels & Fox News are vermin -- scavengers sickly hungry for your blood. If you can, go elsewhere for service. If they can, they'll twist the news, and cutoff your access to non-corporate opinion. Don't enlist in their browbeating -- paying to become another mega-business spokesperson.  Verizon is a turnoff. Fox News? Turn it off.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Opportunity Herzog

Son of Israeli General (later President) Chaim Herzog, grandson of Israel's first Chief Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, little "Buji" Herzog promises moderate new leadership in The Promised Land.

The election's now 19 days away. Can Buji displace massive "Bibi" Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel?  Does it matter?

The world will be surely safer when Avigdor Lieberman and his ultra-right goons depart government. Along with Tzipi Livni and the Zionist Union, Herzog promises to make new friends & alliances for a struggling Israel. He'll also surely be a tough leader. One day Buji will be on the steps of Jerusalem's new Hurva Synagogue (בית הכנסת החורבה)... doing something positive.

PM Yitzhak (Isaac) "Buji" Herzog
10th Prime Minister of Israel from 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Choosing a Warlord: Antibiotics

Too many people must work when sick, and use assorted medicines to carry on... "Antibiotics" increase the proportion of resistant bacteria. So-called antibiotics nurture resistant & non-targeted bacterial colonies (link).

Infection can quickly kill anyone...
One treatment option uses bacteriophages, a form of bacterial parasites. Better-developed phage treatments are important.

Some links to resources:

Johns Hopkins University Phage Hunters

"Beyond Antibiotics" by Max Sherman

Sellano Phage Therapy

DSMZ possibilities




Monday, February 23, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pocket Espionage

Big companies such as Google are increasingly concerned by eroding trust.

Edward Snowden confirmed many improprieties by government & the mega-corporations (Thank You Ed!). Most recently we read of sweeping infiltration of hard drive firmware (link), spyware on USB minidrives, and British government infiltration of Dutch-French firm Gemalto to compromise SIM encryption (link). (Gemalto SIMs are used in billions of mobile phones). More crimes surely remain unknown.

Oversight by external national authorities, or others such as the EU, help keep some mega-corporations from the worst dishonesties. More oversight is necessary, and accountability.

While major corporate apps and computer programs are increasingly & carefully scrutinized, their programs often require pairing with other apps by tiny firms demanding all access. The process is not accidental. The result -- curious noses of pigs up your arse.

Backdoor weaknesses, and info gathering generally, is liable to exploitation in unforeseen ways. We've all become spying targets. This spying weakens otherwise competitive corporations and destroys trust.

Bush League

I've not met Jeb Bush. But his brother crippled the USA, tortured blindly, and rightly should be in prison for crimes against almost everyone. Their sinister father was no better. Should we give Jeb a chance?

Hell no. It would be best if we could ship the whole creepy clan to Somalia -- or anywhere that would take 'em -- along with Hilary & America's other professional politicos ...

These dancing weasels, and the rare reformer, are a distracting sideshow to the systematic rape of our nation (and the world) by profit-hungry militarists without scruple or morals.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Greek Fete

The Greek government & people have borrowed a lot, and now hope to avoid repayment. Who'll be left with the bill? Of course they hope to escape their debts without pain.

Are the Greeks being reasonable?  Should all debts be forgiven?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Korea's "ilbe" illusions

일베저장소 (Ilbe Jeojangso) is a strange phenomenon in South Korea. Young disaffected people are doing odd & crazy things. The "anything OK" bulletin board is typically labeled libertarian or right-wing, but ILBE is a kind of anarchy - and the ILBE tribe follows a disturbing trend that reaches to the top of Korean society.

People in Korea see flim-flam in action. They followed how the government bolstered one party and undermined its opponent in an election farce far dirtier than Watergate. Anything is OK. It's unethical and corrupt, a soulless crony capital system.

There is dynamic democracy in Korea - partly stifled by authoritarian rigidities and corrupt leadership. Populism thrives. Local people feel outmaneuvered, and hit-out at those weaker. Chauvinistic popular feeling regularly condemns non-Korean businesses: unreasonable attacks are justified by the rubric that "Koreans are emotional." Ultimately, everyone is either connected & protected, or an outsider without influence.

We're all encouraged to hurry. Why?  Perhaps that's a root of  일베 ...

ILBE is best translated to English as "WTF" or "whatevah..."

Those who understand what's happening often believe it's sick, sick, sick. But so is the sham government of President Park: sick, sick, sick... Outsiders not invested in Korea see rot and corruption, and understand anarchist sentiments - where the unconnected are food for the fishes. Korea is unhealthy! So sad...

Unregistered Humans!

Japan has an estimated 10,000 unregistered citizens - people who've lived all their lives amidst society. Without family registry, they're official outsiders.

Read Japan's sordid story by Tomoko Otake here (link)

Both America & Japan have far more unregistered non-citizens -- illegal alien residents. President Obama this week was attempting to grant clemency & amnesty to many young foreigners illegally in the USA. Those plans are now waylaid by court order.

Nobody likes bureaucratic red tape. It's most horrible when entangled. But social services reasonably collect details to fuel their activities & for auditing oversight. Otherwise our taxes only disappear. We've yet to develop wholly robust systems, and poor systems discourage our investments in social services. Illegal aliens may have forced their way into our living room, and pushed aside those  invited, but gate crashers haven't right to remain. If not inviting everyone, we need controls.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Honoring Others

If we each honor the ideas & opinions of others, there can be no conflict.

Some people are pushy, some are rude. Some people wish us harm, to take our property or use us maliciously.

We cannot and perhaps should not seek to ignore such people. Recognize their ignorant and threatening malevolence.

The militarists in our midst are deeply dangerous. They speak of "acceptable error" with air strikes. But killing or maiming a single innocent person is horrible and inexcusable. In harming innocent children and non-combatants, we who fund violence target ourselves.

Our militarism is out of control, and deeply dangerous.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Torture Volunteers

Unit 731 was a Japanese wartime research facility responsible for experimenting on people: prisoners-of-war and local Chinese (link). Gruesome experiments on living humans and large scale germ-warfare trials were carried-out by medical personnel under control of the Japanese occupying military authority.

We don't know as much as we should about the horrors of Unit 731, Surgeon General Shirō Ishii, and superiors in Tokyo (731部隊石井四郎) because of huge postwar cover-up when the blood-soaked data was bartered to the American military. (Some background here - link)

Now Japan would have us believe Unit 731 victims "volunteered" for sacrifice - without anesthesia or ceremony. Sure...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Scandal Nuts

Cho Hyun-A (조현아, Heather Cho) has been heavily denounced and condemned for nutty behavior at Korean Air (땅콩 회항 or "nut rage"). The heiress has now apologized, but only after triggering great outrage over abusive behavior among Korea's wealthy families. Today she was sentenced to a year's detention with no parole... with the judge stating "human dignity was trampled upon"... Was the tantrum truly as described? Did Cho's family & colleagues suffer such antics for 40+ years? Or is Mrs. Cho a vendetta victim from the ruling class?

"Parking Argument"

After the murder of three students in North Carolina (a young couple & teenage female relative) we're pointedly told it's not a hate crime. Who put this show together? All quite reasonable?

The accused murderer's wife does not claim his innocence; yet the brutal execution-style murder was ...?  The accused's lawyer suggests almost a misdemeanor debate over parking. But someone shot three unarmed young people in the head, killing them in cold blood in their home for no good reason!

See complete video within this page:

Reasonable people would not expend energy & effort denying hate crime without expressing remorse or shame. Without first declaring great sorrow for the tragedy, these people are disgusting. It's as if a skunk were killed. Three promising young people were butchered!

Perhaps "Parking Argument" needs to be added to the list of scandalous euphemisms (link), such as "Didn't Inhale" and "Wide Stance" and "Hiking the Appalachian Trail"...

I'm sorry for the senseless dead and their family & friends.
I'm sorry also for deceived & terrorized America.
Muslim Lives Matter  #MuslimLivesMatter

America the Cruel !

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dangerous America

The Spin is In:
We're told the murder of three Islamic youths in Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA was not hate crime, but a parking argument.


Government & media also share responsibility for terrorizing the American Islamic community. Surely terrible! Many innocent people continue to die in this 5000-year "parking argument"...

Stop War, Stop Killing.
Muslim Lives Matter ! #MuslimLivesMatter

Dangerous Korea

The former Director of South Korea's National Intelligence Service, Won Sei-hoon (원세훈) has been sent to prison for three years for attempting to influence and intervene in the 2012 Korean Presidential election (link). Won & colleagues generated a massive disinformation campaign against the Presidential opposition candidate, while supporting the candidacy of now-President Park Geun-hye. The scandal greatly damaged Korea's democratic image, as well as fundamentally undermining the status and standing of President Park.

 Mr. Won was escorted to the Seoul High Court by right-wing paramilitary supporters in a futile and foolish-looking show of force & bravado.

Patriotic Delusion

Patriotism can be dangerous - as delusion distorts safety & reason.

American exceptionalism is one such case, but other peoples suffer similar befuddlement. South Korea is gradually reevaluating hubris. This week's trigger is Incheon Airport (ICO), Seoul's major gateway, too often uncritically celebrated as "The World's Best Airport" ...

I've used Incheon International Airport 50 times & feel no love - services are often closed; prices are high; the exterior is good-looking, but inside design is ugly and at best unremarkable.

Incheon is located an hour outside Seoul (some 40 miles? distance somewhat fudged), and access is typically by highway bus or taxi operating at high-speed (when possible) along a very scenic mostly waterside route. It's dangerous.

Yesterday at least two people died and dozens were injured in a huge traffic pileup on foggy Yeongjong Bridge (인천 영종대교; "the world's first 3-dimensional self-anchored suspension bridge" - which cost US$1.4 billion). In hindsight, surely traffic control signage was poor, and driving pace typically furious ...   빨리빨리 !   Victims:  Rest in Peace...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Remember Our Dictators?

A long list of scum have sold-out their people for Yankee military dollars. They purchase weapons systems and unnecessary military supplies, leaving their national economies indebted for generations. The worst dictators take a key cut of businesses and loot the national treasury; they torture and execute anyone resisting their regime.

The Philippines, beloved by America under Ferdinand Marcos and martial law, after 30+ years has yet to recover. The summary execution of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. in 1983 (within seconds of return to Manila while under Philippine military official escort) remains a brutal reminder of power politics. Hundreds of millions of dollars have now been recovered. Among our dictator friends, even when horrible mutilations & murders are well-documented, perpetrators are granted noble retirement in exile, ignored by US corporate media.

Nguyen Cao Ky (South Vietnam PM; 30 yr. refugee in USA), Harold Holt (Australian PM; vanished), Park Chung Hee (South Korean President; assassinated by colleague), Ferdinand Marcos (Philippine President; died as refugee in USA), Keith Holyoake (New Zealand PM), Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu (South Vietnam President; 25+ yr refugee in UK & USA), Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn (Thai PM; 3 yr refugee to USA), Lyndon B. Johnson (US President); SEATO, 1966

Military Democracy

People resist militarization. But "Democracy" can be ignored.
We've lost our UN World Heritage site "강정을" in Korea.
Jeju, Okinawa & Hawaii = military sacrifice !


Monday, February 09, 2015

Boot in the Face

Many local citizens of both Henoko, Okinawa (southern Japan; link), and people from Gangjeong, Jeju Island (South Korea; link), are actively protesting against expanding their region's military bases.

Repeatedly beaten, they'll not submit. Behind the local constabulary of Henoko and Gangjeong crouches the U.S. military, and behind them the multinational arms dealers poised to profit from future conflicts.

More on military expansion around Okinawa:
Battle for Okinawa (Reuters)
Tokyo snubs Okinawa's new anti-base Governor

More on Jeju:
Editorial - Limp Regret not Enough
Base construction resumes - Conflict remains
"Island of Peace" in the Crosshairs of War 

Crusade 2015

Feel our Oppression ?
Fighting for scraps is normal
The Land of the Free

Goyim-led secret?
Headquarters for this Crusade:
The New Jerusalem

Whose security?
Military industries
Waging war on US

                       --- Genki

Friday, February 06, 2015

Militarism is Terror

Is there truly a War on Terror?

Or is it a War on People - operated by militarists?

We'd have far fewer enemies if militarists didn't park "our" guns & tanks & jets & bombs in foreign lands all round the world.


Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Shut Down Militarism!

Too many misadventures. Too much reciprocal suffering. It's overdue we pull back military & weaponry to our own borders.

Send abroad teachers, engineers, doctors & nurses -- not militant combatants.

Our leaders should no longer engage in 5000-year war. Pull back, stay at home, build better lives for our own people. Doing otherwise is expensive, wasteful, doomed to fail, and cruel.

Grieving over "viciousness and barbarity" is a continuing cost of militarism to everyone.

Anti-militarist peoples of the world, Unite

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Goto Desert Death

Journalist Kenjo Goto was murdered last week in the Syrian desert by militant captors. Goto was a Japanese freelance video journalist with some twenty years of experience around the world's conflict areas. Remembered in many ways, he had strong concern for others and an active sense of tolerance:

"Closing my eyes and holding still. Anger & yelling halt everything. It's close to a prayer. Hate is not for humans; leave judgment & justice to God. That's what I learned from my Arab brothers & sisters." 

For the past 70 postwar years, Japan has allied strongly with the USA, while being largely pacifist in its global profile. But Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lusts after change, backed by an extremist right-wing and encouraged by Uncle Yankee (U.S. bases still occupy key areas of Japan, with parallel manipulations in Korea). They've embarked toward a new era of military recklessness, polluting Japan's global goodwill, and destroying the immunity often enjoyed by Japanese citizen-pacifists worldwide.

Mr. Goto graduated from Hosei University (法政大学社会学部 卒業生), which stands strongly for "Freedom & Progress" 「自由と進歩」 (link) built firmly upon Japan's renunciation of war (戦争を放棄した日本国). Pacifism is not passive acceptance of the radical right & the never-ending threats of chauvinistic nationalism & "top secret" government. Japanese people can still maneuver to escape militarism. Prime Minister Abe, now spattered with his countrymen's blood, can still avoid following his Yasukuni-enshrined predecessors to ignoble infamy and militarist waste.

Rest In Peace, Kenji Goto
後藤 健二  1967-2015

Sunday, February 01, 2015