Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Barry the Blade" Obama

US President Barack Obama is lauded by his supporters for greatly improving the USA and its economy, using data measured from the collapse of the Bush regime.

That collusive disaster was orchestrated by Republicans, but where major Democrats (such as Sen. Hillary Clinton) fed lavishly to gain nourishment & resources. Obama himself sadly leaves a soiled legacy.

Obama's "successes" are largely built on sand: the national infrastructure is eroding, huge funds continue to pour uselessly into overseas militarism & so-called defense, while the American people have become progressively more brutal and hopeless.

Emperor Obama has given corporations precedence over citizens, letting the interests of big capital discuss & compose the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) in government-protected secrecy. That agreement would further severely limit the USA and other democracies from controlling our own futures. Bad bad bad.

Uncovering the secret operations of US democracy has been horrible. Obama and his government coverup murder, mayhem, torture, illegal spying, and improper collaboration with foreign intelligence services, while whistle-blowers try to shine light on American corruption.

These people helping our citizenry were systematically crushed. Responsibility lies at the elegantly-shod feet of Barry Obama.

Obama can issue presidential clemency & pardons to people who've fought against the Dark Side, (including):
Ed Snowden
Chelsea Manning
Julian Assange

Obama can still rescue a positive legacy... Pardon the People's Heroes.

Snowden, Manning, Assange: Presidential Pardons Please.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Land of the Small

Just returned from visiting Japan, a nation always interesting...

Due to aging, this trip was slightly uncomfortable. In terms of my personal aging, I'm physically not as flexible as in past decades as I creep near toward retirement age. Japan is built for people six inches (15-cm) or more shorter. The population is narrower and lighter. Buses, chairs, etc. are designed for an average Japanese adult, plus or minus very little. Japanese buses and airplanes manage to add an extra row or two compared to designs aimed at Europe or North America. If you visit Japan, you'll soon see & feel what I mean...

The second point of aging is Japan's infrastructure & cityscape. In the late 1970s when I first visited Japan, much of the infrastructure looked new. Bridges, highway guardrails, overpasses, etc. seemed clean or maybe dusty. Now much of every city is streaked or ridden with rust and clearly deteriorating. Factory areas have suffered as production moved abroad: buildings are often underutilized or derelict. Slow depopulation of rural areas, along with mercantile difficulties, left dismal & darkened shopping areas, with shuttered shops and a general depressing atmosphere.

There are surely dynamic areas and thriving neighborhoods throughout Japan. Exciting & different experiences can be encountered everywhere. People are very kind, usually quite curious, and ultimately friendly. But there's a layer of grime over much of the declining Japanese nation...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Electing Your Prison Warden

"Choice" between voting for Clinton or Trump is disgusting.

Each clearly represents Big Business & mega-corporations. Each has vowed to be a servant of Zionism.

Electing Clinton or Trump will continue America's wasteful militarism around the globe. For the past 50 years, both major parties have wastefully poured America's resources into weapons of death & destruction, preferring not to invest in people & American communities.

The U.S. Federal system is now broken beyond repair. We must plan & prepare for disintegration.

We watched the collapse of the often-cruel Soviet Union machine. Because of gross mismanagement, the USA is overdue to collapse. Prepare now to weather the coming storm & assorted plagues.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Talking Turkey

A key aftereffect of Turkish insurrection might be a shift in Turkey's support of NATO operations across Europe. Turkey's been a staging area & military base for NATO / US strike forces on Syria & elsewhere.

We occupy bases around the world, at great cost. Could it happen the bossy USA pulls the plug on NATO, and let Europe defend itself? Labeling American occupation forces "NATO troops" fools no one.

Might the tens of thousands of US military forces leave Europe for the first time since WWII?  Probably not immediately, but surely the day will come when American voters and ultimately the leadership realizes the heavy costs far outweigh any benefits to the USA.

Big Bite in Turkey

The attempted coup in Turkey was triggered by the USA.
Militarist funds flows from the USA destabilize the world.
Funding foreign militaries is by definition political interference.

The plotters against President Erdoğan have watched US-backed anti-democratic "rebellions" in Egypt (against President Morsi), Honduras (against President Zelaya), Haiti (against President Aristide) and elsewhere. US military aid & "friendly relations" flow generously as democracy is subverted & crushed. Now in these dark lands, Government-directed death squads control the streets. The fresh US-backed dictator grins wickedly at news cameras and poses with the US President & top US officials.

The message clearly sent by the Obama government (and those of his predecessors) to America's hireling fascist dictators is dark, dirty, and powerful.

Friday, July 08, 2016

No BJ for Britain

Bumbling Boris Johnson played with fire, and burned his fingers.
Then Boris Johnson ran away.

Naughty Boris Johnson!


UPDATE: Boris Johnson will serve the Queen's government as UK Foreign Secretary. Bravo to the World.
God Bless Us Every One!

Racist Hate

When my parents married in Massachusetts in 1956, they were legally prohibited to marry or cohabit in 14 states -- so of the then 48 American states, they'd be criminals in 29% (my mom is mixed race, Hawaiian / Caucasian / Chinese, my dad is Caucasian). Their marriage lasted 58 years to my Dad's death.

If my mother were Negro, they were barred marriage in a further 11 states (25 total, or the majority of the then 48 states).

Such laws are gone. Most admit the USA ain't perfect, but we're nearer to ruined, economically & morally. We fund belligerent militarism around the world (via deficit spending). We've many millions of impoverished & underemployed Americans, and our dog-eat-dog democracy cultivates abiding hates & racism. Mass media and consumerism are enemies. Our ruling elite pays little heed ...
Not good at all. 
Grade: D

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Eating Sand

Nobody wants to die needlessly or foolishly.

"War Hero" families help cultivate myths of justified butchery.

But nobody wants to DIE EATING SAND.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and US President George W. Bush, were officially exposed as war criminals today: 6 July 2016, in Sir John Chilcot's report of The Iraq Inquiry.

Bush, Blair & cronies tried mightily to mislead the world from the earliest stages of planning the war in Iraq, tossing sand in our eyes when they themselves were dirty. Remember the Powell deception? (link and transcript) All was widely reported at that time, but many poor suckers did not understand -- and were sent away to die. Rest in Peace if possible.

Among the many voices against the war in early 2003, the UK Leader of the House of Commons, MP Robin Cook, was perhaps most explicit. But his warnings went unheeded, and hundreds of thousands of people have died...

Here's (mp3) Cook's highly-remarkable speech in the House of Commons:
Robin Cook resigns over Iraq attack plan 2003-03-17.mp3

and a transcript:
Robin Cook resigns in order to vote against war on Iraq

Cook warned against unilateralism, bullying and wielding war in doubtful circumstances. But the munitions boys & militarists pushed us into a criminal WAR

Friday, July 01, 2016

NATO Brexit?

A majority in the UK wants to avoid supernational entanglements. Will the new UK Prime Minister be leading the nation out of both the EU & also out of NATO?

What impact will Brexit impose on the NATO alliance?
Should NATO overall be shutdown?

A prominent voice in the Boston Globe claims NATO contributes to instability as an anti-Russian behemoth pushing military solutions, when creative diplomacy is needed. America is urged by anti-interventionist author Stephen Kinzer to step back from NATO, cutoff its nearly 75% of total funding, and let Europeans develop their own security systems. America & its Western allies are being groomed to hate a preselected next enemy.

Could the disengagement process lead to curtailing the close intelligence cooperation amongst America's allies?

Will the symbiosis of the USA & its closest ally Israel bring aboard a diminished UK with less European leverage?

And for the United Nations Security Council, the UK's been gifted an unelected ("Permanent") seat with veto opportunity. Keeping representative staff in expensive New York City costs dearly, and such UNSC membership is clearly undemocratic. Perhaps UK withdrawal from the UNSC lies ahead?

Those outside can only say, "God Cheer & Tally Ho!"