Monday, January 09, 2012

Peace & Calm

Peace in the midst of strife. Calm in the throes of struggle. Ability to refocus & "will to chill" are prerequisites to sustained effort & ultimate success.

Enjoy the path.

Transaction Tax

A financial transaction tax would calm rampant machine trading and defuse otherwise unlimited speculation. Our homes and jobs and communities should not be used as chess pieces for gambling games. Tax them suckers!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Accountability for Murder

Illegality tolerated... criminality unpunished... Political leaders waging dirty wars must be prosecuted & legally sentenced. Without accountability, the wrongs continue.

Don't tolerate crushing local peoples. Lame potential external threats are corporate gambits to justify murder. Genocide was attempted on American Native communities. The crimes by the USA in Vietnam and surrounding nations have never been paid for, and many of the weasel political leaders such as Alexander Haig, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld came back to plague the world again. If we're not haunted by the bloodshed in Iraq and elsewhere, we should weep for huge loss of wealth to military adventurism & waste.

These fuckers raped the world. It's not enough to believe they'll burn in hell. They should be convicted in court, their crimes detailed, and justice administered. Exemption from scrutiny prolongs suffering.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

A new beginning is possible this 2012. Good health & happiness are goals worth working for.

Economic insecurity triggers stress, illness & despair in many people. We will suffer till the population understands they've bought-in to a flim-flam society full of minefields & continued stress. "Let the buyer beware" when purchasing: accountability is poor to non-existent. Work hard at a tough job without a living wage. Turn on TV for force-fed bullshit. Bad scenario.

The pathway to a better world won't be on corporate TV till it's well-trodden old news. You're not alone in pain & insecurity. Born with nothing, we slave to rest. The entitlement systems are warped. The super wealthy, the banks, the military, have taken almost everything. New ideas are twisted as the masses are pushed to fight, slave & die. Good luck finding a better way to live in 2012.