Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lunch with Dr. Mengele

The global community of nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have not done enough to stop the illegal and unethical mistreatment of hostages held at the USA's Gitmo concentration camp (Guantanamo Bay).

Some of these people have been held for over ten years without charge. Some have been cleared for release, but remain imprisoned. This is systematic, unjust torture. Trials for those accused of crimes are long overdue. For others, probably angry at unjust incarceration, new arrangements must be devised.

Now some of the inmates are on hunger strike, and the US government force-feeds them under military medic supervision, although the American Medical Association (AMA) reportedly states "force-feeding mentally competent adults is an ethical violation."

Care and humane treatment are legal burdens for those keeping prisoners. Forced intubation is a highly questionable procedure, made worse if conducted unsupervised and against the advice of trained medical professionals.

Medical & military personnel of other nations should take note, and beware of  immoral and improper fraternizing or collaboration with those rudely violating international law & ethical standards. The torturer may seem congenial, and a delightful conversationalist, but must be shunned.

The American Medical Association and its President Jeremy Lazarus must do more to stop medical abuse of detained prisoners. If not, the AMA should be expelled from the World Medical Association. Former AMA President Cecil B. Wilson is now WMA President - embarrassing? Or a chance to use global leverage to fix the horrible situation at Gitmo.