Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finding a Bomber

Three days ago, bombs ripped through the Boston Marathon -- an outrage.

Video evidence is cited of a possible bomber, with confusion today over whether a suspect was arrested. Law enforcement ultimately said no arrests have been made.

Can we trust Justice officials? Might they manipulate this situation?

Remember the hurried evacuation abroad for at least 140 Saudis on eight aircraft within days of 9/11 (link), when the rest of the USA was forbidden to fly?  Proper procedures were neglected.

The scariest 1% of official strategists play grand games with our lives. They okay collateral damage. Wag the dog.

In this case, who knows who committed the crime? The perpetrator(s) themselves know, they're already alert, and until law enforcement makes an arrest, bomber freedom endangers the community, with growing risk for escape. Hiding details of these criminals intensifies our unease & terror. Better the public sees potential evidence and helps justice find these bombers - before they disappear.

After officials published photos of suspects, public response provided key information & pressure toward resolution.