Monday, June 16, 2014

Anti-Zionist African Babies?

Why should a malnourished child in Burundi, Africa, hate fatties Avigdor Lieberman & Bibi Netanyahu? Can men & women who selflessly work for gender equality suddenly become anti-Semitic?

Yes. Because American politicians always bow down and kiss the fat arse of Israel's Zionist extremists. When UNESCO allowed Palestinian representation, the USA along with Israel stopped paying UNESCO dues. It's now three years (under the "progressive" regime of Barack Obama), and the USA is many hundreds of millions of dollars in arrears. These would be funds for the poorest of the poor, assisting people in horrible difficulties.

Military and assorted other growing aid from the USA continues to flow to wealthy Israel -- billions of Yankee dollars, a tribute to one vocal minority whose suffering supposedly justifies any form of cruelty to other peoples.