Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Poisoned Japan

Fukushima remains a running sore: a nuclear disaster area continuously leaching poisons & pollutants into land, air & sea.

The nuclear industry tries to deceive Japanese people & the world. Pet politicians & submissive media smother popular protest, but this ongoing disaster's a major sinister threat to health.

What's the full cost to Visit Japan?
How big is the danger zone & how dangerous is life there?
What's the threat to health & reproductive ability?  (link)

Dirty Secrets Threaten Tokyo Olympics 2020...

secret silent shame
masks government strategy
Profits trump People

Baby eats fallout
Fukushima mutations
Newborn isotopes.

Cesium surprise
Losing even eyelashes
Lymphatic Luckless

Fearless global stars
Nuclear Olympic torch
Leave Japan Glowing!


Thursday, December 25, 2014


I'd like to blame You
For our crooked den of thieves
-- let tongue rest, or lose


I remember birth
Although most people do not
I've other talents ...

       -- by  Genki

Processed Food

Forgetting Sacred
Turkey breast or flavor flecks?
Cheaper mo bettah

Enjoy Natural
Synthetic sympathetic?
Scratch off shame & guilt

Infused !

Our lives are short short
If only, one more season
Ready to Reelax

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Thrown-away Homeless
Beaten Down Americans
Neglected Trauma

Each tramp, Same struggle.
Envy of entitlement?
"No room at the inn"

                      -- by Genki

Friday, December 19, 2014

Curse My Mama?

Canadian Seth Rogen is a talented comedy actor. He's expanded to Director & Writer for the controversial film "The Interview" -- where a national leader is assassinated.

Concerted push-back & sabotage have led Sony Pictures to partly disavow the film. Complaints about the film were summarily dismissed, and the scandal is trumpeted as an attack on free speech.

But the movie seems in poor taste. I've not seen it - nor have I met Seth Rogen's parents. But imagine creating a funny skit of Seth's family attacked, including rape, murder, etc. Ho ho ho - fictional comedy? Terrible! -- why antagonize & dirty what people hold dear? Some 'artistic' acts are legal, but perpetrators may regret being coarse, crude and cruel, and profiting directly from causing distress to others.

Now those irritated by Rogen are fighting back. They use illegal tactics. They've scared many businesses with threats of desperate retaliation.

Seth's project was ill-conceived. Attacking religion, or family, or nation (or other areas held dear) is dumb & dangerous. Seth's an insensitive young Canadian businessman, too eager for dollars...

Should We Care?

Japan marches toward remilitarization.

The Abe government, underwritten by American militarists, drags Japan to chauvinistic bellicosity. Japan's right wing is happier than pigs in shit; the typical citizen is quietly skeptical.

Surely Chinese interests can subdue Japanese extremism?

Should non-Japanese people care? We're permanent outsiders, not welcome among decision-makers or the common folk.

But we do care - for lives wasted needlessly...

Militarists manipulate nation-states, for big money.

The people of Japan are scheduled (again) to suffer needlessly...

Christmas Haiku

Playing in the dirt
Young kids don't stink of evil

Parasite Scoundrel
On lands owned for centuries...

You are in the way...
Disappear or be bulldozed!
Peasant local folk.

We're led and deceived:
Just a child, playing at home
Terror Extremist

Moderates gave up
Subduing the crazies
Consenting to hate

Local people's rights
Displaced by squatter zealots
Burning rival kids.

                            -- by Genki

Goon Balloon

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blasé Abe

Japanese supporters of re-militarization are cheered by last week's victory of Shinzo Abe and the right-wing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Abe claims the election was a clear mandate of support for his (poor) administration.

But most disagree.  (link)

Hawaiians Betrayed

Hawaiians Betrayed
Forgetting how to 'shaka'
Barry turns his back.

Mulatto brother
Forgetting needs, and your friends
Texting from trouble

Alone in the night
Surrounded by Injustice
An unvoiced prayer

                -- Haiku by Genki

Friday, December 12, 2014

Filial Piety

Language directs our perception & activities ( much?)

Is the word "filial piety" deliberately obscure?

For certain concepts, might we benefit from simpler & more straightforward English-language words?

a long & unwieldy word...
Language entrepreneurs: Please coin a new word !

filial piety
WTF? could this be more obscure?
(Chinese: 孝顺 --- Japanese: 親孝行 --- Korean: 효행)

I like the imagery; but not enough people know the word

Coined somewhat recently; should be better-known

I hate this word - Look at a "smartphone" two years old: it's obsolete & no longer smart (but still a 'smartphone') ... these tools have many functions ... one better term is "commby" (communications + by = short & cute)... New name needed! (generic, not a brandname)

< this list will be expanded >

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Spying on Tourists?

Visitors to Japan often complain about lack of free wi-fi (see links to stories here & here). Most residents subscribe to paid nationwide access systems; wi-fi access for short-term visitors is poor, often nonexistent (pay-as-you-go SIM cards are also strictly controlled).

But major provider Wi2 will offer an app allowing "free" access.

One BIG caveat:
"Wi2 said the Travel Japan Wi-Fi app will also collect information on user habits, such as GPS records of their travels, so the activity can be analyzed and used to focus tourist marketing strategies." (link)

Will your data be properly used? Can they securely protect all your data, after tracking your movements and habits? Costly free wi-fi?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Torturing Assholes

All the world should be outraged by the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA torture (link here to executive summary -- full report remains secret).

Many torture horrors are admitted, generously labeled "abuses and countless mistakes" (p.2 in U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein's foreword). It must be remembered government inflicted these torments on people prior to trial or conviction. Most captives were never legally tried, and some were tortured to death.

Surely government agents & outside contractors treated prisoners / captives / hostages with barbaric cruelty. This included (p.100) stripping the detainee, pushing their head down below their body, jamming a hose up their arse, and powering water into their guts -- the report's euphemism is "rectal rehydration as a means of behavior control"...

Oversight has been minimal and ineffective. The severity of American tortures, and the number tortured, is still wholly unknown.

Highlighting detainees subject to "enhanced interrogation techniques" the CIA's Director ordered officials to keep the count at 98 (report p. 476) -- so any "true" torture count is horribly tainted. But surely those mistreated, including our own armed forces, number in the millions.

Wartime diaries can supply great insights into warfare - and (link) recent beatings, muggings, and torture by less-responsible American forces.

The result of all such brutality? America is feared, but justifiably hated around the world.

Who'll be thrown to the wolves? The outsourcing company formed & hired for interrogation billed the CIA over $81 million (see Findings & Conclusions, p.11 of 19). Such funds seem substantial for a limited partnership (Mitchell Jessen and Associates) but the two main American psychologists are now being dubbed "Torture Teachers" (see also "The American Mengeles: Drs. Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell").

Shareholders in Halliburton & Blackwater corporations gained billions in taxpayer monies. Even the cost of the Senate report was over US$40 million. Damage to U.S. reputation? Priceless. Remember the smirks of George Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and their henchmen? They beggared the USA. Imprison all these swindlers with their colleague Bernie Madoff !

U.S. involvement in the ongoing wars for the Middle East cannot be justified. Claims of "keeping us secure" are bullshit - top people at the policy level didn't & do not care if Joe America lives or starves to death. The rich got richer.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Secretive Nippon?

Japan creeps closer to uncontrolled fascism, as the new "Special Secrecy Law" -- 特定秘密の保護に関する法律 -- comes into effect from today.

The Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office has already begun review and purge of people suspected to be sympathetic to anything outside Japan (link). Japanese people who've studied or worked abroad are now under suspicion.

This year's Nobel Laureate Physics, Shuji Nakamura, was stripped of Japanese nationality on becoming a naturalized American (he's a Professor at UCal Santa Barbara in the USA). Is Japan's government embarrassed? Most news in Japan simply ignores the inconvenient truth.

(Nobel co-laureate for Physics Kasumi Amano's wife has been working this year in Russia. Do foreign contacts make her less-pure & suspect?)

The rot (?!) reaches to the very top. Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife, Princess Masako, were both sent overseas to study at Oxford University. Is such excellent background now a negative liability?

Surely something is rotten in Japan -- but it is short-sighted domestic xenophobia. Japan's politicians, sad & feeble, seek Remilitarization -- against the wishes of most of the population. Narrow-focused domestic politicians & bureaucrats are once again secretly able to drag the nation to fascism & ultimate destruction.

One loud winter yell
As darkness falls on Japan.
Yoshi goes to war...

Now under Official Suspicion for Non-Japanese Experience?

Crippling Business in Korea

Korean newspapers have recently been full of allegations of horrible pricing. Foreign auto parts can be expensive if bought in Korea (link). Even the yet-to-be-opened Ikea has been criticized with front-page news stories: some product prices may be higher in Korea than elsewhere.

Korea: Welcome to Capitalism!

This populist criticism is stupid, and a form of protectionism. Korea embarrasses itself. Foreign companies wanting to do business in Korea must recognize the discriminatory system. Kentucky Fried Chicken and Lone Star (link) have suffered from this xenophobia and foreigner-bashing.

Of course prices are different internationally. Companies typically seek to charge whatever they can get - and they price strategically. Some products are cheap. Others are expensive - Don't buy when you don't wish to pay...

Outside Korea, small dishes of kimchi, namul and banchan (반찬) cost money at Korean restaurants -- inside Korea, these side dishes are usually free - provided at no cost, and with generous refills.  Should restaurants worldwide be forced to give those foods away, because they're free in Korea? Does this mean Korean restaurant owners operating in Europe and the USA are evil and should be punished?  Surely not - pricing is a business decision. When a business operator asks too much, they cannot sell their products, and soon will need to close. Search for profit is the (only) reason foreigners launch commercial activities in difficult Korea. That's business.

Wake Up Korea !

Free veggies  (Korea only?)

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Shameful Triumph Japan

Three Japanese-born researchers this week will receive the Nobel Prize for Physics, but one is now an American. Japan's government forced Dr. Shuji Nakamura to give up his Japanese nationality on becoming a naturalized US citizen.

Though news reports in Japan crow noisily about the three Japanese laureates, Prof. Nakamura is not Japanese, and in some sense is an OUTCAST. So sad, shortsighted and unnecessary!

One day Japan will recognize multiculturalism has many strengths, and global individuals will not need to give-up being Japanese. Japan today remains inward-looking, often xenophobic and racist... Nobel prizewinner Nakamura is American, no longer a son of Nippon. Fiction hides fact, even in Japanese science & technology.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

War on Islamic States

Our War on Islam ?
Syria, Iraq, Iran
And whoever else!

Zionist soldiers
Or American Defence?
Got Hagel Fired.

Japan Goes Postal

Japan's Postal Service has become a bureaucratic nightmare.

The old dependable Japanese post office is dead. Now we suffer under Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. (日本郵政株式会社), a new and wholly government-owned administrative frankenstein.

Squadrons of robotic & obstructionist younger workers have been hired to reeducate the population on the authority and primacy of bureaucrats.

Japan is still rigid & semi-feudal. The population must regularly petition officials for all sorts of silly permissions, who then must stamp OK on every page. Such antics keep Japan uncompetitive.

Yesterday I was part of an uncomfortable group watching a worker individually weigh 94 business letters (all same weight & price). I've experienced bureaucracy in mailing a postcard. Japan's bureaucratic time-wasting need not account for itself.

These nutty officials are polite but firm - Just what Japan needs in its brutal drive to Remilitarize under Abenomics.

Stuffy officials handling people as dirt...
Wielding "Essential in Japan" permissions.

Fear - Gear - Profiteer!

Fear Gear Profiteer
Make-a-killing endless war
Industrial Schmucks

War Economies!
Obama Netanyahu
Can't Consider Peace ...

              by Genki