Saturday, May 31, 2014

3D American Leadership

The poor performance of the Obama administration began in the reign of his predecessor, Emperor George W. Bush, when America's leadership collaborated to funnel trillions of public dollars to crony private interests in the banking, finance and industrial sectors. Disgusting!

Democrats were hopeful that Obama would institute change, but his reign is most marked by deceit.

Deceptive statements on spying & espionage, along with extrajudicial killing of US citizens, all with no accountability, demonstrate disdain for the American people and disregard for democracy.

Any idea these dipshits are defending us is absurd; they attract vermin & vendetta relating to their innocent victims. The problems stretch beyond incompetence - Bush, Cheney & Rice (for example) are perhaps guilty of war crimes. They themselves should privately fund their own defense.

Edward Snowden stepped forward with important information about "rotten government" - but thousands of government-paid collaborators continue revealing nothing due to confusion or fear. All criticism or feedback highlighting the secret police is suppressed. Dangerous!