Sunday, April 21, 2013

Molesting Migrants

Republican Party Briefing Points:  Immigrants

Let's take off the white gloves and talk of illegal migrants.

  • Migrant labor is often cheap
  • Employers favor hiring undocumented migrants as these people have little leverage and are unable to negotiate.
  • Home-grown labor expects minimum wage (or more), costly health & safety protections; seniority benefits; etc.
  • Home-grown workers expect respect.  (Boorrinngg!)
  • Illegal immigrants have no such entitlement expectations.
  • Good workers shut up - and work.
  • Hiring illegal workers lowers local labor salary expectations & job prospects - cutting costs, padding our profits
  • Migrant workers are more easily manipulated than locals
  • Sexual exploitation of immigrants is very often unreported (tragic!)
  • Migrants can easily disappear; few questions are raised
  • Illegal migrants often don't know / won't use the law