Saturday, October 29, 2011

The 1% First, All Pay

Though (sadly) rooted in "economy class" I haven't a gripe against travel firms upgrading services to those paying more. But it's wrong when government treats 99% of citizens as shit, while coddling the rich. Police & necessary security checks are paid for by everyone. There shouldn't be a special underutilized upper class line through airport security (TSA check in the US) -- while we pee-ons line up like sheep & wait in frustration. Mingle rich folk with the rest of us to speed the process overall. Richie shouldn't jump the queue for public services.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Messenger as Devil

A media organization not yet charged with crime is reportedly blackballed by PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Western Union & Bank of America. Yet I suppose these financial firms have merrily done business with tyrants such as Mubarak, Suharto, the Iranian Pahlavi clan, Dick Cheney, the Gaddafi family, and other despots...

These big corporations throttle Wikileaks.

What of Cablegate tone & content? Was the leaked information solely embarrassing, or did Wikileaks report crimes?

Corporate censorship? Spooky !

Why shoot this messenger?
And nonetheless there are ways to donate:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Step Forward & Learn

Step forward, outside your comfort zone. Meek people, beaten-down, afraid to lose your scraps - protest now & learn from one another. Don't crawl into the bushes & die quietly. Occupy a street corner with your friends & display protest signs - even for an hour. Let others know you're sickened by our social corruption.

"This is no time to hang back."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Awakening Sheeple

There's been no counterbalance to aggressive wealth. Vast majorities of people around the world are belittled. Obedience is developed & valued by our education systems above creativity. Many successful people recognize: this can't continue - but most ignore it. We're ushered to a world of wage slavery & unemployment, and shit on by trust fund brats ("born on third base believing I hit a triple")...

Too many hardworking people are damaged by this system. Small businesses are crushed by governments in service to megacorporations. Municipal workers, teachers, hospital staff, police, military, etc., our contributions undervalued, must struggle to survive in an abused state of health.

We pass a bleak future to our children... While a few handfuls of greedy people herd us closer to collapse...

The megawealthy are likely to find Social Darwinism makes a bad & dangerous world.
99% pee-ons
 Robin Hood

Friday, October 21, 2011

How The 1% Force Austerity

Workplace efficiency & austerity are weapons used by employers to master employees. Those seeking to maximize profits demand increased work at lowest possible compensation. Reducing public officials & taxes, the wealthy pay only for selected services.

Stress invades every workplace. We pee-ons struggle to keep meager jobs.

But this can be different.

To add more workers may cut profits, but to improve customer & worker satisfaction can boost revenues & profits. Employers may argue high payroll is unsustainable, but so is worker enslavement. Where labor can demand & achieve minimal standards, more people can be employed. Those threatening to take production overseas should be encouraged to personally pull out as well - let them emigrate to China. Why should our communities harbor & support a selfish 1% undermining our health?

Corporate-owned media paints progressive change in the workplace as socialistic, communistic, or worse. But the bottom line is not shared wealth - it is a shared demand for minimal standards of health & safety. This is attainable & affordable, but don't wait for the greedy and those of hallowed wealth to lead the way - too many of the 1% are now parasites.

Mental Pollution

Mental Pollution: A chronic syndrome causing great damage to human life & communities, and often infecting large groups of people.

Sheepsighted: when mental pollution victims are surrounded by others in similar conditions, and fail to recognize extreme distress.

Bullshitter: those deliberately inflicting mental pollution upon others.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Corporate Parasite

A cancer runs amok throughout our world. We must curtail the corporate parasite. Humane living is more than competitiveness, bickering among ourselves & least cost short-term profits.

HallowedWealth has pee-on fighting peon, while these weasels & hired buttboys make the 99% of us pay their bills.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Your Future

Interested in money?   How about talking & having fun in English or Swedish -- even at 4AM? Got questions on Sweden you'd like answered? Looking for love? Don't miss this great chance to Occupy Your Future any time, day or night.

Brunkebergstorg is one block southeast of T-Centralen in Stockholm. An international group of people is encamped in front of Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden's National Bank Building, the world's oldest central bank). In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, it's an informal gathering to build awareness of big banks unfairly taking huge wealth from 99% of the population. Dodging accountability & disregarding lesser folk, mega-wealthy Financiers overplayed their hand. Don't allow bankers & politicians to again betray us.

All people welcome - bring a snack for the campers or air your opinions. Or talk about something else (yesterday morning's discussants included a Swedbank banker, a homeless dude and some friendly cops). Drop in and hang out and interact with cool people. Bring your own sleeping bag if you'll camp - tents are set-up & available as of now, and private supporters have donated free food. Again, it's informal and without controlling leadership. All welcome. Check it out now -- b there or b □

Visit Camp 99% yourself. English widely spoken!

Key websites (mostly in Swedish): (link)
Occupy Stockholm - United for global change (Facebook link)

Wider background (links):
We are the 99 percent.   (progressive news consolidator)
Project for Public Spaces

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bushwhacked & more...

        Turn it up!      (this opens muted)
Nonviolent protest around the world.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Poem for The President

Madelyn Dunham meets Nancy Hanks
    by   Genki

If Tutu Madelyn
Returned as a ghost,
Seeking news
Of the one she loved most,
She'd ask first
Of her grandson:
"Was Barry successful?
What has he done?"

"Can I now rest,
With God above?
My family's pride
A sign of love?
Is Barack strong,
To help the weak?
Could he find lasting
wealth to seek?"

"I wonder now
How he's got on...
Help light a path,
When hope is gone."

Hillary Clinton on the Fence

Weeks have passed, and the movement to Occupy Wall Street has become bigger & more determined.

Hillary Clinton, former Senator for New York, has been largely quiet about the 99% movement. She sits on the fence, expecting to scavenge useful morsels. Disgusting !     Poorly imitated emotion... She's an animated dancer solely for those who fund her wealth. Hi Sugar Daddy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Man Called Boy

Dear Diary,
I go to work everyday, happy to be employed. My employer knows of many hungry outside willing to work, so while this job sucks -- it'll probably get worse. My duties require wearing a jacket & tie (what's the function of a necktie anyhow?) and dealing with the public. Always professional, our clientele looks at me with a mix of respect, fear & envy. I read of friendly small town life, but here all is sterile, semi-efficient, & dull.

My boss and her boss speak to me in flat measured tones. They also seem to dislike their jobs. I'm ordered to complete work tasks and follow directions. My boss's boss's boss once visited our branch and ordered me: "Boy! - help me with this copier!" He yelled "Boy!" though I'm 41 years old and he's younger... I ran to help him. I dislike the name boy, but I heard him angrily yelling at my boss & called her "slut" - so I feel lucky in comparison.

When my wife & I go out to dinner, we wear nice clothes and look prosperous. Walking from our car to a restaurant, or for shopping, I notice more & more ill-dressed people eying us, perhaps with revulsion. Recently one asshole cursed me for no reason. When I told him to "Get a life!" he sort of choked & sobbed.

I sometimes wonder: Is this a Wonderful Life?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Death of Jobs

Is there a lesson?
Why's our world so tough?
dog eat dog & death

Understand the Press as Parasite

"The press of the United States? It is a parasitic growth that battens on the capitalist class. Its function is to serve the established by moulding public opinion..."
    -- Jack London (1908) The Iron Heel. Macmillan, Ch.7

"The revolution will not be televised."
    -- Gil Scott-Heron (1970)

(On the Occupy Wall Street movement) "Sure we're scared. But admitting weakness is suicidal. We've got strategy teams working round-the-clock developing ways to defuse this situation."
    -- Anonymous source (2011) Speaking 'on background' to avoid responsibility & accountability, and to increase the sinister fear of unseen forces quickly ready to powerfully strike & stifle dissent

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Our Unknown World

It is worthwhile to think about & appraise how much in our world we do not understand. Those with great hubris might imagine almost all is known. The more realistic will acknowledge that many systems and processes are still poorly understood, or almost wholly unrecognized. Curious scientists, trained to recognize anomaly, seek regularly to refocus their perspectives. We re-explain to a better fit reality.

Perhaps we actually understand just a small percentage of that happening around us. We create hypotheses and stories, but are largely blind.

This scenario better explains mass foolishness. And deliberate mis-education to perpetuate mass bewilderment. Ignoring a few key processes can result in virtual enslavement. Many enter a world with no right to rest peacefully - from the instant of conception starts a struggle to exist in a world "owned" by others. Immersed in Social Darwinist survival strategies, we eke out life. Personal well-being requires addressing a few central elements, including health care, freedom of communications, equal opportunity vs. the social impact of inheritance & privilege, investment in community, etc.

This explains how exploitation can exist in a systematic way. We're delivered at birth into a world of institutionalized criminality - many accept it, some exploit it; a few will always fight it.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

have fun !
freedom to disapprove
dissent without aggression
identify contradiction
decline conform
hinder violence

Land of the Cree
Home of the Slave