Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hard Sell Nossel

Suzanne Nossel was recently named Executive Director of PEN American Center.

PEN American Center is the key US component to the worldwide literary & human rights PEN organization, so many around the world are disappointed when a government insider quickly can encroach into territory protecting dissenting voices. Hundreds of people have served as dedicated volunteers over decades. This lawyer wench suddenly vaults in, and shows salary comes before sincerity.

Complaining PEN members include Chris Hedges.

Nossel lasted only a year as Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, before abruptly leaving, purportedly for personal reasons. In fact, her appointment there was widely criticized. Her thirst for advocacy and human rights has been distinguished & consistent: she's a salaried apologist for big government and American/Israeli hegemony. Nossel's unlikely to protect the free expression of dirty little writers or grimy dissidents (no support for Bradley Manning or Julian Assange or Haneen Zoabi). Nossel's a well-groomed lackey of the ruling class. Expect her to help the powerful, and to help herself.