Friday, April 05, 2013

Hawaiian Power

Bravo to Hawaii State Senator Russell Ruderman and Senator Will Espero, who persevered through the US Federal smokescreen to interview Hilo political prisoner Roger Christie.

Reverend Christie, a US Army veteran, has been imprisoned for over three years in the grim US Federal Detention Center, Honolulu. He's held without opportunity for bail and without trial, accused of marijuana crimes. Christie, now 63,  is not charged with using or advocating violence. But every day as an inmate, violence and cruelty are imposed on him, and on his distant family. Many in his community now fear the perverse & arbitrary central government. Terrible!

Christopher Deedy, the 3AM McDonalds killer, walked free on bail after a few hours, and flew off home to the mainland, but a popular local guy is forced to rot for years awaiting trial in the despised federal fortress. Pretrial inmates are not generally allowed visits by other than their immediate family (who in Roger's case live on a distant island). So cruel!

Mahalo to Russell Ruderman & Will Espero for standing up and refusing to be bullied. Federal employees Michael Kawahara and Beverly Sameshima, both Assistant U.S. District Attorneys, and judges Alan Kay, Gary Chang and Alan Ezra reportedly serve as point persons for the Federal Government. Roger sadly remains an imprisoned hostage, held three years without trial, basically incommunicado, a non-violent Island Warrior in distress. Talk & reason with his captors. Do something to help him!