Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sweden Shame

Julian Assange has been under grave threat since founding Wikileaks in late 2006.

Wikileaks promised to open a window onto high-level corruption and war crimes, and they hugely succeeded. The internet suddenly became a true & real threat to elite & powerful "leaders" around the globe. Wikileaks turned a spotlight on dirty people beyond law who previously could commit high crimes, even genocide, but simply growl "Fuck You" and retreat to their palaces and ill-gotten wealth.

But after taking on Swiss banking corruption, collateral murder by the "Coalition of the Willing" in Afghanistan, and US diplomatic indiscretions, for the past five years Wikileaks has been very quiet.


Because Julian Assange has been run to ground and effectively silenced by the Swedish Prosecution Authority, Åklagarmyndigheten. Assange is officially sought for suspected rape, three cases of sexual molestation and illegal coercion.

There's no way we can judge here if Assange is guilty of these terrible crimes. In parallel to pissing-off the globally powerful, did Assange suddenly become a despicable sexual predator? His reputation has been tarred and he's effectively been quieted... surely convenient for many far-worse scum. Is Assange guilty or innocent - who knows?

What we can know is Sweden has responded poorly.

The Assange case is shameful to Sweden for many reasons. Perhaps the easiest and clearest criticism is in a simple timeline:

2010 Aug 11
Assange arrives in Sweden amidst huge political notoriety.
Assange stays with "Miss A" at her apartment.

2010 Aug 14
Assange gives a public lecture in tumultuous international limelight. Afterward he returns to the apartment of "Miss A" - that night there's sexual activity between the two parties.

Assange continues to stay at the apartment over subsequent days.

2010 Aug 17
Assange reportedly has sex with ''Miss W'' - a woman he met at the August 14 seminar.

2010 Aug 18-19-20
Sometime over these days, the two women meet and discuss their sexual encounters with Assange.

2010 Aug 20
The Swedish Prosecutor's Office issues an arrest warrant against Assange for two separate allegations- one of rape and one for molestation. Assange is in Sweden but he is not arrested.

2010 Aug 21
The arrest warrant is withdrawn; the molestation charge remains. 

2010 Aug 31
Assange is questioned by police in Stockholm and formally told of the allegation(s) against him; Assange denies wrongdoing (link) and submits these were consensual sexual encounters. Is this a smear campaign against Assange?

2010 Aug 31 to Sept 27
Assange stays in Sweden. Public opinion is polarized: did the 39-year old became a sudden sexual predator? Wikileaks is considered under attack.

2010 Sept 27
Assange departs Sweden for the UK.
Åklagarmyndigheten later issues an arrest warrant for Assange.

The sordid tale still continues... 

One key question for Swedish justice officials:
In 40 days between 18 Aug and 27 Sept 2010, when Assange was in Sweden, he could have been arrested for any crimes. The Swedish Prosecution Authority chronology (link) manages to evade the fact that 40+ days passed when Sweden failed to provide justice for anyone -- but they did manage to shut-up Assange. Dictators, murderers and the ultra-corrupt are surely grateful!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Many years ago I learned in school that most states holding nuclear weapons have agreed in theory to cut back; in exchange, the many states without nuclear weapons promised not to build them. The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) entered into force in 1970.

But the nuclear states have failed to reduce their arsenals, and instead use their nuclear status to aggressively dictate their vision of a New World Order.

Certain states claim "Permanent" world-ruler status at the United Nations Security Council, though unelected. Many smaller states and leaders recognize they've been hoodwinked and marginalized.

The situation is unsustainable. The 2015 NPT Review Conference collapsed without progress, and Israel, India, Pakistan have still not signed the NPT (North Korea signed but later withdrew). Nuclear weapons must be eliminated; the big bad nuclear states must do more for disarmament -- as promised.

Let's expand the Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones. Why can't Japan pledge to be nuclear-weapon-free? Where is the often progressive Swedish government? 

Widen the Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones !   (link)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Korean Walk for Peace

Last weekend a women's group of prominent activists walked to the Korean border, drawing attention to more than 60 years of hostilities.

Gloria Steinem, Nobel Peace Prize laureates Mairead Maguire & Leymah Gbowee, Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, and dozens of others beg us to reconsider Korea's long & tragic militarization.

The women planned to walk across the border. But the South Korean government (and American controllers) wanted to manipulate the news images, so only allowed them across in a bus. South Korea's government bullshit claim (quote) was their forces "could not guarantee the activists’ safety" unless they arrived by bus -- but these activists had traveled via North Korea, where surely there's no security guarantee.

South Korea's military & US Military Command
Don't want peace. 

Peacetime militarists lose budget, power, and perhaps their jobs.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Europe Values Peace

Dark & selfish interests would like Europe to fall apart.

There'd be much more defense spending, and many more huge weapons sales if neighbor fights neighbor!

The USA, Russia and major Asian countries would each individually prefer free reign over world affairs. But  they're now counterbalanced by the EU, and semi-secretly see the European Union as their enemy.

Big voracious corporations can more easily rape & pillage the small individual nations of Europe - but the EU in combination challenges crony capitalism.

Regressive forces not only want to, but work to highlight our differences and frictions. They blossom on decay, propagandizing the belligerence business.

In a Europe with low borders we now enjoy huge economies-of-scale and lower transaction costs.

But I was sitting recently with a group of bourgeois friends who'd throw away our huge gains. "Get Sweden out of the EU" they say, with flashing eyes!


Because everyday now they must confront beggars: pitiful and aggressive people who've recently come to Sweden from elsewhere in Europe.

Our leadership must address this problem. There's no automatic right to do business on the street without a license. We're typically prohibited from camping in public parks and shitting among the bushes. The beggars' streetside piles of pitiful possessions could easily mask bombs planted by a terrorist.

We've no knowledge of beggar numbers.

Our society must set & enforce rules for sidewalk entrepreneurs. Citizens are registered, and visitor-entrepreneurs should be registered as well, especially those most in need. The future of Europe is endangered.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Fucked Fast Track

We live in a world where our representatives are powerless.

Democracy is kept in the dark.

Fast Track gives corporate insiders the right and opportunity to (pardon me) fuck us up the ass. And they do.

We know nothing of TPP - because it's secret.

Wake up dunderheads - you're being reamed.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"We Are Many"

I've not yet seen the Amirani film "We Are Many" opening today.

But look at the trailer (here) and recognize:
 we're still being shat upon.

Who created the "Coalition of the Willing" Weasels?
We no longer must watch war leaders Bush, Cheney, Rice, Blair, on corporate media everyday. But they remain wealthy and at large.

Worse, their hidden friends & allies continue to manipulate a new generation of delinquent leaders.

Be Sure: We're still jerked by the same puppet-masters.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Don't Buy Shit

Major meatpackers join sweatshops & convict labor operations to celebrate a WTO finding: labels mean restraint of trade.

Because consumers don't buy as much shithole products -- corporate interests demand we stop labeling details of origin.

But consumers can fight back:
Where's this food from?

Don't Know?   Say No.

Leave that shit on the shelf.

Fast Track NO: Inside Track

Fast Track legislation on secret trade deals guts protective laws. Corporate giants and big capital, free to do much as they wish, can claim predictive damages via investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). They'll operate beyond law.

Corporate powers were already granted Inside Track with plush seats at the top secret bargaining table -- why? -- while we're largely kept in the dark?

Swindler-leaders, Republican & Democrat, offer slavers a perpetual inside track to dominate and control. President Obama's not stupid, he's not naive; Obama's comfortably in bed with swindlers!

Megacorps® are offered our future.
Banksters and lawyers are given our heart.
Our economy & nation cannot bow to these fuckers.

The scum of Enron, the Deepwater Horizon polluters Halliburton & BP, the corrupting riches of the mafia, yakuza and triads, can't be awarded permanent world control.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

R U Dinji / Dingy?

Yankee & Co. imprison, torture, and kill without trial or remorse.

Such acts are unjust and criminal. But the world does little or nothing to stop the blatant outrage and carnage.

Guantanamo prison was condemned as outrageous by US Sen. Barack Obama, but since the dude achieved the Presidency it ain't been fixed.

The "evil" of Guantanamo? It's bad PR - a snapshot of fascist power.

US drone missiles kill thousands of people. Most drone strikes are far from any battlefield - we now create battlefields anywhere & wherever convenient to us. Our enemy does likewise.

The killed and maimed are depicted as dinji. We don't see fresh & shiny children, bright eyed kids enjoying play or fun or discovery. We're shown dingy dusty angles at the end-of-the-world, as if pre-modern massacres.

The dinji / dingy people are unfortunate pitiful victims.
Who are the dinji?  You, me & all but a chosen few ...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Killing Peasants

There's no back-story available for people we kill with drones. Many hundreds, perhaps thousands of people enjoying innocent quiet lives are rudely violated when we rain death & destruction upon them (perhaps someone we hate may be passing nearby).

America's drone killings are criminal... such crime threatens us all.

Just dusty peasants, whose blood soaks into arid empty lands?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TPP - Tainted Privately Putrid

The top-secret TPP was given a sharp stick up its arse by the US Senate, which refused to allow the Executive Branch ability to "fast track" its secret trade negotiations.

We'll soon hear how Senators are deeply concerned about their essential need to debate key concessions, and how public transparency should be required.

Actually, it's likely more Senate members want access to the corrupt money underlying the treaty process. Many of these individuals will shut up & climb onboard if given a chunk of the wealth.

Just now, however, it's considered an important defeat against the
Tainted Privately Putrid - - - TPP treaty

There's NO good reason trade deliberations should be kept secretly hidden from public review!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mob Mentality

Exclusionism is an abiding part of life in Korea & Japan. If somewhat or somehow different, you're sure to be attacked. Anyone not born in those places is a perpetual outsider. Those with uncommon heritage (for example, a multicultural homelife) are regularly treated shabbily, regardless of linguistic or cultural abilities. You sin if different.

"The nail that sticks up gets pounded down" is a Japanese saying applying as often in Korea.

Many peoples share group mentality, and gang-up on anyone different. But competition for jobs and resources will surely hurt nations and regions smothering creativity. To train everyone simply to follow orders, and mimic others, is surely a path to disaster.

Does stifling diversity hold back Japan & Korea very much?  It's massively costly! ... Homogeneity may allow some pitiful common folk to feel better about themselves, but we need creative & entrepreneurial communities to supply jobs and fuel well-being.

Read here on Jasmine Lee, "One Of The Most Hated Women In Korea"
(article above and Wikipeda link)

Friday, May 08, 2015

UK Rejects Weasels

The UK election results are still not wholly reported, but one clear result: the Liberal Democrats were crushed.

This is the party whose weasel leadership joined in coalition with the Conservatives to rule the UK since 2010. The Liberal Democrats broke their promises to voters, to youth and the future, and have been justly routed & reamed.

People expect little from the Conservative Party. But the Lib Dems were a voice of reason before their sellout. Nick Clegg became Deputy Prime Minister for five years, and got to hobnob with fancy folk, but he sold-out his people. Clegg promised repeatedly to abolish university fees - but instead jacked-up fees horrifically (after he & his generation paid little or nothing). Lib Dems vows of "Fairness" were hypocrisy & deceit.

Clegg, his opportunist colleagues, and The Right Honourable Lord Ashdown now bear finery and flattery as rejected losers - wannabe lackeys outmaneuvered by the English ruling class.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Children's Day?

Japan & Korea celebrated Children's Day on 5th May.

Dedicating a national holiday to children is nice, but children's lives are often tough though surrounded by plenty.

Both Korea and Japan are highly competitive, and from infancy most kids are pushed to fight for advantage and grades. Children are forced to memorize large amounts of useless data, seeking to show one is slightly better than others. You compete with your peers instead of playing with them.

In Japan, the keyword is 偏差値, hensachi or deviation-value.

Koreans focus on 스펙, spec, or personal specifications.

It's a grim kind of hell from a kid's perspective.

Children's Day, central Seoul, demonstrating against excessive study & competition

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

USA Freedom Act

The hobbled American government is now debating The USA Freedom Act.

The new legislation supposedly will roll-back surveillance and limit use of dirty tricks against American citizens.

Why are we forced to legislate freedom?
Because some American elected officials & government employees subverted the Constitution and undermined our daily lives, creating a dangerously sloppy surveillance system infiltrated by assorted enemies, domestic & foreign.


Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Schoolteaching Sweden

Monday this week the OECD published a report (link) about systematic decline in Sweden's schools. Findings strongly suggest the teaching profession in Sweden needs uplifting.

The report was requested by Sweden's previous right-wing coalition government, who supervised eight years of profiteering while education declined. More schools became autonomously incorporated but teachers became more like production workers.
OECD Director for Education & Skills Andreas Schleicher highlights "Only five percent of teachers think what they do everyday is respected by society."  Surely that's a problem!
For more see Sweden's 2013 Teaching & Learning International Survey summary (here); or the full TALIS report (link).

Sweden's educational troubles are no surprise. Increasing numbers of teachers work outside the public sector, in publicly-funded corporate schools. Such "schools" may not be clearly labeled as private businesses though staff are corporate employees, typically subverted as quickly-replaceable units to fuel profit-driven corporate success.  

Sweden's school sector has suckled a class of politically well-connected corporate swine instead of cultivating efficiency and innovation. Fat venture capital parasites feast on underpaid labor, minimally invest in professional development, and cut support services & 'non-essential' dimensions such as the school library or student counseling. Students, parents and society are ill-equipped to fully analyze these firms, and there've been tragic cases of full corporate collapse (such as the 2013 JB Education bankruptcy - owned by Danish venture capital firm Axcel - that directly injured 10,000 students in 20+ schools).

Monday, May 04, 2015

Belief in Brutality?

Does anyone believe it's healthy to be Black in America?

U.S. polarization makes Justice trivial and senseless. People are afraid of each other, terrified by government, savaged by local law enforcement.

Big bosses live large; the rest of us fight for scraps. We're brutalized by frightened pigs hiding anxieties behind arrogance & bravado. The cops require respect for doing shit work, but they can never be paid enough.

Provoking each other:
(one nasty t-shirt earns a pepper spray facial & violent takedown):

Government's creative response? Beat on the People -- More.