Friday, June 06, 2014

Fishy in Korea

South Korea has a vibrant democracy. But democratic processes are seriously threatened by organized right-wing efforts to stifle & shift opinion.

Korea gave birth to one of the worst, most flagrant, anti-democratic efforts among advanced OECD nations -- when Korea's National Intelligence Service worked officially in late 2013 to create massive internet support for one party and presidential hopeful, and to vilify and smear another presidential candidate. This goes far beyond party politics - it's a stab to the heart of democracy that even partisan supporters should condemn.

Korea's Cyber Warfare Command, Psychological Warfare Division of the National Intelligence Service, have performed shamefully. Even if ordered by higher-ranked officials to comply with such illegal operations, they should have refused. There should be mechanisms and processes to prevent this type of outrage & sabotage: a vibrant & free press, an ombudsman system, protection for whistleblowers, etc. Instead, the press subsequently has been systematically threatened by the President's Office.

Don't believe that Korea lacks passionate and honorable people. There are many such hardworking people throughout Korea. But their nation is undermined by an arrogant and powerful minority. Such people of wealth & power are ultimately responsible for the Sewol ship sinking tragedy by ignoring safety measures, and behind Samsung's poor conditions for their armies of irregular workers. But we share responsibility if purchasing their blood-spattered products or honoring stooge leaders.

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