Monday, December 31, 2018

Politicians Shut-Up America

Whether red or blue, Republican or Democrat, typical politicians are ARROGANT -- struggling for prestige, power, predominance, personal profit. Public Trust? ... pawn

It's wrong to Shutdown US Federal services and installations. Republican / Trump ® tax cuts cost many hundred times more than any wall! Politicians now hold citizen health & property for ransom. EXTORTION

This winter America's health is threatened: the FDA is gutted by forced furlough; about 2/3 of Centers for Disease Control workers (CDC) are shutout from work. Even you rich Republicans gamble your lives by taking away health workers and discontinuing scientific projects.

Politicos are entrusted to hold our keys & maintain common property, perhaps worth thousands of times more than any funding struggle. Politicos don't own our public property. Politicos shouldn't gamble our lives. It's an affront: politician's failures shut us out and threaten life.

Unbearable Political Arrogance - should trigger OUTRAGE.
Save Us from Politicos = Our community's true enemies.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

America Muddied by Trump

Donald Trump & his Republican allies corrupt America.

The furor over lawyer Michael Cohen is manipulated. The bottom line is at least two women were paid to keep quiet & stifle criticism that might cost votes.

Who was behind the sexual misconduct?

Who funded payoffs?

Cohen & the Trump Organization's Allen Weisselberg were working for their boss. There's no suggestion either had any personal interest. Neither of them dipped their wick, except in the money pot.

So America discusses scandal, while Trump-connected henchmen loot the Treasury, militarize the world, scheme to payout minimum / below subsistence, and rape our empire's land, air & sea.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Masters of the Universe

Miss Universe video news arrives from Thailand to us in Europe of Miss USA, Sarah Rose Summers of Nebraska, jeering, mocking & laughing at contestants from Vietnam & Cambodia. Teamed with Miss Colombia & Miss Australia, three meanies humiliate [themselves, their families, their nations, humankind?]

After a storm of criticism, the nasties dramatically offered on-camera apologies, written in English, to colleagues with poor English. In Bangkok, minor effort could translate the apology to Vietnamese & Cambodian. Evident insincerity.

Missed the clip?  (link)
Do they kiss, forget, make friends?
Better not to watch.


Trump & Sarah Rose Summers At Planet Hollywood

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Burning Bush

The family of former US President George HW Bush mourns a great loss, joined by many Americans and others around the world.

Bush's responsibilities as US president (and CIA Director, and Vice-President under Reagan) required he make tough choices. Bush surely did some wonderful things with his life. But he also caused much death & destruction - we still must deal with the ripple effects of his grave errors.

Is there an afterlife dispensing Divine Justice? Leaving aside his divisive Willie Horton strategy, and his "Read My Lips" bullshit, if there is judgement, here are two reasons Bush now burns in Hell:

1) The USA has funded & encouraged development in Central & South America by wealthy oligarchs and multinationals at the expense of local populations. Right-wing governments were assisted in repressing dissent. We supported the leaders of repressive regimes, we trained & funded paramilitary, and we were ultimately responsible for death squads and tyrannical military that killed tens of thousands across Central America during the years 1980 to 1992. Many communities lost teachers, labor organizers, religious leaders, medical staff, etc. to brutal murders we lay at the feet of Bush. The violence continues today, with refugees and asylum seekers from the region now troubling US President Trump.

2)  Iraqi forces retreating from Kuwait in late Feb / early March 1991 were massacred along major highways inside Iraq. Civilians were also killed indiscriminately on these Highways of Death. Many of the soldiers were conscripts, who'd caused no violence themselves; some were killed when surrendering. The families of these thousands of dead and wounded were thus given good reason to dislike the USA. Some turned to extreme fundamentalism, and probably rejoiced when Bush croaked. We must deal with the aftermath of Bush's foolish massacres. The Iraq errors of Bush-the-elder were compounded by the infernal mistakes of Pres. George W. Bush, his rotten son.

Satan Says:  Read My Lips

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Japanese Justice? Another Japanese Auto Scandal

Another Japanese Auto Scandal? ... or nationalist purge?

Japan's top foreign businessman Carlos Ghosn now suffers discredit in Tokyo Detention House, under arrest by Japanese prosecutors. The former Nissan Motor Chairman (along with Nissan's only American boardmember Greg Kelly) suffer extraordinarily -- perhaps for being devilish gaijin interlopers?

The arrests & orchestrated disgrace send Japan's unwelcome message to the world. Two foreign businessmen are accused of financial reporting crimes, though clearly neither could file such complex paperwork on their own in Japanese.
Some dimensions to this scandal explained:

Avoid Nissan & Mitsubishi Motors!

Many quiet voices discuss what is happening -- but we remember the nail which sticks up gets pounded down "出る釘は打たれる"