Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Polluted President Park

We almost want to feel sorry for her. Single woman, led astray. Now seemingly apologetic and willing to compromise...

But President Park was an iron despot elected by using the intelligence services to seed social media with slurs and lies about her opponents (link a, link b). She crushed the teacher's union (link c), and vindictively destroyed the careers of those who criticized her, including many small-scale artists (link d, link e). She forced most of the media into fear. She repeatedly promised benefits to families, the poor & elderly that ultimately were Lies.

She did not work alone.

President Park does not deserve pity.
Park & colleagues deserve prison.

I recommend Seodaemun Prison (서대문형무소), where criminals are on display.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sad Korea

The people of South Korea have allowed their leadership and the US occupying military to use North Korea as a political football. Healing the North-South division of Korea requires great statesmanship and continuous effort.

The goal of Korea's unification is hugely important -- and should never be a trading card gambled among partisan politicians.

Foolish Korea

I've great respect for Korea.

South Korea is in turmoil due to corruption within the offices of President Geun-hye Park. Visitors and non-Koreans are troubled by ongoing public demonstrations throughout central Seoul (and in other cities). The energies of the crowds and police are unsettling, with major potential for escalating violence.

This post focuses on a harmful dimension overlooked by Koreans: there's commonly huge variation in estimating Korean crowd size. Today's BBC report is typical:

"Huge rallies have been held across South Korea for what are thought to be the largest protests so far demanding President Park Geun-hye steps down. ... Organisers said 1.5 million were in Seoul ... Police put the turnout in the capital at 270,000."

Hankyoreh reports: "For Nov. 26, the organizers estimated 1.5 million people had gone to Gwanghwmun Square in central Seoul by 9:40 pm, with another 100,000 taking to streets in Busan, 70,000 in Gwangju, and 40,000 in Daegu, for a total of 400,000 more. (Police estimated 270,000 for Seoul and 50,000 for the rest of the country.) It was the biggest demonstration in history."

Can we trust official figures? 
Or is this deliberate misstatement? Support for President Park is reported elsewhere to be in single digits (recent reports say 4%): do numbers have basis in fact?

Koreans look stupid & unreliable when continuously tolerating gross misinformation.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

TPP Sucked

Assorted stories tell of how the TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, "took more than a decade of tough negotiation."

But it was Big Business negotiating, using lobbyists and crooked politicians - the text was kept secret and great efforts kept the public in the dark.

Drafting TPP had no checks & balances except a cabal of thieves slicing up the world. TPP should be used as toilet paper & flushed away into history.

TPP was a dirty trick. Sayonara TPP.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job"

The new regime will soon take control of America.
Scare stories & distortions will face reality.
We'll see the true measure of our new President Trump.
(Of course, when anything collapses, he'll blame his orcs)

Good Luck America.

Arrogance Sunk Democrats

Too early to say how the Trump presidency might progress, but it was a close race the Democrats handled badly.

Clinton's Vice President choice of Tim Kaine was arrogant. Nice lawyer bloke, but not a choice to invigorate the young, anti-establishment, or poor. Hillary's camp decided they needn't offer much to progressives, offering only vague promises to the many people who'd come out for Bernie Sanders. Major Error.

In hindsight, Clinton should have selected Michael Moore as her running mate. He'd have delivered Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and added substantially to Democrat totals elsewhere. We could be watching Moore struggle with his grooming & weight, instead of experiencing Trump flim-flam & America's liquidation.

Naomi Klein, typically a great analyst, says "the force most responsible for creating the nightmare in which we now find ourselves wide awake (is) neoliberalism." She goes on to criticize "the rise of the Davos class" ...

What's kinda funny is that many Trump voters (probably most of them) have no idea of what Davos signifies. They instinctively know "something stinks!" Nor was this election failure solely the fault of the Clintons either. Obama's eight years should have been sufficient for delivering a more unified nation, but he chose too much "same-old, same-old"... Obama's first announced appointment in 2008 was a big disappointment: Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff. Political insiders riddle both major parties, and extremists populate the security agencies, like vermin in the corn meal. It's not a question of race or religion, but rather the need to propound a unifying vision where people feel they are participating. Perhaps the new administration can clean house ... but probably not.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Mon sta

You've seen it in the movies so many times: the Creature, hungry for blood & human meat. The lady runs, but trips... then clumsily clenches her shoe to recover dropped cosmetics while the misshapen fiend grows terribly near.

Billionaire Boy Trump is more dangerous than Ms.Hillary. He is ruthless. He hungers for pussy, and he wants more wealth & power.

The rich woman is no saint - she's an eager tool of big banking & finance, and a savvy manipulator. She'll work harder for Israel than for small-town America. She'll struggle to hold together our expensive overseas empire & "security state" homeland... She probably cannot reverse US federal disintegration.

Each tells lies... dark & dirty.

But the monster & mob of demonic republicans are far worse.
Don't imagine a small head start is enough. Break his legs, cut off his feet. Vote him dead. Reconfirm the monster is finished. His contempt for humans is legendary. His contribution crummy, tiny, unmeasurable. Don't allow him to rise again.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Bernie's Argument Copied by Trump

Trump can pay for top speechwriters.
"Tell people what they want to hear."

But we know TRUMP's® a dude who ONLY helps himself.
Trump ain't gonna "start helping You & your family"
He's a fat rich weasel who cares nothing for anyone.

Desperation reveals a flash of honesty, BUT
Republican fat cats will never deliver community-focused progress.
They are the rich political establishment.
They are the bosses.
Republicans profit by grinding your family as fertilizer.
Market forces operate on your labor.
Rich Republicans skim-off the Good Life.
...Their system leaves you shit and pain.
Your servitude makes their livelihood.
Billionaire boy does NOT feel your pain.

After subtracting false promises,
and in "an approved message"  (link)
which (sad & tragic) always will be true,
this rhetoric reflects America's needs: