Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Alienating Britain

Abandoning efforts to create a better Europe, the Brexit Brigade alienates non-British allies. Outright lies and exaggeration cloud the minds of the British public. They're convinced the EU wants to manipulate negotiations, somehow forcing Britain to remain under EU influence. 

But British antagonism toward Europe alongside perceived British arrogance lead many Europeans to feel:
Be Gone -- Good riddance.
Fuck Off.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Militarist capitalism FAILED

In my opinion, we can humanize our enemies, and confront the true enemy of communities: militarism. 

I'm not suggesting working people in military service are bad - it's a tough & dangerous job. 

But after criminal operations such as the Vietnam War we should have imprisoned 1000 planners & politicians... same for America's ongoing genocidal war on the "redskin" and Hawai'i's occupation. How could slave traders & slave owners escape paying compensation? 

Militarist capitalism has failed. Architects of chauvinist America should be held accountable for crimes.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Tantrum of the Will

Improving regulation of inward migration is reasonable.

But Republican leaders partner with America's fascists, maliciously insulting and threatening our Mexican & Latin American neighbors.

I fear America's ultra-right menace! 

Everyone should beware.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thumb-Up, Assholes

Local stewardship & locally-led development weaken w/o controls over licensing, immigration & investment.

The USA widely regulates inward migration; these laws & penalties need revision

Government shutdown when one suggested remedy can't gain consensus = crazy

America politico thumb up butt

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Dog-Eat-Dog will Eat You

1) Did Trump "drain the Swamp?" -- NO
2) Did Mexico pay for Trump's Wall? -- NO

America please return Trump® & crew to their penthouse lives. We're conned by flim-flam as political Hyenas kill our nation.

Nixon, Sarah Palin, mini-Bush, Pence, Paul Ryan = parasite scavengers; The Clintons, Biden, Pelosi, Barack Obama = parasite scavengers

One American psalm preserves ineffective government: "MY" party's ninny is better than YOUR party's sociopath.

We all lose from binary justification of America's political elite. Most of these people, both Red & Blue, are corrupt servants to militarism & "national security" government. Professional politicos lose an election & then quietly go about gathering money, releasing a soundburp every few months. 

Homeless kids in winter, ill Americans struggling for treatment, dog-eat-dog capitalism feeds off the weakest. Face Fact = You are among the weaker. You're an upcoming meal.