Friday, April 12, 2019

Fascist Boot?

I don't know Ola Bini. Maybe I wouldn't like him, maybe he's great.

Mr. Ola Bini was arrested in Quito, Ecuador, in parallel to this week's London arrest of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

Governments are colluding against whistle-blowers.  Julian Assange & Ola Bini may be heroes, or maybe assholes, but they are not at all murderers such as some they've revealed. Don't be tricked - without such information we're in the dark  

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Fairlady? the Furies of Nissan

Commercial Captive Carlos Ghosn, Land of the Rising Sun?

Japan concocts many corporate scandals, struck by: pollution & poisoning, deadly designs, substituting substandard components, circumventing safety audits, working employees to death, etc. -- plus unreported evils. Japan's corporate executives are rarely arrested or incarcerated even when mismanagement brings death or massive trauma (see 企業犯罪, 日本語 Wikipedia).

Nissan Mismanagement Case summary: Gaijin Beware! 

Regardless of fault, "Japan Inc." gossip tarnishes Japan's legal system & damages business. Continuing intrigue harms all Japan.  Nissan's former Chairman still praises Japan, but this video's 4:46 edit will worry his foes.   Heroic stuff!

Scandal for Nissan Motor Co, Mitsubishi Motors, Renault, & Japan
日産自動車 Nissan Mismanagement Scandal: Weird & Worrying

Monday, April 01, 2019

Sleazy Selling: the Postcard Tax Form

"Postcard" tax filing helped win US tax reform in 2017. Mega-rich got epic tax breaks, but the Republican website now seems forgotten. Was it all a CON? How is this surreal fantasy working out for you?

They were warned not to promise something unworkable, but laughed - betting on public stupidity & poor memory. The GOP never worked to achieve this promise. It's strong evidence of contempt.