Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Options: Heat or Eat

In his quest for the Presidency, Barack Obama offered visions of HOPE. In electing Obama, we were led to believe costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would end. We were promised Guantanamo's limitless incarceration and abuse would stop. People hoped for government in service to the wider community, not a government serving the wealthiest. For most Americans, however, conditions have gone from bad to worse.

Failed States

Those using violence and intimidation are corrupt.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I Am Spartacus

Saw ten minutes of the classic film Spartacus a few nights ago on TV. Slaves are being asked to betray Spartacus on offer of reward, but instead the many proclaim "I am Spartacus!"

Struggle against Empire continues through the centuries...

Today the secret mechanics of our governments are slightly open to view via Wikileaks, assisted by major media channels throughout the world. At this moment, the authenticity of leaked official cables has not been denied; the process was condemned as "dangerous" but Wikileaks is not yet a banned organization. As we struggle against our rulers, each of us individually quite powerless in the face of behemoth government wielding illegal kidnapping, torture & assassination, please remember:   "I am Spartacus!"
== "I am Wikileaks"

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Provocation or Peace

The Republic of Korea (ROK) and USA plan to continue military exercises and naval drills in a disputed area bordering the DPRK (North Korea).

Heavy-handed military operations are a provocation; knuckleheaded "war games" can quickly lead to war.

I've no opinion on where the border is or should be. But the huge South Korea coastlines (east, south & west) offer many alternative venues. Focusing live-fire operations in the northwest border area adjoining the DPRK invites trouble. How important are these military exercises? Why provoke hostility?

We common folk can't know what's up or why. Published maps differ & mislead; we're forced to think them others are evil...